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  2. Why is it called a monkey bike, seems like a stupid name and hardly flattering to either the bike itself or their riders? If it's what I think and relating to chimps in circuses then does that not re-enforce my point that is's hardly flattering. Would they call one a chavchariot? CN is getting less recommendable year by year, premiums are getting ridiculous and all their little extra admin charges are annoying plus their telephone sales seem less interested and even less bike knowledgable as if simply using trained 'chimps' (maybe they have monkey bikes) just going through the motions with the hard sell tactics. They used to seem interested and know a bit about bikes and riding but I suspect the car, house, bike and all the other insurance types just get the next available telesales in the same big team. I use them simply because of the bundled breakdown cover as if you insure cheaper elsewhere and try to get breakdown cover for the difference in premium with the usual suspects you can't get equivalent cover. To get exactly the same costs a fair bit more. If you don't want or need it then CN premiums can easily be bettered.
  3. Rear shock preload

    Thanks to you Adrian and Murray. Think i got it now. Apologies for not undersranding first time. Scenario 1: rear wheel off the ground... measure distance Scenario 3 (commuting without luggage and without extra weight): both wheels on the ground with rider sitting fully on bike... distance measured must be around 70% of measurement in scenario 1 Scenario 4 (touring with luggage): both wheels on the ground with rider sitting fully on bike plus full luggage weight... distance measured must also be around 70% of measurement in scenario 1 'Unladen sag' is more correct term than 'static lag'? And 'unladen' even from weight of bike, no?
  4. Glad you have had good service. Just commenting on how my brother has been treated over the last few weeks.
  5. As I have stated before up until now I have had nothing but excellent service from CN. They dealt with my accident quickly and efficiently and even this time went to a lot of trouble to find me cover. It was the insurance complies that they use that refused to cover a bike described as a monkey bike.
  6. My brother has been given terrible service by CN after a non fault accident. They mistakenly added another accident to his history and then declined to offer him renewal. Took threats of FOS to get it sorted. He thinks it was because he declined to take an unneeded qCredit Hire machine or allow their preferred repairer to drag out the repair to increase the hire costs that were not accruing.
  7. HELP Need Waterproof Spray

    Nikwax. 2 stage cleaner and reprotect.
  8. HELP Need Waterproof Spray

    Washed my Richa jacket a while back and then sprayed on some stuff from Mt Warehouse Didn't do any good this morning out in the rain. Went straight through it !!!! What do you use to re-waterproof Cheers all
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  10. The monkey has arrived

    Strange how you can see my fence as the photo only shows my neighbours fenceπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  11. We don't need..

    As someone who has just replaced the inlet valves on a CBF250 due to a broken cam chain tensioner spring - it makes perfect sense to me!
  12. KTM Super Duke 1290

    Looks like a woman in a sports bra with a big nose.
  13. The monkey has arrived

    Your fence could do with a fresh coat of creosote. BTW nice bike it looks great fun.
  14. The monkey has arrived

    If you put that and the crossrunner together I would take the Monkey bike. Looks proper fun. I fancy one of those or a Grom.
  15. KTM Super Duke 1290

    You need to try the Honda DCT pants with its Dual Cupping Technology.
  16. KTM Super Duke 1290

    Sloggi pants for me. Though I do have one pair of under armour for those special occasions. Cue Barry White.....
  17. That's bad, I'd be going bananas about that......
  18. KTM Super Duke 1290

    Arrrgggghhhh it's in my head make it go away😳😳😳
  19. The monkey has arrived

    Very nice, definitely the best colour. Hope you throughly enjoy it.
  20. The monkey has arrived

    Looks great Rocker :-)
  21. KTM Super Duke 1290

    Everyone knows that Honda pants are best
  22. Rear shock preload

    The sag measurements are all taken from the suspension fully extended measurement. So, purely for example purposes, you might find at the moment you get 50mm static sag, too much, so need to adjust the preload to get where it ought to be. Static sag is of itself really just a useful reference, it's laden sag which is what you really want to get about right, that's how you ride it. Sit on it and see what you get. Perhaps this "laden sag" is now 60mm. You ought to be aiming, as arengle says, for around 30% of full travel when you are on the bike and ready to ride, so 30% of 140mm for an X is around 40mm round figures, so you need to raise it up 20mm (purely examples, see what your measurements actually are). Adjust the preload until you get it to 40mm with just you on it. You can then make a note of what the static sag is at that preload for future reference, maybe it's 30mm for example. This will be your normal setting. Put your luggage weight on the bike, sit on it, and see what new laden sag you get, maybe 50mm. Adjust the preload until it gets back to where it was with just you on it, at 40mm. The static sag with all the luggage on should now be about the same as it was when you set it before (example was 30mm), and now when you sit on it you'll be at around 30% of the total travel i.e. 40mm, that's the target for laden sag whether it's just you or you plus luggage. The preload just raises or lowers the ride height, it doesn't alter the stiffness etc., but that's another well worn thread …………….
  23. Cheeky monkeys πŸ‘
  24. Problem getting insurance for the monkey bike

    Yeah, I had the same problem back in April 2012 with the NC700SA. With hindsight, I got conned big time as they had no clue at Carole Nash about the bike and the new concept so I think it was listed in a higher insurance group.. The following year the insurance with CN came back at < half the price once the bike was established and has been similar ever since!
  25. Rear shock preload

    on point B that is way to much ... Difference between scenario 3, or 4, and scenario 1 must be 30% of suspension travel, on X is 140mm, that means the difference must be around 42mm. setting in this way you will get the baseline, if you want a sportier ride you add one more click to preload or if you want a cruiser style ride you reduce the pre load.
  26. The monkey has arrived

    Nice little bike,,, I like the colour....
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