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  2. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    I didn't realise they were still making the California. Looks good. Seems it is only Euro 4 compliant, so may not be sold for much longer.
  3. F800GT

    I think I must be lucky in that I never seem to get cold on the bike, and I do ride in the winter a bit, so have never felt the need for heated clothing. I just wear multiple layers, including long johns under the trousers, and occasionally add the waterproof over trousers and jacket for extra wind proofing.
  4. The Hyundai Icona Electric is getting rave reviews at the moment and several motoring press awards have it best in class.
  5. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    Saw the new Tracer at the Yamaha dealer who sold me my F800. Looked rather unfinished at the front. I know those beady-eye projector lights are the latest thing but Kelly asked if they had some bits left in the box which still needed fitting. She had a point.
  6. I have a ktm 790. For 95% of the riding I do, I don't go over 60 and am really questioning why I have such a quick bike. Wonder if the 390 is a better choice, or an interceptor. What the KTM does have in spades is handling and an engine that is very agile. Why do others have 'quick' bikes?
  7. Obsessed with Honda CBX1000

    Mischievous aren't I?
  8. I hace a ktm 790. For 95% of the riding I do, I don't go over 60 and am really questioning why I have such a quick bike. Wonder if the 390 is a better choice, or an interceptor. What the KTM does have in spades is handling and an engine that is very agile. Why do others have 'quick' bikes?
  9. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    I just googled that one and it doesn't fit the requirements to me i.e. ' no plastic fairing or boxy type bits attached'. Most of them on photos do have panniers
  10. Obsessed with Honda CBX1000

    I am trying to still keep it CBX1000 as a dream bike and trying to get a Repsol fireblade or even repsol 600RR as its going to be a new company leaving honda.
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  12. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    Father in law has a Roamer, nice bike, and room for a pillion.😎
  13. “Smooth”? Or “Lumpy”?

    Best no comment😁😂😂 The first Multistrada was a much better bike than many realised at the time.👍
  14. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    It was the T3 version I really liked.
  15. F800GT

    Cheers, Ciaran. Actually I have no circulatory problems so far. It's just that, when the weather is severe enough to make my hands cold, it's always the fingertips that get cold first. I haven't found heated grips help with that. A lot of this must be just variations in how each of us are built. I'm not sure how much winter riding I'll be doing in the future - a lot depends on if I can get a job again - but if I do, I'll certainly invest in some of the Keis heated inners you recommend.
  16. I’ll take the win thanks. Hmmm, the Roamer would be the obvious choice. And Sir Trev doesn’t often do ‘obvious’ so I am saying California. Proper ‘old skool’ Moto-Guzzi, with a big comfy seat. Various varieties but all of them quite sought after and very ‘collectible’. Not much depreciation with one of those bad boys!
  17. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    Bobber won’t fit a pillion...
  18. “Smooth”? Or “Lumpy”?

    You wouldn’t have liked the one on my Multistrada then.😀
  19. 2020 Africa Twin

    Yes, they do that really well don't they. 👍
  20. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    Somone told him "you'll just have to hang on" when you ride with us. As ever Dave found there was something of a misunderstanding.
  21. “Smooth”? Or “Lumpy”?

    I put the full cover back on mine, which quietened it loads. The previous (1st) owner had fitted some awful carbon fibre open thing. Sounded like a load of nuts and bolts dashing across a corrugated tin roof. It offended my engineering sensibilities😁
  22. I'm guessing a V9, either the Roamer or the Bobber - probably the Roamer though.
  23. “Smooth”? Or “Lumpy”?

    I recall meeting a Ducati club outing in the Scottish Highlands. A couple of dozen were in a petrol station filling up. As they left the sound of all those dry clutches made my ears bleed!
  24. On the older Zoe's (mid 2019 I think) pretty much all Zoe's were leasing the batteries separately from the car. IIRC Renault has ditched that option for new cars, I'm not sure if you are going new or used hence raising it.
  25. F800GT

    Spot on Glendon, though unsure if SteveThackery suffers from similar issues. Raynauds Syndrome is surprisingly common, though generally its more common in middle aged women than any other demographic. A lot of people have it but don't get diagnosed as they just put up with it. I showed telltale signs severely and very early - I was 14. Got me out of doing rugby which all schools insist is done in the depths of winter so can't complain too much For the majority it manifests itself in numbness in the fingers, hands or toes which is caused by cold or stress. It can cause issues with extreme heat as well though more just discomfort and inability to temperature regulate. At one point it stopped me from riding unless it was beaming sunshine - it was the sole reason I learned to drive. Calcium channel blockers help with it but if I forget to take them (Which is frequent, I might add. Spose I should be thankful I don't need to take 'the pill'! ) I can find myself unable to walk. Think pins and needles from pretty much the hip down. the point of that ramble was: If you suffer from cold extremities, pins and needles, especially matched with discolouration its worth going to the GP and mentioning it (even more so if it happens in random fits and starts not necessarily associated with the cold) - Its important as Raynauds and other similar conditions are often paired with an underlying condition which can be far more sinister such as Scleroderma. So @SteveThackery I'd say I've got as good a handle as any on coping with winter rubbishness. Andy's right. Heated gloves, in my case Keis heated inners, are in a league of their own for banishing the tingle. I believe they do similar heated socks as well though sturdy boots and enormous socks are usually enough for me. £60 a few years back gave me back my greatest hobby and passion. Worth every damn penny.
  26. Larryblag you are a bad influence!

    I wonder though if, after a few hours on the road in that position, you would find yourself stuck like that. It would make it rather tricky trying to 'get Percy out of his cage' at the toilet stop ... if you get my meaning?!
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