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  2. There's no need to go to the Merc main dealer for this. It needs to be someone who has Merc software to register it properly so any independent with such kit will do it. Is there any Smart forum where you can ask for advice re this? P.S. Edited my earlier post with YT link to show you how it's done on Audi.
  3. In think I've a "half spanner" somewhere. One end is 10mm the other is a strange blue colour and shaped like the moon...
  4. With my VW the main dealer they were wanting to do a long life oil change then about a month later a mileage service that comes up on car info screen , which included an oil change! Took it to a local garage that VW trained and he did it all in one (and reset service interval). Sometimes its just crazy / confused/ nonsense. If it wasn't for the ease of seeing my grandchild (child seat needed as babysit)I would do without a car . hope you get it sorted
  5. Thanks for the heads up. So if there is one of these stickers on the existing battery, I have no choice but to go to a main dealer? And if no sticker, we are safe to just go ahead and put a stop go battery in it? It’s a 2017 car. You hit hit the nail on the head, battery not conditioned due to longevity sat on their forecourt, but they are never in a million years going to admit to it! They want me to go through the hassle of sitting in all day waiting for recovery, pay for diagnostics and then “we will discuss what can be done about the battery to resolve the issue”. Given they ignored my first request to replace the battery, I don’t really want to go to all the hassle and pay for their diagnostics and still have to pay £300 for a battery then arrange another day off for return of the car when I can buy a tool kit for £14 and a replacement battery for £159.
  6. Super Cub, I wonder if ?

    My take on this would be if you want a Cub can afford a Cub then get a Cub and enjoy riding it.
  7. Adding lights to Barkbusters

    Ordered now 👍
  8. Haven't taken my cars back to a main dealer in years because of an experience with Citroen in Fareham (Great sales team, very *friendly* service team but utterly rubbish actual mechanics). This was back when I had a Citroen C4 from new. Lovely motor for the equivalent money I paid however for whatever reason the power steering didn't feel right. It would feel extremely heavy and then feel light as a feather - sometimes there was a steering wheel centering sensation sometimes there was nothing at all. And so, I asked them to look at it. There was a degree of reluctance but they took it in. When I got the car back I didn't pay an awful lot of attention to it as I just wanted to get home after a tiring day. But I did happen to look at the centre console - underneath the central heating controls and radio and what not is the protective flap for the Lexia 3 device interface for diagnostics and whatnot. I can only assume they had employed a small dragon to do the maintenance work as the entire panel, and quite a lot of the actual fascia itself above it, was covered in deep scratches from using a trim removal tool. It looked like someone had had a very localised knife fight and the dashboard had lost. Some of it was down to the point the plastic had almost split. I collected photos and sent one hell of an email to the dealer principal/service manager who I have had dealings with before. Dealer principal, a chap named Tony, was very contrite but the service manager honestly didn't give a toss. I was given a DS4 crossback to swan about in for a week while they awaited the part but after that I swore never to take a car to a main dealer service department ever again. Just done 1st service on my Astra at a large independent down the road from my work. Similar price as the main dealer service but an itemised invoice of every item of work they've done and a free lift to and from work. I have far greater trust they've actually DONE the work. Sorry to hear of your woes Sam.
  9. Sorry to hear that Sam. What make/model of the battery is that? I'm asking because some manufacturers give even 5 years of warranty so your battery might still be covered. Obviously you will probably need to bypass your "nice" dealer and make warranty claim directly with battery manufacturer. Secondly a word of warning when replacing battery. Most of the modern cars unfortunately need to go through new battery registration process. The registration of the battery replacement is required to inform the power management (software in engine electronics and intelligent battery sensor) that a new battery was installed in the vehicle. If the battery replacement is not registered, the power management will not function properly and can lead to functions being limited by individual electrical consumers being switched off or having their power consumption reduced. There is usually a sticker on the battery with code (see below) that has to be used for registering the battery. Below an example of battery registration on Audi Finally I was wondering if your battery problems are not caused because your nice car sat in the dealer for a prolonged time and gawd knows whether battery was properly conditioned during that period of time. Or even worse the battery was dead so they replaced it just before it was sold to you but forgot to register it properly, hence all problems with date etc..
  10. On the bright side, took wife’s Suzuki Ignis to local main dealer for yearly service plus asked them to swap the wheels around, car handed back immaculately cleaned. £140. Guess where my next car is coming from. Geoff.
  11. Adding lights to Barkbusters

    This thread couldn’t have been better timed as I am planning this exact same mod. I baulk at the cost of the BB leds (about £50) so was looking for something cheaper, cheers, Will
  12. Center Stand - Technique...

    Fred I can appreciate the position of the stand and height required to operate the stand but was genuinely surprised how easy it was on the fjr. Flew up whereas the nc is quite a bit harder to operate . Anyway I can always use the side stand
  13. End of the road for RE 500 Single

    Yup me too, I've been thinking about getting a 'back up' for my 2008 efi for when it goes big time bang (as everyone who has never had an Enfield tells me it will ) but as it still keeps chugging along (and I've got wayyyy too many bikes already) then I've just not bothered. This is the kick up the backside I need so will seek out a decent one when I get back from travels and keep it for that Big Bang day ..... if it ever comes.
  14. Wilbers Rear Shock

    This little thread has saved me £29 today, thanks for the Biker Revival tip (Shiggsy) I got a Hagon shock & springs for less than they cost when buying direct from Hagon. These are for my CX500EC but if the shock is good I might buy one for the NC too. cheers, Will
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  16. End of the road for RE 500 Single

    I'm in mourning. It also means I've got to find some money to buy one before they disappear for ever, which wasn't part of the plan.
  17. Honda CB300R

    These guys bought a CB300 at auction. It turned out not to be the bargain they hoped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGWl8zGZuCY&pbjreload=10 I'm dubious about this crowd. Arbitrary deadlines to create tension "we have eight hours to rebuilt this bike" - spoiler alert - not even close. Also ridiculous statements "we bought everything we could possibly need" (to rebuilt the engine before even looking inside) - again not even close. Worth watching for the mechanical carnage though.
  18. My fairly new Audi Q2 had a problem with the stop/start. I read online that the most likely cause was a low battery charge. OK, so I charged it up but it wouldn't hold a full charge (signs of a dodgy battery!). Also read that my model year had a large batch of bad batteries and best to get it replaced. Rather than faff around, I went to the dealer and asked to buy a new battery. They insisted that it was a warranty claim, drove the car into the workshop and had me sit around for 2 hours. Guy then appears and says “it's a bad battery sir – we need your car for 24 hours to run a full diagnostic and send the results to Audi” I said, just sell me a flippin' battery and I'll get on my way. He says “we don't have any sir” So, I went elsewhere and bought one – never had a problem since, and never returned to Audi since.
  19. Without wishing to tell anyone how to suck eggs. Take the negative terminal off first. Put the negative terminal back on last Helps prevent unintended welding .....
  20. Super Cub, I wonder if ?

    There are new Super Cubs at Craigshonda in Shipley on the auction site at £2495, red or blue. Item no. 254413876077
  21. Thought it as I was typing it Mr M’s language was blue when I rang him to tell me they hadn’t replaced the battery as we had been told... Thank you, I can’t get the car to them, but happy to sort myself once I have the right tool to take the old one out 😀At least Halfords stock them!
  22. That advice applies to any and all suppliers, it's just shopping around. I've had batteries from Halfords when they come out the best price/availability. I rarely get lamps or spark plugs or oil from Eurocarparts or GSF because they are usually cheaper from certain other reputable online suppliers, but occasionally either the prices work out or a slight premium is fine for convenience.
  23. Center Stand - Technique...

    It's mainly down to geometry, which determines how much leverage you get. The other important and related factor is how high the bike gets lifted. Some seem to more or less roll easily onto their stands with barely any lift, while others have to go up a long way before crashing back down, which gets particularly difficult with full luggage on board.
  24. Super Cub, I wonder if ?

    I hadn't appreciated the significant reduction in price on the Super Cub. I'm sure they sold many at full price to the keener early adopter crowd (I know one such). So financially you can argue the Super Cub would be a better investment than the SH. It's unlikely they'll continue to make and sell it, if it now has to be heavily discounted. So perhaps in 2-3 years time (when they're not available new) you could sell yours for £2k+ and have suffered very little depreciation. Or just keep it and carry on exploring! Does that help? 😁
  25. Center Stand - Technique...

    I must admit I have been a bit blasé about the tug and jerk ,roll and raise malarkey on the nc . I don’t find it to much of an issue has I’ve been hefting the crosstourer up and down . But nows the rub , my friend showed up on Sunday with his new toy , a fjr1300 . Bloody great big thing , beautiful though . Placed it on the stand and nearly flipped it backwards . It was super easy. It just rolled onto the centre stand without hardly any effort. Maybe it could be easier on the nc
  26. Center Stand - Technique...

    I'm a weak, arthritic old 73kg and have no trouble getting my 226kg NC SD onto the centrestand. Weight onto the stand lever through right boot then pull back on the left bar and lift a bit with the rear left side handle.
  27. Super Cub, I wonder if ?

    If it helps. Neither choice is wrong. I would go for the SH, but would still have a pang of mild regret if a new Cub passed me coming the other way. The SH is eminently practical and does the job perfectly, but does it make you smile when you see it........ Actually none of the above was helpful at all was it
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