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  2. Testing times for Tracers

    Mark of a good dealer that. In it for the riders, not the taking you for a ride.
  3. Booits

    That was when the price of oil went through the roof and everyone was screwed. Of course everyone managed to blame the working classes!
  4. Testing times for Tracers

    Honestly Simon, keep the Triumph and get a cheapo scooter ,join the small capacity revolution! When you get bored take out the Bonnie. I took out the NC today with SWMBO, felt like a rocket ship after a few weeks on the scoot. Country lane trip to Jane Austens house in Chawton. Watched some choo choos on the Watercress line and back via Petersfield for tea and cake. She said next time can we take the scooter.....typical
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  6. Testing times for Tracers

    So, I popped into the dealership to say that I wouldn’t be going ahead with the AT (counted 15 new and used bikes being readied for delivery this weekend, mind) and my mate (the salesman) smiled and said.. “Oh, I knew you wouldn’t” ”Why?” ”’Cause if I had your Bonnie I would want to keep it too! And anyway, when the right bike comes along you’ll know straight away - no need to try three different bikes in one morning..” Plainly he knows me better than I know myself!
  7. Booits

    ….. who remembers the inflation rate in the 1970s? Oh for the good old days, eh? Ouch.
  8. Rewire Security DB-1 Lite Tracker

    Just tell them you saw what looks like a gun. When they can't find one and get tetchy and say "I thought you said they had a firearm?" Your response will be "I thought you said you were too busy to come!"
  9. Rewire Security DB-1 Lite Tracker

    That’s because Alice is far too nice. I guarantee by the time I had called Sky News and the Daily Mail they would have gone to get it😄😄 Thats if my gentle charm had failed. I still see that Alice would have a genuine civil action for the police failing to act as it will hurt her in ongoing premiums for a long time
  10. Booits

    The rot set in hen you could no longer buy eight pints for a pound. I blame that Heath bloke who decimalised us.
  11. Booits

    It's like a 1980's Queen video in here: vacuuming wearing motorcycle boots! I like the pints of beer measure of inflation. An MZ for £150 when a pint was 15p is like £3500 now, so bikes have probably increased in price, at least compared to beer. Andy
  12. One bit at a time

    I would go for the bars and lights first, you mention one good reason above, but I leave my extra light on all the time, car drivers definitely notice me a lot quicker and many who are sitting in the outside lane get out of the way. I have been riding on all sorts of bikes for over 40years,none had the extra lights and in the UK I have never experienced drivers getting out of the way like they do with the nc, for me that's a massive safety improvement.
  13. Rewire Security DB-1 Lite Tracker

    Well the garage is half integral with house, plus it has a metal door, so I'm not surprised it has problems seeing the GPS satellites. The satnav takes forever to get a fix while in there too, and often fails completely. The only reason I went for BikeTrac rather than a DIY job is the recovery service. It is all very well knowing where the bike is, whether stationary or even more problematic, still in motion, but getting it back is an entirely different matter. BikeTrac have an established relationship with the police and a good recovery record. You only have to read about Alice (Huskyteer) and the failure of the police to get her bike back even when she supplied its location, to see that dealing with the police yourself can be problematic.
  14. Testing times for Tracers

    It's OK, I told them my name was Pike. I had a conference call with Germany the day after they lost some football match 6-0 or some really bad amount. They claimed they were now England fans. Its hard to breath with tea coming down your nose during a chorus of: Zwei WeltKreig und Ein Welt Cup, doo-dah, doo-dah..... They do have a sense of humour that goes beyond fitting three indicator switches. Andy
  15. Booits

    . I am just thinking how many years do i have left before i spend that much again, i have two pairs of boots here that between them cost £350 and can not wear them with my gammy foot. So it should be a trip up to get them fitted correctly i think. Lyn.
  16. Testing times for Tracers

    The Germans have a good sense of humour. As Henning When explained, they like a good laugh ………………………………. after the work is done.
  17. Decisions, decisions!

    Most of the "stuff" in my shed wouldn't go in those bags. Too sticky-outy
  18. Booits

    My Altberg Clubman Classics are over 12yrs old now, probably done around 100k miles in them. Apart from one or 2 of the Velcro pads being a little "weak" now the basic boots are as good as new. Can't remember what I paid, probably £150 or something. In the big scheme of things it's trivial, I've probably burnt well over £7k in fuel and tyres in that time, so £150 for some boots which are still going strong is good value. I can't remember ever regretting paying a lot for quality items, I've often regretted buying cheap and nasty stuff.
  19. Testing times for Tracers

    Bar - humbug. Geddit!
  20. Booits

    My Dad was in the paras and reckoned they did more marching than the entire armed forces (Once you land you are on foot till you nick a half track). They used to lace the boots up and fill them with neatsfoot oil and leave them for 24 hours.
  21. My Neotech 2 is on it’s way

    I agree that comfort is very important. I have a helmet that is fine for an hour or so but then it starts to feel tight round my forehead and gives me a headache, I can't wear it for more than an a couple of hours. I only found this out the hard way after wearing it for a long ride out one day. Now it's relegated to short rides.
  22. Booits

    I can remember the comments of my mates when I spent £1200 on a new BMW R75/5 . Basically it was over a grand for a motorcycle you must be (insert your own expletive) mad. Much the same was when my parents spent £4-19-11 on my first helmet for my 16th Birthday present.
  23. My Neotech 2 is on it’s way

    The reason I prefer the more expensive helmets is comfort which to my mind equals safety especially on a long ride. If a helmet starts to get uncomfortable then concentration starts to go.. it’s much the same as if I were going up to Scotland I could do it on the CB125F but would arrive much more comfortable and less tired if I did it on something like a Pan or Wing. If people can’t afford an expensive helmet or choose not that’s fair enough but for me I’m going to buy the best I can afford. Luckily at the moment that still includes Arai and Shoei although it means going without other stuff to do so.
  24. Baby Beemer.

    Yes. And number 4 is easily explained. Get the revs up and apply WOT!!
  25. Brake Pads

    Maybe compare them to the new EBCs side by side? I know they are a different make, but the size should be similar.
  26. Booits

    Im getting old. £279!!! ,, I used to pay around that for me MZ 250's in the nineties.
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