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  2. X-ADV luggage

    Thanks for those pics, i think i will not bother. They look a bit on the wide side, stick with the inconvenience of the Kriega stuff i bought. How wide are they please? that exhaust side looks as if it sticks out a bit.. Lyn.
  3. I got a new bike

    Congratulations on your new machine - enjoy!!!
  4. I got a new bike

    How right you are sir. My friend who rode up the length of France with me did so on his new GS1200 TE. And dropped it at a standstill four times. My goodness it's a heavy old lump and a good two man lift when fully loaded! At least he had to good sense to tick "crash bars" on the options list........ I'd be really interested to hear how you get along with the Enfield, I came very close to buying one instead of the CRF. I was put off by the Service intervals in the end, but it certainly looks a sound bike.
  5. X-ADV luggage

  6. Givi luggage rack

  7. Givi luggage rack

  8. X-ADV luggage

    1156FZ & PL1156 GIVI - with V46 panniers and top box fitted the width of the bike is 110cm. The mount type is Monokey and you will require a M5 plate 🌈
  9. I got a new bike

    Keen to hear your ongoing feedback, I'm considering one as a second bike for regular group rides on gravel strewn lanes at modest pace. Currently only concern is long term reliability, as it's unproven. The local dealer has sold many to regular commuters so looks promising so far.
  10. Length of ownership

    I passed my test in June 2010, and have owned the following - Gilera Fuoco - March 2010 - May 2018 (sad to see it go) Piaggio MP3 400 - Feb 2012 - June 2014 (happy to see it go) Piaggio MP3 500 - June 2014 - June 2016 NC750X DCT - June 2016 - June 2018 Gilera GP800 - Oct 2016 - present (labour of love) X-ADV - June 18 - present (ode to joy)
  11. New Bike...well next Saturday!

    I've still got bits from vehicles I used to own, and even some from vehicles I've never owned!
  12. Length of ownership

    My longest would be the BMW R90s, Dad bought it new in 1974. Left it to me when he died in 1988. I gave it to Pat's youngest son Last November for his birthday, as when his dad died his eldest brother got every thing, poor lad never got a bean.. So in my mind the bike is still in the family and is treated as if his maternal Farther had left it to him...i feel it will be well looked after... Ow! i have the Scott as well had that from 1971 and i think i payed £120 for it
  13. Length of ownership

    Had my NC700X DCT for 4 years, only sold as bought a DCT AT. Won't list all my other bikes but longest has been 20 years so far, most recent 2 months, the NC is the only bike I've sold in the last ten years as although a truly great bike it never stirred my sole and I'll just get another if and when I need one. Have had company cars for last 25+ years so get a new one every 3 years or so, as they're not mine and I'm not really a car person then would probably not have kept any of them anyway although I would never have bought, leased or PCP'd a brand new car in the first place if it was my personal vehicle, same for bikes. With regard MOT, find yourself a trustworthy local MOT station and stick with them, never had any of the issues raised by Andy or other either with a bike or a car (still MOT'ing kids cars).
  14. I got a new bike

    Yeah I,ll try to keep you all informed, as for the pics,,,I ll try that too(try being the word)...Actually going offroad on saturday was just beauifull ,and wished I,d vidio ed..And you know what, in about 5 miles of trails I only saw one rambler (and he was a miserable git who would not say Morning)...Hell ,I,m in rant mode..
  15. I got a new bike

    Hah, I didn't notice until you pointed it out. I think it's far too easy to get sucked into the "more power, more bike" argument. For a long time there were so few middleweight or lightweight options that we didn't have much choice!
  16. I got a new bike

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the Himalayan and maybe some pics Yes I think you're right about older bikers and big bikes, especially men. I've lost count of the timed I've heard, 'I never use all the power but it's nice to know you've got it'
  17. I got a new bike

    Ciaran,Did you notice my other bike is a BMW RT,,which I still own,,,, but you are completely right,even though I,ve only owned the RE for a few days,I found it soooo much easier to live with,and very easy to ride....I think older bikers (like me) kindoff get suckered into getting bigger and bigger bikes and the cost go up and up..and the benefits ,certainly get less obvious....rant over!!!
  18. I got a new bike

    I'd never even heard of it till I saw it in another thread. Fascinating thing, it certainly looks far more practical and real world rugged than most adventure style bikes. The little single potter I imagine is pretty vibey at motorway speeds but if your rides rarely have that sort of journey then hopefully you're laughing. I really really really hope this thing does well both in your hands and more generally; might make the big boys wake up to the reality that we don't all need a fire breathing 100bhp+ leviathan to pootle about the countryside in. BMW, I'm looking at you. And it's an Enfield. I nearly inherited my grandfather's Bullet 350 he bought to get back into bikes about 10 years ago. I've aaaaaaalways got a soft spot for an Enfield Good luck and enjoy!
  19. I got a new bike

    I had a test ride on one....loved it....very smooth up to 60mph....after that it all got really vibey/grips/bars etc so didn't pursue it...of course that could have just been the example I had but you'd have thought the dealer would've made sure it was a good un.... really like the style of it....and if my commute didn't have the odd 70mph stretch I would very possibly have taken it further....it felt really light and flickable and through town it was great......when I spoke to the dealer he said one of his customers uses it for off roading and loves it...good luck with your new bike,enjoy it and keep us posted....I'd be really interested to read your experiences 👍
  20. needle bearings - suspension arm

    My local independant bike garage is more than happy to just change the bearings if I do the donkey work taking as much of the bike to bits as I can. It'd be lovely to have a nice bearing puller set and all the tools but I can't justify it considering the number of times I'd actually use them. Find a decent independant bike garage or bike friendly car place.
  21. I got a new bike

    It will be interesting to read your updates on ownership of the Himalaya.
  22. I got a new bike

    if you take it to India they will service it,give you tea and you still have change out of a fiver! enjoy!!
  23. I got a new bike

    I bought myself a Royal Enfield Himalaya.. It got delivered Thursday............. In my umbel opinion it looks great,,I just love the look ,,its in black...Ive done about 150miles onit allready..it needs servicing at 300,,and I think its going to cost me!!... I really got it todo some off road riding ... and really probably should have stayed on road for the first few hundred miles ,, but the Larkes where singing the sun was out ,I just had to test off road,,,and you no what!!!! it was fan (bloody) astic ..I,v had a great couple of days.. the bikes is actually better than I thought it would be... all in all I,m dead chuffed!!!!!!!!
  24. Best jacket £200

    Checkout Knox "All Sports jacket",,it abit of a acquired taste, and comes with no armour,,but its waterproof,well made ,and stylish... They are at this mo Going for about £160ish
  25. Have Held managed to apply quantum effects?

    I do,nt rate Held because of one product,, but they are a big outfit so must produce something good... I purchased from a charity shop ,a 2010 TT anorak to go over the top of my mesh jacket..Its waterproof ,,it has all the TT writting on the back,but it black so suites my riding clobber,and best bit only cost £7...
  26. Integra GPS

    Does anyone have for sale or know where I can get the Honda handlebar top cover for an Integra that has the integrated GPS moulding? I have seen it on all the drawings, listed as a part number but nowhere has one in stock or seems to be able to back order one, so does anyone know a dealer who might have a dusty old stock part or have a broken one that might mend or know an overseas source of a copy part? I currently use a ram ball but it sits the GPS up a bit high and gets wet (it's not waterproof) and if I set it back more under the screen in sits in front of the speedo so not ideal. There is also not a huge difference in price between a bike GPS and the Honda cover price but I already have 4 GPS's and don't really want a 5th!
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