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  2. New shock.

    I recall someone posting a graph of the rear linkage in action showing little rising rate provision. Can anyone help with that graph please?
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  4. Nitron R2 compression damping re-calibration

    Irrespective of part of my e-mail being too hasty ( for which I sincerely apologise to embee) I have stated CLEAR FACTS and precaution about the setup of the interellation of the compression adjuster and that it must be setup on a dyno in a very specific way to establish its activation point. But also to keep the shock PRESSURE BALANCED. In the suspension world that is a very important factor, not to be trivialised. Brutally, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous and we often are sorting out peoples misadventure on many shock products. Undoing gas charge nipples and letting out the gas ( and oil if its an emulsion shock ) is a time honoured favourite. All for lack of reading the included literature or asking the correct people first. That is the danger of forums, there is often excellent information but also there is an unacceptably high percentage of very poor and sometimes dangerous information. Plus also the ''feeding frenzy'' that can happen, as evidenced in this thread. My excuse is being extremely busy and yes that does blunt ones sense of humour . Graham bears absolutely no malice for the brutality of my post because he knows me well and if there is an issue we have the sincerity to sort it out Assumption ''is the mother of you know what''. The reality is that Graham has been a very good customer for many years and is coming to us in the next week to have the compression adjuster recalibrated on dyno and as he wants further ride compliance ( our roads really can be challenging ) I am softening off the main piston compression stack. For which there is no charge, given his long custom . That is the level of service we provide for our customers, its not all about money. Its also part of why Nitron is a success story in New Zealand I imagine Graham may post re the end result
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  6. Oil Change

    False economy to change plugs early. The older Bikes had a, "wasted spark", due to the simple ignition system. Moderm bikes do not. Plugs last twice as long as they used to.
  7. Oil Change

    How many miles in total, Gordon? The plugs are good for at least 30K.
  8. Oil Change

    Did the oil change today. Will change filters at the next service. Will change the spark-plugs on Monday I think as they will have been delivered by then. As the current filters have only done 3400 miles, I don't see any point in changing them out. Dropped the oil with the bike on the side stand as advised and left it for 20 minutes to dribble all the "old" stuff out. It still had a clear enough gold colour to it through the sun, so was in decent enough spec. I'll use some of it to lube the chain! Also check the coolant level and gave it a very small top up, was within range. Check fuse connections and the DCT connections on the bottom side of the bike. All nice and clean and well fitted. Happy days. Monday morning should give me a nice smooth ride to work.
  9. Oil Change

    Got my one as well, for this price . Offer is for Prime members only.
  10. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    DOH senior moment just checked more in detail I copied the wrong link I thought that they were a bit cheap these are the ones I got https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/buy/J&S-Aqua-Tour-Boots-FW-133/10690.htm sorry about that.
  11. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    They look good - but the website does not mention a thing about being waterproof, and you'd think that would be a main point in the features. Are they missing a trick? https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/buy/J&S-Super-Tour-Boots-FW-132/10692.htm
  12. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    +1 for the Altbergs, I bought Dentonlads before he sadly passed away and they are brilliant, will definitely save up and get another pair once these wear out.
  13. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    Me too, but many years before you when the only alternative were ex Don R boots. Waterproof, but very cold and very little protection. Wouldn't recommend them to-day!
  14. Chris750

  15. Watch Out when purchasing

    Agree with the others. When it comes to tracking numbers I don't have much faith. I've used the Royal Mail and Parcel Force loads of times and have never had a tracking number that worked, they simply don't seem to update their system, or don't enter it in the first place. Perhaps I've been unlucky. I've had better luck with other couriers, DPD have always worked for me as have Amazon.
  16. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    Just did a quick Google and looks like you can pick them up for £20-25 with a thermal lining.
  17. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    In the 80's I wore Derri Boots. Glorified lined and strengthened wellies. 100% waterproof.I think you can still get them and they are cheap and fairly cheerful. Not so sure on protection levels but not bad as a commuter boot.
  18. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    I brought a pair from J& S about 18 months ago for £49.99 used them every day except for snow days still going strong still waterproof. J&S SUPER TOUR BOOTS FW-132 BLACK
  19. Connector release tools

    I have had my pair of pin release tools for donkeys years, i think wiring products do some the same or copies of the pair i have. Not expensive for the use they have had over the years, saved loads too as you can reuse the plugs/sockets etc :::
  20. Last week
  21. Led stop/tail bulbs

    I bought some led bulbs on the mighty auction site. I wanted something brighter and more effective than the standard filament type. First off, the way the LEDs are angled means less light is reflected from the reflector, so whilst the light appears more intense, less light is produced. Secondly, the quality was crap and the bulb gradually failed led by led, so I have gone back to the standard filament.
  22. Watch Out when purchasing

    Is that the company in Canada? The fact that he doesn’t want you to contact fleabay and there is no access to his product on there plus the fact that thertracking number does not work would have me concerned that nothing has been sent out. As Tex says if you paid by PayPal contact them ASAP I hope it all works out for you.
  23. Watch Out when purchasing

    Good luck Bob. I would definitely go through the auction site resolution system, they are very good at getting your money back when things go wrong.
  24. Connector release tools

    Good find Peter, thanks for sharing.
  25. Watch Out when purchasing

    Good luck getting it sorted, Bob. Did you pay with Pay-Pal? They were excellent when I had a problem with non arriving goods.
  26. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    Wellies , just saying . Good enough for the Congolese army good enough for you :0)
  27. Just to let you all know I decided to buy panniers for the X through fleabay the company was called TopGunMoto Delivery date was last Thursday but still no product has turned up Tracking number does not work And the seller is very odd to deal with. He is only interested in me not contacting fleabay to resolve the issue. Checked back on fleabay and suddenly there is no access to his products Emails are pinging backward and forward to try and resolve this but it looks like the courier has lost the product or something So just take care Bob
  28. Connector release tools

    They arrived in good order and are a nice little set particularly for getting back in to the Sumitomo connectors.
  29. Sub £100 waterproof boots

    Why not spend a little more to buy Altberg Clubman Roadster boots? Made in Richmond, Yorkshire, worn by many police forces and very long lasting. I've had mine for over 10 years and they are still going strong making them better value for money than many cheaper boots. So long as you treat the leather when needed they remain warm and waterproof. Oh and once broken in they are extremely comfortable. It would be a nice ride to their factory to see them being made, but not in heavy rain until you've got a pair.
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