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  2. Bigger bike advice needed

    Keeping in mind that You are tall I would suggest the Kawasaki Versys 1000. Big spacious motorcycle, great motor and you get a lot of bike for your money especially on the latest model.
  3. Which bike for my Son?

    Great bikes. I had one for 5 years. Longest I've ever owned a bike for. That sounds a little over priced to me though, especially for an import which complicates his insurance. Look around the bay... you'll find newer, cheaper bikes with fewer miles. Might have to travel further though.
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  5. Which bike for my Son?

    ***UPDATE*** A scout around yesterday and looks like my lad has his heart set on a 97 plate VFR800, 35k miles, decent history and amazingly good condition for it's years and miles, a great example of Honda quality at it's best. He's just trying to get a firm commitment on his insurance (it's an import which has added a fair bit to the cost) and then I'll be taking it for try out on Monday and prying fivers from my wallet if it seems ok. The dealer is even offering a limited (motor, main cycle parts) but welcome 3 month warranty he's so confident it won't play up. It's been their own run around for 18 months and they've 'traded up' to a 2008 model so this one is surplus to requirements. Totally standard apart from end can (it comes with original) and heated grips all for a whisker over two grand - who needs PCP?
  6. Givi PLX1146

    It says the PLX1146 frame is compatible with the V35 cases. These have a stepped shape to the frame tubes, rather than flat, possibly the illustration is actually incorrect. I think the PL1146 is the flat version for the other case types, Trekker etc. I have the V35 cases so I'm familiar with the frames for these. My Trekker topbox is flat on the underside.
  7. Bigger bike advice needed

    Kawasaki Z1000SX best value 1000 cc bike out there. and not too top heavy, give one a go.
  8. Givi PLX1146

    both are for same year, 16 to 19, difference is in the type of pannier you can use, PL I think is for monokey, PLX is for monokey side, I am not sure check on givi website to be sure that you panniers will fit the rack
  9. Givi PLX1146

    I wonder if anyone can advise what the specific differences are between the Givi PL1146 and PLX1146 pannier carrier racks. The spec on various sites I’ve looked at says the PL1146 fits to 2017 models whereas the PLX rack is for bikes 2018 etc. I have already installed the Givi 1146FZ rear rack and it’s to this the sideboannier raja will be fitted to. Having Looked closely at 2017 and my own 2018 variants of the NC750X I cannot see any difference in the grab rails. So can someone advise what the differences are between to 2 racks or will the PL1146 rack fit the 2018 model, perhaps with minor modifications.
  10. Bigger bike advice needed

    Having had an FJ1200, I'd look at the FJR1300. I would also look at the CBF1000. I'm 6ft5 so like a "bigger" bike where possible.
  11. 'Slight' puncture

    Tube and tubeless is all the same stuff just different packaging. We were told to sell one if the other was out of stock. Possibly the chop size of the bits of old tyre floating in the water and yu-hu glue mix are different but it didn't bother the supplier we had in. If it stops the first puncture, how do you know about the second? The fifteenth is easy to spot, that's where it goes bang and comes off the rim. Now if you extract the nail, put the gunk in and reinflate you maybe do self recover. If your spoked rim and tube are fitted with a TL tyre it may be the only option so it possibly has a place. I'd rather have a full tubeless set up and mushroom plugs or failing that a full TT set up where I can use irons and fit a new tube (assuming I survive the famed explosive failure that didn't get me the first 93 times). Andy
  12. Anyone had this problem after a DCT reset?

    Is the grade of oil correct? I think the oil pressure is affected by oil temperature and viscosity and the sensors use the pressure as an input into the gear selection. When I replaced the oil on the Integra with the recommended 10-30 grade it ran worse than with the previous oil ( which was in the bike when I bought it. and I think was 20- 40 from the service records) A reset improved the overall running straight away.
  13. tidied out garage

    The 2 main reasons I went for the NC were the fuel economy and the DCT. If I wanted "get-up-and-go" I'd have got something else. YMMV. There are plenty of more entertaining bikes around that will do in the 60's mpg now.
  14. 'Slight' puncture

    For tubeless tyres this probably doesn't work or apply. Some brands of gloop state tubeless only, others say they work on tubed as well. A tube will be in a right mess when punctured as the gloop will get between tyre and tubr
  15. nc750s dct

    20k mls is just about run-in, seriously. With just normal routine servicing these will be fine for way more than 100k mls.
  16. Minimum capacity for practical top box

    I hadn't noticed.
  17. 'Slight' puncture

    I think you are missing the point slightly Andy. The reason to fit Gloop or whatever, is to prevent rapid deflation and potential accident and also to increase the likelihood of being able to make it to a safe place or to the end of your journey under your own power, not after a 2 hr wait for a breakdown trailer in the rain (it always rains). Leaving the nail in there afterwards is your choice and your risk, but the ability to more than likely finish your ride is what it is about. I use it all the time and change my own tyres and the brand I use (Goop) does wash out fairly easily with tap water and quite well with a squirt of washing up liquid added.
  18. nc750s dct

    I likes my DCT... But why arse about... What will said Dealer that has the bike for sale offer you for the bike that they look after for your? Maybe a couple of hundred less than you could get - but with what hassle? - Ride in / Ride Out!
  19. 'Slight' puncture

    Gloop is a delaying tactic. In my case the nail still in the tyre made lots of holes until they joined up into one too big to seal. The manufacturers tell lies BTW (I'm supposed to sell the stuff). It can be washed out with water in the sense crude oil will move with boiling water and a shovel, but it will stop any sort of patch or bung working. I've played with our test tyre and the only way to clear it is to wash in petrol then open the hole with a soldering iron. Not so bad if the AA recover you to a place that sells tubes but no good out in the sticks where patches or bungs might save you. Andy
  20. nc750s dct

    I just got myself a 750S dct 2016 with black model with red wheels and just love riding it, enjoying a very relaxing mood the bike puts you in. Most mods are now done on mine to make it into the touring bike I want for Scotland next year, top box and additional screen. I already had a large 2 point Givi handlebar screen spare in the garage so fitted it addition to the existing fly screen. Taking off the fly screen would have left a hole exposing the electrics. I hope that the DCT gives the engine an easier life as my one already has 20000 miles on it. Go for it, if it does not strain the bank balance, or keep your existing bike if it does, there are plenty about and going into winter will lower prices.
  21. Bigger bike advice needed

    I visited my sister at the weekend and had a chat with the Brother-in-Law, who has just swapped his Honda Crosstourer, for a all bells and whistles Triumph Tiger 1200. In his opinion the new bike is lightyears ahead. He's already done 2000 miles in two months and is planning tours of Europe for next year. There must be a new model coming, because he got a huge discount when it bought it, and they even took the Honda in for part exchange. Something his local Honda dealer were loath to do. Mind you it is a big, big beastie. And that's coming from an Africa Twin owner.
  22. Left it on and it's still going so now 27 hours and still bright. Had to learn my new thing for the day so had a quick read on what LED's are. Quite interesting and used in many areas that we just take for granted. I love to add something to my knowledge but as my brains hard drive is full it means something else will have been deleted. Been listening to a book about Divinci. He had a thirst for knowledge and would regularly make lists of things to learn. 'Study the tongue of a woodpecker' Sounds weird until you realise that it apparently it is different from any other muscle in that it can push rather than just pull. He used human dissection to understand how to paint the human form and improve his knowledge of anatomy and dynamics at the same time. He had worked out the fluid dynamics of vortices in the blood and how it closed the aortic valve over two centuries before anyone else. He was a bugger about getting anything finished though and would constantly flit from one thing to another as to whatever took his fancy. Hence his treatise on human anatomy never got published and many of his discoveries became lost until relatively modern times. I digress.
  23. Bigger bike advice needed

    In the running for ‘post of the week’
  24. 'Slight' puncture

    Yes. Although I don’t believe it’s going to work as well as it would in a tubeless tyre it’s not going to hurt and may well help. As Brian says the ‘goop’ remains inside the tube not inside the tyre/rim so it doesn’t affect the process when tyre changes come round. You might also consider converting your wheels to tubeless operation? It’s not especially expensive (actually cheap if you DIY) and worth it if you’re planning to keep the bike (Baby, yeah?) long term.
  25. Scotoiler v System

    Look at the Cobbra Nemo 2. I've had a Tutoro and Scottoiler. The Nemo has been on my bike for 12 months and I've never had a chain in this good condition. It looks new. And it's a beautiful piece of engineering.
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  27. nc750s dct

    Gareth, as an ex 750xDCT owner the issue I had with the machine was it being slightly top heavy (I wish I had gone for the S) and the DCT is a pain in very heavy traffic and is not the best for filtering in tight spaces where the extra control of a clutch that can disconnect the drive and re-engage quickly, is a bonus. So if your regular commute involves multi lane traffic all jammed up for a mile or two with assorted nutters on four wheels, test ride in these conditions before putting your hard earned on the line.
  28. Bigger bike advice needed

    Another vote for the FJR. Ticks all your boxes apart from the fact it is a bit on the lardy side. I have a 2018 6 Speed version but if you want to go older the 5 speed is better imo. I much preferred the power delivery of my old 2004 version.
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