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  2. Knee pads moving

    Exactly how it was me in fact they bought me my first helmet a top of the range Everoak Racemaster (£4/19/11) as the present for my 16th birthday.
  3. Knee pads moving

    When testing a Tiger Cub for the Army around the coast line that was what I had to wear, plus riding britches and DR Boots, but I was allowed to wear my own helmet
  4. 1100 rebel

    I am guessing the pillion pad is the same size as my 500cc, I haven’t sat on it, but you need to be a tiny person to perch on it 🤣
  5. Knee pads moving

    The military did a study actually during the war, looked at deaths and injuries amongst their DR's. The conclusion was that the civilian helmets some had were much better than caps and steel helmets. They then actually changed the DR uniform to the rimless helmet, flasher mac and gauntlets that I'm sure Ken probably saw during his service much later. The corkers may seem quaint now, but the protection was proven to be real. The study is the basis for pretty much all helmet legislation worldwide, it disproved all the theories about the weight snapping your neck etc. the anti-helmet people came up with. Andy
  6. 1100 rebel

    I looked into the specs for the Rebel1100, to me its going to be a big hit for Honda given its low weight (for a cruiser) and good spec for the price. One issue thats maybe a problem if you intend to ride it 2up, the US handbook says the max all up weight for rider/pillion/luggage is 158kg. Perhaps thats why they sell it as a solo in the US?
  7. Knee pads moving

    Snap! Dad made it clear that I was to wear a helmet (An Everoak Corker!). Things have moved on since those days and I am glad I never tried it out in anger. The crash protection was a thin cork partial lining with a draw cord attached to webbing to adjust for different head sizes.
  8. Knee pads moving

    I agree about knees. I didn't expect to be grateful ofr knee pads when I tripped up and went full length. I only thought f it later when I realised my knees hadn't suffered!
  9. Knee pads moving

    I started riding well before helmets became compulsory but still always wore one.
  10. engine and leg protection

    Hi Mike thanks for your response these look pretty bog standard Mike and I do want something that offers protection to the engine but also the radiator and these wouldn't AND also my legs and these don't look as though they offer anything in regard to them. I find when they won't show a photograph from a head on view that they won't offer what I seek
  11. engine and leg protection

    Welcome Tommo, THis is what I have Puig Engine Guards - you want something larger? https://pyramid-plastics.co.uk/collections/puig/products/honda-nc-750-x-engine-guards-black-2014
  12. I am thinking about getting a nc750x as I've just been lent one whilst my own bike was being repaired apparently all lights on and high vis jacket at night make you invisible on roundabouts.. sorry mate I did not see you... thanks that means a lot you blind ass.... Any way I was looking at the engine bars for the 750 they seem very minimal and I would like to know if there are any that offer both protection for the radiator and my legs. Had a few fall overs and spill over the years on a few BMWF650s the shape of the bike plus rear panniers has to date always protected my legs from impact and slide damage and surprisingly also from the weather. So I am trying to find something better than what appears to be all anyone seems to be able to offer for the nc750x Maybe something that off-roaders use or for touring in countries where there are hardly any roads.. or hospitals Any ideas anyone please?
  13. Knee pads moving

    I think knees are very important ,and intend to look after mine...in an off situation knees are very vulnerable,, and no sir I cannot bare the thought of a cracked kneecap.. As I have got older I,v become more afraid of injuries ,so £40/50 does not seem a big price to pay for abit of insurance..Trackdays ! do,nt do,em Do,nt understand your point about helmets ,,, I started riding just after helmet enforcment was bought in ,, and in principle I,m not actually in favour ,,I would always wear one...
  14. Knee pads moving

    I too use Knox knee pads (Flex – Lite Knee Guard)over my pants,,I take out the stock armour that came with the pants and always use these.. also they keep my nobble y knees warm..
  15. Last week
  16. Worstest of all gearboxes

    Alas, Rock, the BSA had died some years previously. 1971 saw the last of the R3 a horrible thing with wire headlamp brackets and white frame. The three cylinders died for a bit (all the triple engines were made at Small Heath) until NVT began producing them again with the disc brake and five speed box (hence the T150V). They were made at Small Heath, so it’s a BSA in all but name. Edit: The 1971 R3. How they could take that beautiful 1969, in ruby red with the ray guns, and turn it into this defeats me.
  17. Knee pads moving

    I think that I have sorted my problem out by using some older Forcefield knee pads, which are shaped rather than being flat., but they are a bit of a squeeze to get into the pocket. These cup my knees when sat on the bike but stick out more than the flat ones when off it, but I can live with that.
  18. Consumer goods Act and helmet

    I think that you would have the same problem no matter what make of helmet that you have. Just another lesson in life, that might help someone else who reads this to check all deliveries. When I bought my latest C3 Pro I knew that I would not be using it for a while, but I did check it on delivery before storing it away.
  19. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    Thanks will do so. Just wanted to know what the options are before I buy the helmet. Still waiting for a decent sale. The only fly in the ointment maybe that it maybe too far back because of where the fitting is for built in comms.
  20. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    OK, so what about self adhesive 'velcro' if you can get some of the 'VHB' stuff, that should be fine, IIRC is the 'professional' stuff, don't be tempted to buy the cheapo versions they're OK for short term use but not much more than that. I had/have some 3M stuff somewhere about and has worked well when I used it, but I've not tried it on anything that is used outside in all weathers though?
  21. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    I think I may have to glue the unit to the helmet rather than the plastic bit, as the latter is not flat enough. Anyway still seeing if I can afford the N2 it's pricy
  22. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    If you mean the bracket - yes I had problems fitting it with my Nolan was too wide, so I left the bracket on my Shoei (which it did just about fit) and put the adhesive mount like Lyn did, on my Nolan helmet.
  23. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    I used about 3 strips of double sided sticky tape at the bottom of mine to get it level. Never moved and it comes off for charging
  24. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    Thanks Sam, I have something similar but apparently it's not an easier fit on the neotec 2 and the shoei unit is £250!!
  25. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    I think mine is an older Shoei Neotec, but I purchased the Freecom BT headset from the river site. Bought two sets of ear pieces and mounts and can move it between my helmets. I only use it to Bluetooth my iPod so it’s background music rather then calls or sat nav, but I love it. Had it for 4 years.
  26. Shoei neotec 2 alternative comms

    I should have got this the first time around. What do people thing of it and is there a way of sticking or clamping an external comms unit to it? I have one of those cheaper that auction site ones. Thanks Ps want the flip as I wear specs and makes life a lot easier Found the other thread, sigh, but it doesn't answer the comms issue
  27. Worstest of all gearboxes

    You'd look miserable too if some bugger nicked your tent's flysheet!
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