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  2. Heated clothing

    I researched heated visors a couple of years ago and found out that HJC make them. Big in Canada for snowmobile use. Notsure on legal requirements for uk road use though.
  3. Heated clothing

    I had a heated visor on one of my either the BMW or schuberth lid...Mum bought it for me on my 40th birthday.. Fabulous bit of kit ( if you remembered to unplug the thing..) one problem i had not thought about until it died on me after about 3 years....the cost to replace it. A new leccy visor for more expensive than a new standard lid.. And no other visor would fit the lid as it was about 10mm thick, but worked very well..
  4. Louder horn.

    Gosh! Imagine hitting a large bird, or any bird at 300km/h plus, especially if the impact was on the rider's body. So far the 130mm clearance above the front guard seems enough but fingers crossed. The clearance was measured with both wheels off the ground and hopefully the given 120mm of wheel travel is accurate. The gruesome looking but strong stainless steel crash bars came with the bike. I had intended to remove them but find them a help when getting up off my knees while working on the bike. Scrape marks on both sides have a tale to tell which I will probably never learn.
  5. Engineer/mechanic advice requested please

    The bikes are built in Italy, so there's a chance the engine was as well.
  6. Thermal Underwear ;)

    You might find something here. Or they may be able to direct you. https://www.baselayer.co.uk/Men-s-Merino-cat-450?gclid=Cj0KCQiA0b_QBRCeARIsAFntQ9p0yquOxMcJpxSBM_50_S6e5v6kFyIT5OYhCa2aYh6w5XEGhlYMxawaAmAaEALw_wcB
  7. Engineer/mechanic advice requested please

    NC engine is built in Japan. The SH300? Not sure.
  8. Thermal Underwear ;)

    Anyone know where I can get some merino wool long johns (and top) for the taller fellow (6' 2")like me. I normally buy Damart but I want to buy some Merino wool to try out. Does anyone cater specifically for taller people? I've seen a website in the states (Minus33) who has longer lengths but I'd rather avoid customs charges etc. Thanks.
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  10. Heated clothing

    That would be brilliant
  11. Engineer/mechanic advice requested please

    Honda quality assurance is an industry benchmark. That said, Honda have factories all over the world. Does anyone know where NC engines are built? For example, Swindon, Huston,Yekateringberg ( Siberia) the missing head gasket could be explained away by an alcohol fueled lunch break. It is perhaps testament to the manufacturing tolerances of the machine build that the bike went so long " fault undetected". Engine oil contamination of any sort isn't good. I would be primarily concerned with the crankshaft bearings taking a hit. New engine seems a fair claim.
  12. Tesla truck

    Interesting indeed. Another "shot at the future" thing showed Toyota's new Hydrogen Fuel cell tech being used in a big rig application. (Link) Now obviously it's early days for fuel cell "refinement" in tech where battery tech refinemant has been going on for well over a century but as shown in this video electric/fuel cell tech has enormous potential due to the sheer amount of torque it can make. If they can get the range thing down (or the filling infrastructure when dealing with fuel cell vehicles) then there is lots of logical reasons to go for high tech industrials. Lack of engine noise, huge reduction in emissions, advanced guidance tech (like autonomous cruise control and all that sort of malarky).
  13. New Neo Tech2 Announced

    good luck on that one ken
  14. Engineer/mechanic advice requested please

    A lot of good sense being shown in these posts. My summary is this: Paul should be given a new bike; a new engine would be the minimum compensation; Honda has estoppel on it's side but for good PR it should not pursue that and should provide either a new bike, or as a minimum a new engine with a new-bike warranty on it. Go for broke, Paul.
  15. Looking for a project

    A friend of mine has 4 CB750s (K1-3) in bits. He and 2 mates were going to build CR750 replicas and I was going to restore the oldest. I’ve backed out due to time restraints and he spends a lot of time at his house in the SofF. He’s there now. I’ll pass on his details I’d you’re interested.
  16. Heated clothing

    Used it since the late 90's, home made at first. The disadvantages are power use on small/old bikes and risk of damage to plugs etc. ruining your day. When I trod on my plug and broke it in Finland it was bad and did make me want to try and do away with the thing as a risk to health. Hardly an every day occurrence though and even the Enfield has enough power to run it now. The next step is a proper, factory made heated visor. No misting and a warm nose. Andy
  17. Heated clothing

    Me too. Sod being macho. My gloves and body warmer have now made me long for heated insoles!
  18. Tesla truck

    As you said elsewhere, for sure Tesla are not playing at it. Certainly I am seeing more of their cars down here in deepest dark Devon. Mostly I'm guessing weekend commuters from "that there Lunnon" These are indeed interesting times.
  19. Heated clothing

    I’m in complete agreement, matey. When I got my first heated waistcoat I kicked myself for all the years I hadn’t bothered. Bonkers. Difference in comfort is night and day.
  20. Heated clothing

    Hi all, I just wanted to express my new found view on heated clothing. I commute 50 miles a day all through the winter & have always had a slight prejudice against the use of heated clothing (irrational view that it is somehow 'cheating'). Well, it might be because I'm getting slightly older, or possibly wiser, but I took the leap & bought a heated jacket & gloves 3 weeks ago. All I can say is that they have transformed by journey!. Lowest temp so far 1c at 5.30am and I was toasty and happy. If anyone else shares my old prejudice I would urge you to think again. You'll wonder why you didn't do it before. What do others think?
  21. RoadSmart 3's

    Hmmmmm, unless the airwss put in on top of a very tall mountain and then checked again at the bottom?! Sorry. Not being very helpful now but I'm out of ideas.
  22. Cardo freedom 2

    Many reviews available on internet.
  23. Tesla truck

    Bit on info here http://www.enginetechnologyinternational.com/news.php?NewsID=88394
  24. RoadSmart 3's

    I suggest the WHOLE of your wheel has to be submerged in water, preferably soapy, and let it sit in it for at least 30 minutes before giving up. I'd be surprised if you can't find the cause. Valve, rim, tyre itself (either a slow puncture or badly manufactured) or a porous wheel casting - more common than you might expect! Air doesn't just 'vanish'!
  25. RoadSmart 3's

    that's all been done too, and no there's nothing wrong with the rim
  26. Cardo freedom 2

    Hi all.. I'm thinking of getting a scala rider freedom 2... anybody use one ?? . Recommndations or not
  27. RoadSmart 3's

    Are there any burrs/nicks/dings on the rim where the tyre seats?
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