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  2. Suspension suspense . . . part 2

    Well I was very happy with my 700x, and it remains one of the better suspension compromises of any bike I've owned and I never felt the need to alter it. And yes, I can feel differences, having set up the suspension on my Ducati 998 for myself for road and track use (different for each). The Honda was a good compromise for the road, firm enough for "making progress" while comfortable enough for gentle cruising. Not perfect for either, but good enough. The best comfort mod was a better seat (Sargent in my case). I appreciate others would need to change it and that's fine and they've contributed some excellent advice and information on here, but I wouldn't look down on those that are happy with their lot. Horses for courses and all that.
  3. New bike care

    I use the ACF50 all year round.
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  5. Suspension suspense . . . part 2

    Very well said, Tony. Bang on the button.
  6. Suspension suspense . . . part 2

    you defiantly know how to make a statement Mr nz . It might be someone's first bike or they may not have the time or inclination to ponce about fixing something that's not broke . But good on you and others for sharing . Take the performance of this bike , it's remit and delivery ( brakes and engine ) . All within a scope that's acceptable at a price range and concept. That's not to say you can't better it but , some just might think " I don't need to " your statement made me think of it as a pizza . You ordered the margherita , but with a bit of chorizo and pineapple you could have something else . πŸ˜€ The cost goes up and the result is subjective. . A bit clumsy I know but it sort of works πŸ˜€ I for one am not bothered by the limits of the suspension and therefor not that bothered to fiddle with it . So mine is more apathy then satisfaction πŸ‘
  7. New bike care

    Had a double feed , thought that would be a good idea .......didn't really work too well (or at all really ) πŸ˜† went back to a single , easier to place and get less fling .
  8. Suspension suspense . . . part 2

    Gosh! Anyone who's happy with the original suspension is very easily satisfied.
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  10. New bike care

    Ordered a Tutoro. Now need to figure out how to install it! I’ve read several posts in here, but most of the photos have disappeared. nearside pillion footpeg seems to be the place to mount it - single or double head, though?
  11. New bike care

    Just really planning on commuting. Is the ACF50 just to put on for winter - so no need at the moment?
  12. new season - really good trousers -suggestions!

    @bazza I see this thread is old now - but I'd shout out for the Oxford trousers. I have a pair of the Oxford Ranger 2.0 Textile Trousers. I've had these for two years, daily commuting + IAM riding, all weathers, I'd guess at 20K + miles. They have built in braces with a good sized back panel and zip out liners. I don't bother zipping the jacket to the trousers although I could. I only bother with over-trousers in biblical downpours - on many occasions the outers are pretty wet, but I'm fine on the inside. They are now starting to get a bit thin around the inside of the ankles and seat so need replacing ... Just today I have taken delivery of a pair of Oxford Montreal 2.0 trousers. I went for these as they are available in a long leg size (Available in short also, my wife has a pair!) These come with braces, zip out liner and a webbing belt.The leg on these is more tapered and "fitted" than the straight leg of the Rangers. If they give me the same service, I'll be more than satisfied. FWIW - these are reasonably priced and I have no connection with Oxford except for being a happy repeat customer. @Tex - I was at J&S a couple of weeks ago and asked for sallopette styles for my better half. The assistant insisted the term was dungarees, just made me chuckle as I had visions in denim! Regards, ride safe.
  13. New bike care

    If you are planning on touring a centre stand is a must. If you will be using it just to commute a paddock stand is sufficient for maintenance. Either automatic oiler or good habit of a regular lube, or the chain won’t see 8,000. Definetly ACF50 the bike, I went through the first winter unaware of this magical product and the corrosion was horrific, but I commute in all weathers.
  14. OEM Screen for NC750X

    I ended up with the Madstad. After reading posts from too many people who switched screens three times and still weren't happy, I bit the bullet and went for an expensive one from the get go, seeing as it seemed the most adjustable of the lot, height and angle. It's big, but it works for me. https://madstad.com/collections/honda/products/honda-nc700x-2016-up
  15. Suspension suspense . . .

    Relief holes in fork damper-rods What size and number of holes have folk here put into the damper-rods when fitting proprietary damping units on top? Mine have the original two holes per unit increased to 11mm.
  16. Tutoro chain oiler fitment

    Can you repost the pics?
  17. New bike care

    Hi Paul,while you are at the dealer it might be a good idea to book the first service.It'll be on you before you know and at this time of year the service departments are crazy busy. Good luck with the new bike.
  18. OEM Screen for NC750X

    By cheap I meant I could design and 3D print an adapter that would be a lot cheaper than buying.
  19. OEM Screen for NC750X

    Looks good, I hope it works for you. My MRA was more like Β£70 which is a bit of a rip off but it works for me. Crucially you can lower it below the OEM screen height which is a must for me as that is often the best noise setting.
  20. OEM Screen for NC750X

    Just bought one for the CRF 250, Β£22:00, clip on and adjustable for height and tilt. Well made too.
  21. Pigs can fly

    First bike I bought was a ts250 and a stadium lid , all very steve McQueen I thought . Let my brother have a go after continual pestering and he promptly broke the gearbox. Then a friend borrowed it and crashed it . Argh happy days πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚
  22. OEM Screen for NC750X

    That's correct although they are not particularly cheap
  23. Pigs can fly

    I always love nostalgic posts.
  24. White or HiViz Lid?

    He won't be lonely there 😁 Andy
  25. New bike care

    Hi Paul As regards oil change These need to be done ( I think) by a Honda dealer so as to keep your warranty. As regard cleaning and cleaning products I learned a lot from youtube in particular the Muc off ones. As I've said before I returned to biking after a 40 year layoff and this forum + youtube as been a great help. Definitely recommend a center stand and would also consider a a fender extender and a radiator guard. The loobman has been good for me, easy to fit and simple to use. Good luck Lloyd
  26. Pigs can fly

    Some years after your Norton experiences, 1971 to be exact, I purchased my first bike, if a Honda 50 step through can be called such a thing. I got it off a local old boy and it came with plastic gloves, Derri Boots which I think we're affectionately called Divi Boots, and best of all a two tone leather corker which my Mum insisted i wear even though the helmet law wasn't in force. Mind you my long blonde locks got a wash every Sunday evening and the drying process was a "blast round the block" on the nifty fifty without the corker. This lasted about 6 months until I was overtaken by a cyclist going up the Horse Shoe Pass, a few days later I was in Mike Weston's of Birkenhead putting a deposit on a shiny red Honda CB175 along with a proper hat, a Nolan if I recall correctly.
  27. New bike care

    Loads of really good advice on this site if you search the numerous threads. Many generous and well-informed comments (mine excepted). Well worth donating a tenner to become a supporter. There's far more here than you'll find in, say, two issues of Bike or Ride at Β£5 each an issue.
  28. New bike care

    Centre stand really should be standard kit. definitely get one. Some chaps use the Loobman oiler. I am very happy with my E Scotoiler but they are pricey. Give the whole bike a going over with ACF50 too, really helps keep corrosion at bay.
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