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  2. Triumph Thunderbird

    Colleagues! Have any of you ridden a Triumph Thunderbird - the 2009-onwards model - (or one of its close relatives, such as the Storm)? I like to have - as a minimum - two bikes, of which one is my "sunny Sunday" laid back tootler bike, with no emphasis on speed but plenty on enjoying the surroundings and especially the lazy feel of the bike and its sound track. Currently I'm using my Royal Enfield Bullet for that, but I'll probably soon want a change. Although I like low down torque, the Bullet is only modest in that department: 41.3Nm at 4000rpm. The big problem for me is that I love the low-revving single cylinder feel and sound, and nobody makes a bike with that kind of engine. There are plenty of big singles around, but they are all significantly higher revving than the Bullet. It genuinely has no competitor. My next favourite configuration is the 180-degree parallel twin, but there are none at all that are low-revving (Bullet-style low revs, I mean). Third on my list are the 90-degree V-twins, or their similar-sounding 270-degree parallel twin cousins. Although the NC will pull from low revs, it's still revvy compared with my Enfield, so it doesn't really tick the boxes I want and in any case I've already owned one. Which brings me to the Thunderbird. This is a 270-degree monster parallel twin of 1600cc or 1700cc depending on the model. For the 1600, maximum torque is at 2750rpm and maximum power at 4850rpm - both are lower revs than for the Bullet, so it sounds very promising. Torque is 146Nm, so that's more than three times the Bullet's. HOWEVER, the bike is a cruiser, which means LOTS of weight and a feet-forward riding position, both of which I dislike. Let's just check out the acceleration: I want to allow 100kg for my weight (I'm less than that, but with all my gear and kit it's probably about right), so added to the weight of the Enfield the overall mass will be 296kg. The equivalent for the 1600 Thunderbird would be 439kg. Torque-to-weight ratios are 0.33Nn/kg for the Triumph, and 0.14Nm/kg for the Bullet. I don't know the gearings for the two bikes, but if we assume they are broadly similar (the Triumph will probably be a bit higher) then the Thunderbird will probably have over twice the acceleration - 2.1 to 2.3 times, I would estimate, taking into account gearing differences. Now, accelerating twice as hard as a Royal Enfield is hardly an achievement! (And I realise I've skimmed over lots of caveats.) In summary, the engine sounds promising, although it's probably not as punchy as the torque figures suggest, mostly due to the enormous weight. Do any of you folks have any experience with the Thunderbird, or similar cruisers from other manufacturers? Questions that come to mind include: 1/ Does it feel nice and torquey, and lazy? 2/ What did you think to the riding position? 3/ Did you cope OK with the enormous weight? 4/ Would you recommend any competitor bikes to consider? 5/ Any other comments, thoughts, advice, warnings, etc? Feel free to be off the wall, outside the box or left field! Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. As apposed to the NC, who's hubbub disguises the injector tick at all engine speeds
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  5. Raising Handlebars

    Yes, got 30mm up and 22mm back on my 16 plateX, just need to fiddle with the cable runs a bit. Andy.
  6. Honda CBR500R

    Seen the Red and the White, like red, but not seen it in black in the metal
  7. Honda CBR500R

    Yes, heard the build quality of the KTM is not the highest quality, as its made in Far East. I know a lot of bikes nowada,ys are but..... poldark, I'm of the taller persuasion!
  8. Raising Handlebars

    Think you will find the 22mm bit is actually the size of the handlebars it fits , the height bit is commonly 30mm which would be fine with a bit a jiggling around
  9. Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo

    In the past I just replaced the worn tyre but on the last few bikes I've replaced the OEM front when the OEM rear was worn out. After that I replace worn only with a match for the unworn tyre; in the past Pirelli Angel STs or GTs, currently Michellin PR5s.
  10. What do you call it?

    If you're talking about the small projections above (and below) the SD-N switch, they are part of the switch assembly moulding. You would need to replace the entire switch assembly - the cost around £150 I think. I can't imagine how you'd break it but elbee's idea is certainly cheeper!
  11. Raising Handlebars

    22 mm rise is fine, but you will have to release the front brake cable from its clip on the headstock and a bit of clutch or handbrake (DCT) adjustment. Much bigger will need new cables, brake hoses etc.
  12. Raising Handlebars

    I was wondering if it's possible to fit Handlebar risers onto a 2019 NC750X. If so how much height can be added taking into account the cable connections. I've seen some for sale on that auction site with a 22mm rise. Does anybody know if this is possible? Thanks
  13. Yes, Gaz, injectors do ‘tick’ as they operate. Normally only heard on idle as when the revs rise the sound gets lost in the general hubbub of the motor.
  14. Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo

    I can't afford to replace both at once. Obviously try to get the same though
  15. dark side tyres

    Cov people say "batch" for a bread roll. They're weird.
  16. What do you call it?

    What about epoxy putty repair pellets? Make the approximate shape, stick on, file/sand down when dry and paint.
  17. Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo

    If you're staying with the same tyre then you'd leave the front (unless it was very close to done). But switching to a significantly different tyre I'd certainly do both.
  18. dark side tyres

    Say anything with authority and people who know less will believe you. You can see how some Americans get institutionalised. You can buy a coffee in Starbucks in New York, travel 3000 miles and not only buy the same coffee, using the same money, speaking the same language, but the shop will be identical, possibly to the extent the next shop in the mall will be an identical Pizza hut. When you travel 100 miles and the locals try to get you to each a pea faggot batch*, venturing over the channel is hardly a stretch. *A pea faggot batch is apparently something they use in Coventry to detect foreigners. The batch is a breadcake. The faggot is something like a hedgehog scraped off the road and Grilled to make sure it is dead. The peas are mushy and of the grey variety. Like when Arabs offer you sheep's eyes or camel bits it's up to you if you tuck in and join in the laughter, or prove you didn't wash in on the canals last tide and suggest a trip to Wimpy instead. Andy
  19. Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo

    Replacing front and rear at the same time is an interesting idea. Do many people do it? I'm curious. Isn't one throwing away a serviceable front tyre which has approximately a third of the way still to go?
  20. Honda CBR500R

    I sat on the cbr500 before deciding on the cb500f.I’m quite tall and felt a bit more weight on my wrists otherwise i would have gone for the cbr.I say go for it, or a zx6r!
  21. Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo

    After 5500 miles my rear Battle Wing had squared off sufficiently to be upsetting the handling of the bike. Front was still ok but I always replace my tyres in pairs. Anyway decided to go for a 'road only' option and have been riding my '18 750X with new T30 Evos fitted all weekend. Very impressive grip in the current filthy conditions and I'm sure that the front is turning in easier. Very pleased.
  22. dark side tyres

    How do they amass such a huge following when they talk such bollox?
  23. Honda CBR500R

    The CBR500R looks a lot more upright then I thought it would be (if you ignore the media Rossi-wannabe shots). Seriously nice looking bike. Would be torn between the red and white....
  24. Honda CBR500R

    Another +1 for the 500 range. My wife has a 500F which I ride a fair bit, haven't ridden an R but it's cracking looking thing. Here's ours.
  25. Norton woes

    Slightly off topic - on topic. I must applaud JCB who have been in the news recently. The Corona Virus has caused a large (but short term) spares shortage for the production line. Instead of laying staff off though, JCB are reducing employees hours - but paying them in full. Once the spares issue has resolved the staff will give those hours back. Simple, straightforward and honest. People get their normal salary, it saves administration problems and provides extra hours once the bottleneck has eased
  26. dark side tyres

    That situation is disgusting to say the least. I've just watched a video "unboxing" of the updated Ruroc helmet on an American youtuber channel, he stated that the difference between DOT and SNELL rating was that Snell is for racing over 80mph! This guy has 350k followers.
  27. needed [- a more powerful NC motor!

    All I can say is if you can get on with a quick shifter instead of DCT then have a look at the KTM 790 Duke (now 890 I believe). It's got the best quick shifter I've tried on a bike, so far. It felt smaller and lighter than the NC, but almost twice the power!
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