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  2. Thinking of a change

    Friend of mine had one of the early (5 speed) ones. We called it the ‘Starship’ because it could travel all day at warp factor 9. He did lots of miles on it and it was absolutely fault free (apart from the paint on the rear drive housing began flaking). If I had known he was selling it I would have bought it, but I didn’t find out until he turned up on a new GS.
  3. Thinking of a change

    fjr1300 what a creamy engine...like a turbine... i had the auto one for a while. It was one of the first and the ONLY problem was hill starts.# Apart from that smashing bike..but the manual i had before it was better...all day machine.. Lyn.
  4. Thinking of a change

    I'm selling a fjr1300 that needs a little TLC, 2003 £1500
  5. Thinking of a change

    Sounds like an ex copper RT to me.
  6. Thinking of a change

    My buddy is trying to convince me to get a 1300 Yamaha instead of another old RS for touring.
  7. Going rate for the 600m service?

    You got a good going rate for the 600m service lnɐd :-) lol oil warm up . They may justify the time with added checks and a test run (not the coast road hopefully! ) I suppose they got a living to make just like anyone else . I now service my own bike having learned from folk on this site and if stuck i can rely on a mate who is very good with mechanical side of things . I can't do it within timescale of 30 mins but certainly dont take two hours .
  8. Bought Aerostich - I have a question

  9. Thinking of a change

    Now that Im down to only 2 days a week in Londinium I'm thinking of changing bikes. Don't know whether to trade in (not sure id get much with 44000 on the clock, but serviced every 5000) or just hold onto it for summer. I really still love the NC750X. But I want something better for winter. Been looking at the R1200RT (earlier than the LC version, the clutch is a massive job if you need one) , ST1300, great engine, weighs a ton (or feels like it), FJR1300, always wanted one, fast and generally lasts well. I'm only wanting to pay around 5000 max so not looking at anything too modern. My heart wants the FJR, should I listen to it?
  10. I am one of those that posted about value but I also posted about owning both models and bout traction control. You asked questions and got answers sorry that they were not the ones you wanted. I for one certainly won’t be offending you by answering your queries.
  11. I can't see any unhelpful replies. You asked if spending 3.5k on changing was a good or bad thing to do. You got opinions from a variety of restpected members of this forum. What's wrong with that? You seem offended and that is why you don't post questions online. If your attitude is such and you complain about the responses all you will do is alienate people and reduce the motivaton for people to reply to you. I notice in your OP you state that only 'on topic' replies are welcome. This is a friendly forum but I'd say you're a bit out of line.
  12. Help! Help! and more Help!

    Put a meter across terminals and turn ignition on dont need to start, check reading , probably below 12v , through away and buy new one
  13. Bought Aerostich - I have a question

    Bit of fresh air all it needed then. Either that or you also now smell of it and can't tell the difference now.
  14. Help! Help! and more Help!

    If the battery has sat flat for a couple of months then it's probably had it, especially in warm weather. Charging it won't help a lot, you can heal the sick but not raise the dead. As suggested, either use some jump leads from another known good charged battery, or bite the bullet and get a new battery. If all you want to do is get it running to be able to sell, then a cheap and cheerful battery will do, something like https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/ytz14s is a shade over £40 when the discount code is applied, and you can check stock at local stores.
  15. mystery connector

    The OBD connector on my 2016X dct is in the battery compartment and is coloured red. Andy.
  16. Help! Help! and more Help!

    How old is the fuel? If you refuelled just before you stopped riding it, then it should be ok, but any more than that I’d drain out the old stuff and refuel. It can make a big difference. Can you connect up to another battery to give it a boost? Hope you sort it quickly.
  17. Bought Aerostich - I have a question

    I bought my first bike on Thursday after 10 years away and rode home from Glasgow to Rothesay in very heavy rain. Suit kept me dry and once it dried out, smelt a lot better than it did when it arrived.
  18. Honda NT 1000, anyone?

    The bit I don’t get in all these rumours is the lack of joined up reporting. The affy twin is getting a slightly bigger engine for Euro 5 compliance apparently but this bike is getting the current cc engine. Really?
  19. mystery connector

    researched this in service manual and drawings. Couple things come to mind, and having a DCT, it could be an unused connector for clutch lever position. +5 supply and the dead wire a return, but why the green wire? So doubt thats it, Also considered as you suggested it was a communications link. I havent seen a reference to an OBD connector, but one would expect there to be one on an EFI engine with an ECM. Looking back at my RS232 years, RX,TX, and ground. Using inline checker, there was always one lead from either end with power to light the checkers LED for that line, so it could easily be a data line (not necessarily a serial link, but no matter what the protocol, would have similar electrical characteristics.) Of course all this is speculation, and would be great if there was a Honda tech on this site that knew of the purpose for that connector. I had the bike running, in gear, sidestand up, and monitored the pu/rd lead while trying every switch to see if something powered it up. At any rate, its info for the folks on here to leave it alone for purposes of looking for an easy location for accessory power. I'm now leaning to a data port unless someone has a better explanation.
  20. Going rate for the 600m service?

    This week I got charged 2 hours labour for a service fitting heated grips and a hugger so 2 hours for just a basic service seems a bit excessive.
  21. But then you would spend the 3.5 grand and still have a bike with the same book value if you later want to trade it.
  22. Hello all, and thank you for all of the helpful replies. The unhelpful reply reminds me why I almost never bother to ever post any questions online. I am not interested in opinions related to value for money, I am definitely wishing to hear from anyone who has made the change, or at least has measured experience of going from a 700 to a 750. I have been riding for over thirty five years, I know what the difference will be in power output; three fifths of all. Bye for now, and repeated thanks from helpful correspondents.
  23. Going rate for the 600m service?

    Andy, can I ask why you took your bikes in for the 600 mile service rather than doing it yourself? If you are doing the rest of the in warranty servicing why not this service..? I have done my own 600 miler as I bought the bike from the other end of the country, my local Honda dealer is expensive for everything, bikes, servicing etc... I appreciate I'm taking a bit of a chance, but across 2 bikes, 4 (family) cars & my camper I've figured it's a chance worth taking...
  24. Help! Help! and more Help!

    I have manual version and not fully up to speed on dct controls. is there a kill switch and if so is it in run? does bike try to start or is whole thing dead is it in neutral a newish bike not run for three months in the summer should not have battery issues keep us posted smcg in glasgow
  25. I went from a 700X to a 750X four and a half years ago - mind you, that involved a change from manual to DCT. No there's not a noticeable difference in general performance. As for the traction control being useless ... One day, coming home from work in heavy rain, I came bloody close to losing the 750X while accelerating away from a roundabout. There was a lot of standing water and, given the amount of HGV/bus activity at that junction, I suspect some deisel. I've also had a few 'anus pouting' moments on loose gravel surfaces. I've not activated the TC on the current 750X ... but I'm happy to have it ... just in case!
  26. Hello guys and gals My 2017 NC750x dct will not start. I came off another bike in May and have seriously damaged my shoulder and all my ribs. The bike hasn't run in 3 months and I advertised it and someone wants to come tomorrow. Went to my garage yesterday and gave the symptoms of a low/flat battery. Charged it fully overnight and still no real change. Turns over but fairly slowly but no signs of ignition. Was perfect when last ridden. Only thing I've done during this time is to remove my satnav. Please, any suggestions gratefully received. Mike
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