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  2. Really must arrange a road test

    There are plenty on here who have/have had far more bikes than I have.and over fewer years.
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  4. Really must arrange a road test

    Ahhh, but you do have a reputation!
  5. I genuinely believe that your scoot (or similar) would make a terrific touring choice. I fancy a go at it myself.
  6. Really must arrange a road test

    Please Note I have 3 bikes CB125F which I have had over 4 years Monkey 125 coming up for 2 years and CB500X over a year.
  7. Really must arrange a road test

    Listen, we all know that Rocker would love to have a T100 and it would suit him down to the ground. With an X pipe and a better cam it would provide more than enough power, but Simon would have to do the spanner work. The real issue is: How would he get on with a bike that he didn't wan't to change in a year because it was a 'keeper'?
  8. I'm not so sure that my KSR scoot would go that far without melting the piston. Don't want to be at the side of the street, skint, and someone coming up to me saying 'what's the problem mate?' and, sluring my words, I say 'piston broke'!
  9. Accessory and lighting wiring all NC750 models 2015 on

    You'll have us S riders offended if you keep that up ^^joke^^ Anyways I tried my best and searched and researched about adding additional auxiliary lights to Integra and like you came up blank. Did find one or two foreign youtubers with demos of auxiliary lights but no fitting videos. One video, in English, did show how to remove panels - showing a pinkish (looks like possible 4 pin additional power source). If you are adept or similar I suggest taking off the side panel to access the pinkish connector and test it with ignition off and on to see if it's a usable source. Unless other Integra riders can offer better reply.
  10. LED spots - long-term use recommendations

    Thanks for reply/info Confused (probably the reason I asked the original question) I thought having strobe option would be an MOT failure/illegal on UK roads Therefore, and I'm guessing here also, having a yellow light (part of the high beam function) - like what you've advised - on the front of any UK vehicle - that doesn't flash (indicator) would also be an MOT failure Or am I missing the obvious?
  11. Dreaming of international travel?

    The thought did cross my mind that I might be able to get Anne on something like that, maybe his and her's scoots for the next tour!
  12. Just loading the scoot now
  13. Dreaming of international travel?

    Nicely done.... Some really great footage there and a nice steady pace... she'll have been able to take in some great roads and memories... Well played👍
  14. Dreaming of international travel?

    Wow, that has made me want to keep Freddie and reach for my passport....
  15. New year new money pit.

    Nope, just saying! 😋
  16. Dreaming of international travel?

    Very nicely put together film from this intrepid lady!
  17. Really must arrange a road test

    I'd have a bobber if I lived near a town and only drove it around the area but with the little tank it would be a pain and was the main reason the little Harley had to go
  18. Really must arrange a road test

    Err, V7, Ninja 650 and Street Twin (also maybe a Speed Twin)
  19. Really must arrange a road test

    Which 3 are they?
  20. Only don't go on the 1200 forum asking about the 650 or you will get slammed by the none too civilised inhabitants! https://www.ukgser.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/272-650-700-800-GS-twins
  21. Really must arrange a road test

    Bugger! I had got my test ride list down to two. V7, Ninja 650. Now it is back up to three again.......
  22. Really must arrange a road test

    You should see me on a Bobber, I look like a gorilla on a moped, so disappointing!! Mind you, it did save me wheeling out the sensible adult.
  23. You could also try posting a description of the problem on UKGSER. I got some pretty good advice on there when I had my R1200GS. Alternatively ask if anyone near you has a GS-911 (BMW motorcycle diagnostic tool) they could lend you. The BMW motorcycle club in most areas will have one (but you’ll need to be a member).
  24. Really must arrange a road test

    It would really be a "heart over head" type thing TBH the NC does everything I need it to do. Maybe I'll start looking for a second "weekend special" type bike once I've got some NCB under my belt :).
  25. Really must arrange a road test

    Your correct a kind gentleman at the 1066 let me try his brand new one for size and I quite liked it except for the tank capacity. i certainly wouldn't need a lowering kit on it.:) Why?.?? 😀😀
  26. Really must arrange a road test

    I've just found one for sale near me. Must......resist.......
  27. Really must arrange a road test

    I could ‘see’ Rocker on a Bobber. I remember him trying one for size.
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