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  2. Slip on exhaust

    It's not the slip on bit of the description that confuses me, it's the word 'silencer'. Slowboy's friend must know that some of the young people use the word silencer as a sarcastic term, as any slip on silencer needs to be less efficient than the original before it will sell. This attitude to noise must mean the earplug manufacturers are a good investment for your pension pot. Mind you, by the time you can draw from it you'll be deaf and ride electric!
  3. Royal Enfield 650 twins

    At the Bike Shed festival in October there were two RE 650 racing and came first and second. Developed by Harris performance they had changed the forks and put on twin discs. Rear swing arm was altered to make the rear wheel track more accurately. A little additional bracing around the headstock and an triple clamp to allow adjustment. Air intake/airbox altered, lovely 1970s style fairing fitted, then the secret engine mods come in to play. Certainly new camshafts but a big bore kit was almost certainly fitted, presumeably with higher compression pistons and some head work. The things just flew around Lydden, small, powerful and professional riders do make a difference. They either put 17" rims and sticky tyres or kept the 18" ones and found much better tyres than the original equipment. There is a video out there about the development by harris, they called the model the 0 Tea GT
  4. That article is a year old. The Norton Superlight raced in this yearโ€™s Lightweight TT. As expected it was something of a turd.
  5. The NC has a common integral manifold where the two cylinder exhausts exit at one point from the head, so you can't check the temp of the separate downpipes. If the fuel pump was giving up, or somehow the fuel flow was restricted to the point it was struggling to move at any speed, it ought to flag a fault. The ECU will know if it has been trying to richen the mixture on the closed loop feedback, it will have hit the "end stop" or clamped at full rich adjustment and won't have been cycling. If it has a persistent misfire it certainly should flag a fault. I find it odd that it can run so poorly and no faults are flagged (or at least none have been reported). At least a fault can be interrogated to see what the problem was in principle.
  6. I bought all of the unobtanium at the bullshitarium.. So none left over..
  7. Royal Enfield 650 twins

    I rather think that's the point, or at least it is for me. I have a Bonneville T100 and that too could be described as uninspiring and a bit lackluster. I'f I'd wanted inspiring and luster I'd have bought a modern bike, not a modern take on a classic. I love my T100 because of what it is, great for bimbling round the B roads and country lanes. And while I'm at the keyboard, when the 650 Himalayan arrives I could well be tempted...........................temptation is something I find hard to resist.
  8. Is costapacketium an alloy of unobtanium?
  9. Slip on exhaust

    Slip on silencer. I understand from a friend that's the term used by the young people ๐Ÿค”
  10. Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc) meet B.O.B. (Monsters vs Aliens)
  11. I think my NC might be terminal - total loss of power

    But don't guess - diagnose!
  12. Slip on exhaust

    You may laugh, Mr slowperson, but I honestly don't know what "slip on" means!! APART FROM the magnificent C90, every bike I've owned* had downpipes bolted to the engine, and the silencer slid onto the downpipes, clamped at the joint, and bolted to the frame. So does "slip on" mean "just the silencer part"? *Ooops, just remembered some old Brits where the downpipe was a push fit into the head.
  13. Slip on exhaust

    Yep, my C90's pipe is entirely bolt on ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‰ Smug rook to pedants knight 4 Your move.......
  14. I think my NC might be terminal - total loss of power

    The last bike I had that lost power in similar circumstance it was the coil, one before that was a plug cap getting hot, before that it was a plug lead. One before that was when the fuel ran out & I had to turn the fuel tap onto reserve & off it went again. So, fuel supply or high tension electrics is my guess. When plug caps & coils start to go they run fine cold & fail when they get warmer.
  15. Is this the latest GS? Perhaps not its a VW ..

    Fantastic! I love them.
  16. Slip on exhaust

    What does "slip on" mean for an exhaust? Are there any that don't slip on?
  17. I think my NC might be terminal - total loss of power

    We shouldn't ignore what the mechanic said. If it is dropping to one cylinder, it would produce symptoms very much like you've described, and that's maybe what the mechanic heard when he said it was "missing". To be honest I'm not really comfortable with "try everything we've suggested" until it starts working again. Every one of those suggestions could, indeed, be the cause. But it's not always easy to check them. If it were me I'd be taking a more organised, diagnostics approach. Have you got one of those non-contact infrared thermometer things? I would ride the bike until the fault condition arises, allow it to persist for 20 - 30 seconds, and then measure the temperature of the two downpipes as they exit the engine. You'll need to stop quickly so they don't cool off too much. If there is a significant difference in temperature then you'll know one of the cylinders is dropping off. The coolest one will be the faulty one. That will help you home in on possibly culprits. If the fault is due to it running on one cylinder, you can discount all the causes common to both cylinders, such as airbox, fuel pump, etc. Assuming you have a cylinder misfiring or not running, there is a slightly questionable, but effective, way of finding out whether it's a fuelling or ignition problem. Warm it up and drive it for half a mile or so when the fault is happening, giving it a reasonable amount of throttle, then stop and have a look at the exhaust system. If the problem is lack of fuel to the cylinder, nothing untoward will be apparent. If the problem is lack of spark, the catalytic converter and silencer box will be extremely hot - probably making lots of rapid clicking noises and possibly smoking. This is because all the fuel injected into the non-running cylinder will be burnt in the catalytic converter instead. With that information you can home in on either the fuel injector and its connector; or on the spark plug, HT lead and coil for the inoperative cylinder. The above paragraphs (starting at "I would ride...") are an exact description of the approach I used on my Versys. The fault on mine was a failed spark plug. ON THE OTHER HAND... if you are sure both cylinders are behaving themselves equally (similar exhaust temperatures) then you can discount all the cylinder-specific stuff and look only at the common stuff. Bearing in mind this has come on reasonably suddenly, I would venture to suggest this can't be anything like the air filter, dirty air box, etc. A fault common to both cylinders that has come on reasonably suddenly is more likely to be the fuel pump, or possibly a loss of electrical power (although I don't think that's it). I'd be tempted to look at how feasible it would be to jury rig a pressure gauge which you can glance at when riding. I don't think the NC has a fuel rail pressure sensor, so a faulty pump wouldn't generate a fault code. You can also tape a multimeter to the fuel tank and watch the voltage as you ride along. I've done that, too. In summary, I recommend a logical, sequential, diagnostic approach rather than just trying everything and hoping you eventually find the cause.
  18. Ah yes, made entirely from costapacketium and due for delivery as soon as we get 1000 orders in squire๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿค”
  19. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2018/november/norton-superlight/
  20. Gaiters

    I also live in the southwest and ride all year. Gaiters and a shock sock meant my NC suspension was functioning nicely and leak free after over 30,000 miles.๐Ÿ˜‡ My recently sold Kawasaki GT750, fitted with gaiters at both ends from new was still on the original seals (and the air assist still worked properly) after 47,000 miles and 34 years. It was also ridden in all conditions. My CRF Rally is also bouncing along nicely after nearly 20,000 miles. Just lucky I guess๐Ÿ˜Ž
  21. And how to access the delivery pipe?
  22. Bigger bike advice needed

    I have an '11 plate R1200RT and its 239Kg. My NC DCT is 230Kg, only 9Kg heavier. I must admit it looks massive next to the NC. My FJR is 295Kg, now thats heavy.
  23. Front brake disc recomendations

    thanks all - found another Honda website were you can search for parts based on your VIN https://www.bike-parts-honda.com/honda-motorcycle/assignment_spare_parts/45251MGSD81 so probably the best way to do it - turns out the part number is the cheaper on thankfully, than shown on the Fowlers website. ยฃ137 i can stomach ;-)
  24. A weekend's work

    I bought these because most are really wide. I don't need huge capacity, just enough for me really. These are ever so slightly wider than the mirrors so not too awkward in traffic.
  25. A weekend's work

    They look nice. I am not a great fan of panniers but they look ok. Mind you, my new bike comes with panniers so I may become a convert.
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