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  2. Honda NC750X rear rack failure

    Certainly looks like Givi or similar and I've seen it before with a fracture at a weld point. Looks like when it was fitted the support arms were fully tightened before the plate was fitted and then pulled apart to line up the plate fixings.
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  4. X-adv

    Nice! Big 'thumbs up!' to that one.
  5. Q for Andym, the ABS guru.

    The ones for the rear brakes on my Jag fell to bits requiring new hubs. So at eighty four quid you got off lightly.
  6. Honda NC750X rear rack failure

    Sorry but i do not get it... which part of the honda rack fractured? I have a honda rack on my nc750x but it is definitely made up of some sort of moulded plastic. From the picture it seems the material fractured is similar to the material used by Givi. I know because i have used Givi in the past. Actually have a new never-used Givi rack and plate for the NC. Bought it since first plan was to put Givi system but then opted for the Honda one since i felt that Givi design put too much stress on the rearmost fixings.
  7. Honda NC750X rear rack failure

    I had exactly the same thing with my Shad rack. Went on both sides, luckily I spotted it when the top box was empty but it was an investment in a new roll of duct tape and a nervy ride home. Wouldn't mind but had never put anything heavy in there and 90% of the time when I'd used it the box was practically empty as I used it more for putting my kit in when I got to my destination than anything else.
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  9. X-adv

    Had a triumph back in 2001 was a beautiful machine smooth as silk and a pleasure to ride, Trident 900 was a sad day when i sold it. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/yqGdebJl95
  10. X-adv

    Possibly! It's certainly worked.. He's making the same mistakes now that I made when I was young. Except I started riding on my 16th birthday and he was 30 (I think). So, although he's old enough to know better he's not got the experience.. (sigh). He thinks 'loud pipes save lives'. That bloody thing can save lives in Hampshire before he leaves Sussex!
  11. X-adv

    Did he fit the exhaust to discourage you from riding it? 😀😀
  12. X-adv

    Sam, Rocker is right. The '09 Street Triple R I 'share' with my son is the other one. Except I don't ride it anymore because he fitted the world's loudest exhaust on the poor thing. Seriously, Rossi's M1 makes less noise. I can't be doing with it. It's embarrassing, illegal and creates the worst possible impression of motorcyclists. I'm going to sneak into the garage when he's at work one day and see if I can't quieten it down a bit. We have to re-pack the silencers on the race bikes from time to time and I will try the same method. No 'extra' wife for me, either. One is (more than) enough, thanks.
  13. X-adv

    Oh I see..sorry
  14. X-adv

    i think he is implying he also has two wives in the garage and along with another bike could handle another wife.
  15. X-adv

    As he said the two Triumphs I'm guessing the 3rd bike would be his sons Triumph Speed Tripple or Street Tripple I can't remember which it is.
  16. Q for Andym, the ABS guru.

    Yuk. Every manufacturer has tried cheaper methods to replace machineing a nice sharp edged "castle wall" in a steel ring to make the polewheel. Punched holes, cast dimples, monkey metal ashtrays as part of a bearing cage, even an injection moulding with tin foil glued over it. They all induced a voltage in the sensor which isn't the nice 101010..... the ECU counts. They all get worse with corrosion, mud, road crud etc. Nothing you can do except tidy them up. Glad its sorted. Andy
  17. X-adv

    3rd bike? Tex what else are you hiding?!
  18. Waterproof handlebar mounted rocker switch

    All above is not really what Derm is after, I'm afraid. Not everyone is keen to drill plastic fairings get switch fitted.
  19. Q for Andym, the ABS guru.

    Update. Apparently Citroen use a different sensor pick up arrangement, something about instead of an abs sensor ring it has dimples or pegs built into the wheel hub, this had corrosion around it inhibiting the O/S/F wheel sensor, which made the system think that the wheel was locked up. The auto electrician cleaned it all up and reset the sensor, and so far so good. Especially as the bill was a sensible £84.
  20. X-adv

    I'm quite sure we could squeeze a third bike in the garage without objection from either of the Triumphs. The same can't be said of our respective wives, sadly.
  21. Waterproof handlebar mounted rocker switch

    I found a pack of 4 on e b a y just type in waterproof switch and go through the listings
  22. Waterproof handlebar mounted rocker switch

    Really neat set up but we still don't have details of them. Who makes them ? Who sells them?
  23. Another brake queery

    OP best pad to replace originals with? Me I choose the cheapest because I cant tell the difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones. I guess that as someone who uses brakes quite lightly, I have never found there to be any difference. There is a way to tell which is which but unfortunately, they do not publish the coefficient of friction data for brake pads aligned with different types of disc material and operational temperature curves because 1) the law doesn't make the manufacturers do this, and 2) a very low percentage of customers would know how to interpret such data. Even mediocre race teams ( not referring to man, van and dog teams) have access to such information but Joe Public doesn't. ( did you ever wonder why so many race teams use brembo?) This way they know which type and grade of pad to use for the distance/ ambient/ frequency of use/length of maximum use duration etc.
  24. Fairing storage

    I fitted my Scottoiler in that space on the R/H side, I wanted it out of sight.
  25. X-adv

    Same here Griff. I sold my Silverwing recently to get the X-ADV. no regrets. It's not quite as practical as the wing but it's practical enough, and it's MUCH nicer to ride.
  26. Waterproof handlebar mounted rocker switch

    Red one for rear laser fog light and blue on for front fog lights
  27. Waterproof handlebar mounted rocker switch

    Thanks although it's not for me as it is Derm that's asking.
  28. Waterproof handlebar mounted rocker switch

    I have tried most of the hand bar ones but have gone with these i will take a pic for you and find the link to
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