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  2. That's exactly what I mean. And the exact same thing happens to me when I ride the T100. Who needs 'old clunkers'? Not me!
  3. Whoops! Thought I'd read it in an MSL article about how franchised dealers are trained....the article was about mechanic of the year for one of the brands. It was the only bit that made sense about why the codes were kept from us great unwashed.
  4. In fact the opposite is true, some years ago the EU legislated that manufacturers had to make fault codes available and readable in order that consumers are not tied into the maunfacturers franchised dealer networks.
  5. I remember chatting to someone at a business meeting who it turned had his own light aircraft. He told us the story of when he went for a flight after his plane had been serviced, when the engine failed, and he was lucky ( and I think skilful) to manage an emergency landing in a small field. It turned out the sump plug had not been properly replaced and fell out shortly after take off, dumping all the engine oil. The servicing company were landed with a very large bill!
  6. Saw a fella yesterday with the continental gt , looked alright . Seemed well enough put together?
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  8. I seem to remember reading that fault codes are kept secret (if that's the right word), due to EU safety prevent us duffers from trying to fix something that only an expert should handle. That's the theory, then dealers come along and do inept things like the OP and Poppet describe.
  9. I always check my bike after it's been serviced, we can all make mistakes and after having a bike engine fail as it didn't have sufficient oil in it after a service, many many years ago!
  10. I use an Oxford "Bone Dry" oversuit over the top of my two piece textile "waterproofs". The bone dry doesnt offer any mechanical protection at all but it is water proof and since it is size"FM" which stands for "quite massive" it is easy to get in and out of. I wouldnt win any fashion prizes for it though.
  11. No rocker your safe with not having to explain about teddy boys . They were the immaculately dressed well coiffured exapalary mannered young men and women who chose a music that God listens to , from the fifties. Not the other lot , the ones covered in oil . :0)
  12. Reading about water proofing boots reminded me of what we used to do to keep our feet dry as penniless apprentices. We would simply put each foot into a plastic carrier bag and then pull our sieve -like boots on over the top! Use to work every time until they started to make the carrier bags with holes in them in order to save lives, then we had to investigate further afield in order to find plastic bags without holes.... especially we who had big feet! The leaky boots would tend to let water out just about a quickly as they let water in so they would dry reasonably quickly. dubbin and polish just seemed to help to preserve the leather rather than help with water proofing. I guess that early m/c boot designs were essentially flawed.
  13. I still run roadsmart II on a BMW r1100 about 7000 miles a year . I have never found the limit. The ABS has never reached the point of actuation. If the roadsmart III is said to be better then it follows that I shan't find the limits of those either. I usually leave my rear tyres with 3-4mm chicken strips so I am not all that adventurous.
  14. Just for interest, in the car industry we had a highly technical measure for reliability in service, it was known as "TGW". The benchmark for good cars at the time was low single figure numbers per hundred vehicles, the likes of Honda and Lexus were in the 5-8 bracket, other more troublesome makes could be in three figure territory (i.e. every car had at least one TGW). What did TGW stand for? "Things gone wrong" Seems a very crude description but in the real world it's what the customer experiences, something has gone wrong. It doesn't matter much to them whether it's a stuck switch or a con-rod through the block, it still means inconvenience and annoyance at having to get it fixed (under warranty).
  15. The RE I hired in Scotland certainly brought back the nice relaxed feeling of riding in the 60s and rekindled the better memories of it.
  16. The problem is if you talk her out of the one she wants and into buying something else the first time there is a slight problem with the new one I can hear the words "If you had let me buy the one I wanted" followed by all the reasons it's your fault.
  17. That question has really made me feel old.😀 They were allegedly the favourite weapon of the Teddy Boys. Now go on ask what a Teddy Boy was LOL
  18. If that is the riding you crave (and haven't we all?) then there's absolutely no need to dip your toe in the 'Classic Brit' waters at all. I'm not saying they're 'shark infested' (particularly) but they certainly can be 'hazardous'.. A Vespa GTS would suit that task admirably. As would any number of modern machines that don't require two hours fettling for every half hours riding. A Royal Enfield would be an excellent choice, giving the Classic 'feel' without the oily fingernails.
  19. It's needed to get the engines through the next level of emission rules Euro6 this time I think, lost track of the numbering lately. I doubt the government will take anything such as actual performance into account when it comes to plundering the taxpayer's.
  20. You know how it is with autocorrect. Sometimes you just can't get your device to write what you really want to write. 😜
  21. Volkswagen work with a brand called BlueMotion for some of their cars, so it may well be that this is just an internal VW branding exercise. After all, they were very creative with their diesel cars, so nothing would suprise me.
  22. I have a 2016 VAG 2.0 litre diesel. The other day I got a message on the MFD saying 'AdBlue 1400 miles' A phone call to the dealer revealed that I had to fill a tank in the back with a water urea mixture (are they taking the p1ss?) This stuff is squirted into the exhaust and removes NOX which is, I presume, what the fuss is about with regard to diesels. So my question to the panel is: Are AdBlue diesels less disliked by the govment than non AdBlue?
  23. For the past 12 years I have been begging Mrs Mac to sell her car and get something else. I even tried turning up with cars for her to try. No she stuck by "Peter" through head gasket, timing belt and all other foibles he threw at her over the years. Sunday was wet and miserable. " Let's go and look at cars" says Mrs Mac.👩 We called to the first dealership multi franchise, nope, nothing floats her boat. We called at the second dealers. "I like this, I will buy it " 😱. The car she has picked is another MPV but it's a diesel. ( Oh dear. ) It's a 2015, 1.6 HDI. The Government don't like oil burners now. ☠️ Mrs Mac has made her mind up. Do I try and talk her out of buying a diesel or say nothing, finally get rid of "Peter" and just pay whatever punitive taxes on fuel, tax, and road charging which is being mooted by district councils as they see a cash cow and income .
  24. I'm quite fussy about this sort of thing (I bought a brand new Garmin zumo at vast expense because the previous one was so hard to read in bright sunlight) but I don't have a problem with the display on my 2016 NC750X apart from the colours on the tacho readout washing out in bright conditions but it's still perfectly readable.
  25. I had dealings with "*unts" a few years ago and I was left with the definite feeling that the dealers name was a misprint!!!
  26. My rides will be on tree lined roads, accompanied by the Lark. To ride through the leafy country lanes so dappled sunlight and dark. I shall waft along in happy embrace of the open road. My motorcycle and I as one enjoying the wonders showed. Maybe to stop by a river bank and watch clear water flow by. Or lay a while by the river bank and wonder at the sky. Happy in my solitude just the bike and me , before once more returning home just in time for tea. 😂 Keats. In other words no doubt it will break down in the middle of nowhere and I will have to wait for rescue by the RAC. 👍
  27. Sorry Steve just seen you've got Giving ones 😀😀
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