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  2. Michelin PR4

    well just to give pirelli a good word . i'm really liking the Angel ST's . good confidence in the dampness of the great british weather an great in the dry. As for prices . there seems to be a huge differance depending on where you live.
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  4. New msx 125 grom for 2021

    As others have said the Groms seat is/was a right pain in the botty, I got an aftermarket seat for mine, which was better, but still not great, as the thinnest part of the seat is right where you naturally want to sit, I dearly hope they've fixed that, or perhaps not?
  5. Tutoro Chain Oiler

    Scottoiler, not controller!! Have to remember to check predictive text!
  6. Tutoro Chain Oiler

    I've used Tutoro for a few years now and swapped between bikes as well after ditching a controller as too problematic. Loved this for price and ease of use. Only thing I did do was swap to the new scottoiler dual feeder, think its called the scorpion. A great match and solved the oil feed issues of the old twin feed. The scottoiler dual feeder was very easy to fit and is adjustable for a perfect position. Worth a look. Bought mine from F2 originally, but the company do sell the kits and oil online as well, with good delivery. I was also amazed at F2 motorcycles and enjoyed the visit. They were importing a small 250 adventure bike as a new model when I was there, as welll as doing the Dnepr/Urals.
  7. New msx 125 grom for 2021

    I wonder how long it will be before some enterprising company makes replacement panels in different colours for the Grom.
  8. Removing Right Side Panel

    Thanks all, I'll remove the bolt as directed, don't think I have a leak, just a top up required.
  9. I'm sorely tempted

    Firstly when did I say I didn’t like the Z900RS? All I said when we met at the 1066 was that I wished they had used the original 4 can exhaust. I actually think the CR version is really nice. secondly as I have said before my bikes have to be practical as well as attractive being my only source of transport so looks although desirable are not at the top of my list of requirements.
  10. I'm sorely tempted

    Didn't do it 😉 Is that the full set ?
  11. I'm sorely tempted

    Rocker, we can all find fault with every bike we've had, but the real truth about bike ownership is when you've come back from an enjoyable ride, shut her down and start to walk away, then look back and take another glance. If you smile, because she looks lovely and releases endorphins (just like at half time vs the 'ammers), the bike is for you. If you don't take another glance, she is just transport. It doesn't really matter if the transport is more efficient, handle slightly better or produces less vibes, the backward glance bike is always the one you love best! I would still have my T100 Black if my head had not been turned by an even prettier Z900RS (I understand you don't like them, each to their own). I look at the bike every day with a smile on my face even though she is for sale as my leg ulcer makes it too dangerous if I drop her, I am still thrilled to have her. So, as you would never take my advice, don't go near a Bonnie, all wrong for you, they vibrate like mad and are ugly as sin. In fact even a Ural looks better!
  12. I'm sorely tempted

    Don't do it
  13. 1100 Rebel patents

    No he won’t as previously stated we all have our own opinions on DCT and that’s Spindizzy’s
  14. I'm sorely tempted

    Fair point.
  15. I'm sorely tempted

    Desert or Dessert Andy? Both are funny 😂👍
  16. I'm sorely tempted

    But the dealer I want to stay with doesn’t sell them.
  17. I'm sorely tempted

    That's generally when I catch up with the forum too. If there's a lot going on, Roo gets more walks 👍
  18. I'm sorely tempted

    Should've gone to Interceptorsavers.........
  19. I'm sorely tempted

    One wonders if the things you didn't like were the reasons the last owner sold if after only two years and 2,000 miles.
  20. Removing Right Side Panel

    As Lloyd and Chris say, no panels need removing, undo the bolt holding the rear reservoir and reposition it to give better access.
  21. I'm sorely tempted

    Itchy Boots ran her Himalayan for a while with no screen. Said it was much better than the buffeting 🤔
  22. I'm sorely tempted

    I would agree with you but then we'd both be wrong.
  23. I'm sorely tempted

    And so it begins 👍😁 Good on yer Rocker
  24. 1100 Rebel patents

    I can't imagine any manufacturer would put DCT on a custom style bike. A 1100 Rebel should be nice though!
  25. 1100 Rebel patents

    Ooh don’t tell Rocker, he will have a fit!
  26. Removing Right Side Panel

    It's a long time since I changed the brake fluid on my 700X but I recall I unfastened the rear brake reservoir and attached it to the frame with tape, reservoir pointing outwards from the frame for access with the fresh fluid. It was easy enough. I did the whole change with no problems using a simple old fashioned brake bleeding tube with one way valve. The 700X was combined ABS but it really wasn't so complicated if you just followed the process described in the workshop manual.
  27. Removing Right Side Panel

    You don't need to take any panels off to fill the brake reservoir, I seem to remember you undo the bolt holding the reservoir to the frame and pull it out or reposition it on a lower mounting Why does the fluid need topping up the only reason it will need topping up is there is a leak somewhere or the pads need replacing.
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