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  2. The Devon flag is mostly green, I suspect a little local rivalry?😜
  3. That's it.
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  5. Yeah... and 'the louder it is the faster it is'... for me with only one baffle in (short pipe) - it's a compromise, but it looks weird.
  6. Mine is a chameleon Mac. Here's a pic of it in its black clothes: Mike
  7. Honda, clever as ever.
  8. It's a scooter in motorcycle clothes (unlike the Integra which is the opposite) and, now I've slept on it, I don't see the advantage? I still think it's fun and 'funky' but I would just buy a small scooter! Kudos to Honda SAN though, they're mixing it up and creating some very 'different' machines.
  9. £150 and he came out at 8:30pm. Honda had quoted me about that for the tyre athe service in March. Ah yes, the young ladies are in their green pleated skirts. They still take boarders.
  10. Similar issue on my AT and I found that by putting the bike on the centre stand and rolling the rear wheel backwards with the ignition on it found neutral after being stuck in second. I agree that it is a result of the gears being in slightly the wrong position when the engine stopped.
  11. Have a check through my post about my Integra failing to start, here (apologies about photophucket pulling the picture links, bless them) Someone else had the same issue, again solved by cleaning the connector for the right side switch gear kill/start wiring. Worth a try. If the feed to the kill switch gets interrupted for any reason it will shut off the fuel relay so total engine cut. If stationary with the engine not running the gear selector will often (usually?) not be able to go through the sequence of gears because the dogs don't line up to allow the gears to slide, this is exactly the same for a manual gearbox. They can be encouraged if the box is turning, by wheeling the bike as you turn on the ignition, which allows the selectors to move the gears. It may only do one shift at a time, this may be a consequence of some fail-safe logic etc, so you might well need to do the on/off sequence until it reaches neutral one gear at a a time (my guess work there, no certainty). With the kick-stand down it would normally only run in neutral, so probably some link there as it wants to be in neutral.
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  13. Down here they have a thing against green cars or bikes, possible harder to see as they come up a tree lined road ? But anything green, bike or car is harder to sell. Most odd.
  14. A Botunk ? A Guzunda?
  15. The longer the plug is in, the better. The heat vulcanises the plug into the carcass. Andy
  16. They make one that fits and lockable. Most folks just wedge the lid in there for storage and lock it with the bike.
  17. I'm wondering if the space between your feet would take a top box? Sort of a 'bottom box' really..
  18. It is fun 'condensed'
  19. Having a few ride outs today, getting wet then enjoying the sun. The 2016 NC750X DCT engine cut out. No warning lights. When I pulled over, I switched the ignition of and on, it was showing 4th gear, there was a whirring noise coming from the gearbox. After numerous attempts, on/off, gear selector, to put into N it would not change. I tried that many things that I can't remember the sequence. I sat, waiting for the breakdown, and searching, on the internet, for similar problems. The nearest I could find on Nc700 forum was problems with the kick stand sensor. I sat on the bike and lifted the kickstand. Each time I switched the ignition on and lifted the kick stand it dropped a gear until I managed to get it into neutral.???? The breakdown truck arrived and, in neutral I managed to start it. The breakdown stayed with me for 5 miles without problems. I then rode another 22 miles home. Anybody got any ideas about what went wrong and the strange solution? I will get in touch with Honda Carlisle (not Cox Honda, where I bought the bike, as they are dishonest) and see what they say.
  20. Why does that little chap make me smile? Looks as friendly as a Labrador puppy. And as excitable too..
  21. Thanks for sharing that. There are always two sides to a story and every 'up' can have a 'down' close behind.
  22. Sounds like a good result! My NC's first rear tyre died after getting punctured, was almost at the end of its life anyway. Had a puncture in my TDM850 many years ago, local tyre place fixed it once refitted I forgot about it until well after I'd px'd it. More recently, I got one in my Triumph 900 Scrambler, that was tubed, I noticed it at work, but it had plenty of pressure in it, so I rode home carefully, it felt a bit squermy towards the end, it had 9psi by the time I got home!
  23. Re: the mushroom plugs. They're advertised as a 'get you home' fix for good reason. I'd read a lot of reviews saying they last the life of the tyre etc. So when I used one on a puncture on my scooter earlier this year I wasn't in too much of a rush to replace the tyre. I was a bit paranoid though so I checked the pressure regularly. Was working perfectly for a week or so, no pressure loss at all, then on my morning commute (about 10 mins after checking the pressure and setting off) I completely lost control of the bike and came off (scooter written off, wrist broken, etc etc). The tyre was completely deflated and the mushroom gone. I felt incredibly stupid that I listened to all the 'best case scenario' reviews and didn't just replace the tyre. I would still use a repair in an emergency but would get a new tyre asap. Just not worth the risk.
  24. Sounds spot on to me Poppet what was they like price wise? Went to boarding school many years ago down your neck of the woods, Gordon Boys School was male only back then but i believe it take girls too now.
  25. Hopped out his van and said "man Woking is a long way!" I said if I had known you did car tyres you could have fitted those too. He said no, don't call me for your car, I only came out this far because it was for a bike and we are bikers. He said we came down some great riding roads, his mate chirps up "lots of ditches". Both mad as hatter bikers, one more risk adverse then his mate. Left saying "see you up at Rykas!" Good job, upgraded tyre (his suppliers fault) no move in cost. Chain tension checked, wheel balanced and alignment done. Would use again but think he would only only be willing if I was up in Richmond rather than at home! reslly impressed with the same day service.
  26. Looks like a Grom and a Ruckus got jiggy...
  27. Somebody help me, I really like these. Only in India I think and about £500. Selling like hot cakes apparently. Maybe an injected version for the UK? Poor mans Grom with a CVT
  28. Been given a Bike Seal tyre sealant - put in before you get a puncture no rim corrosion ! Real easy to put in tyres will see how it performs
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