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  2. Triumph Tiger 800 XRT test ride

    Interestingly, this chap really rates his..
  3. Guzzi

    I agree with my learned friend 100%. Nothing wrong with Moto-Guzzis, mind, just I really can’t see you happy on one.
  4. Today
  5. Guzzi

    Thanks oh wise one. Absolutely no chance of swapping financially anyway. But you know, you get the itch...
  6. Guzzi

    No. Just No. You would hate them both and end up buying another Tracer......
  7. New seat gives NC new lease of life

    That’s a neat looking job.
  8. Farkling finally finished for now:)

    Bike looks stunning Rocker, good triangle of running lights improves front end visibility to other road users. Good choice of bars too. Look forward to seeing it in the the flesh.
  9. Farkling finally finished for now:)

    They are fine in the dry but not yet experienced them in the wet or damp. I have not noticed any tyre noise.
  10. Farkling finally finished for now:)

    I've not seen the Dunlop 'Trailmax Mixtour' tyres before, as fitted to your bike. What do you think of them and any noise from the front one?
  11. Guzzi

    This https://www.cmcbikes.com/used-motorcycle/2017-moto-guzzi-v9-roamer-for-sale-5c890fc5ea695 Or this https://www.cmcbikes.com/used-motorcycle/2016-moto-guzzi-v9-bobber-for-sale-5cddcbc3a7215 Both "heart" bikes. The Roamer (silly name) has better pillion provision.
  12. New seat gives NC new lease of life

    Please forgive me if this doesn't work but images of seat...
  13. 2019 Scrambler 1200

    Another chance to see...
  14. CBR650R

    "Kelly, Kelly! I think I now finally realise why we have no money any more!"
  15. CBR650R

    And valve clearance adjustment a potential DIY job in about an hour too.
  16. Vespa GTS deals

    Amalfi coast! On a scooter too? No finer way to travel . Did you see the skill of those bus drivers? I once did Sorrento to Amalfi on a local service bus. Incredible driving skills
  17. Triumph Tiger 800 XRT test ride

    Agree...I found them worst around 60 to 70 mph....a shame as it would definitely be a non starter for me because of this.
  18. Triumph Tiger 800 XRT test ride

    The 800 XRX we tried had the same issue with vibes. Rider's right footpeg, pillion left. Bars too. Shame and it was bad enough to cause quite severe numbness. Also the vibes really came on (opposite of a sweet spot) at dead on 70mph where the motor was actually revving quite high in top (surprised me). Lovely bike in blue with all the extras and seat height manageable having the smaller (road) wheels on it. One previous owner and only 5k miles. One wonders if throttle body balancing was needed or if the previous owner had got rid because of this? Mind you it had also nearly eaten it's chain guard (very well known issue).
  19. Farkling finally finished for now:)

    But hopefully one with a pub next door. 🍺🍺
  20. Farkling finally finished for now:)

    Rocker that looks brilliant! And very capable.
  21. Screenitis

    We still talking about the screen?
  22. Yesterday
  23. Cam chains?

    Cam belts were, almost universally, adopted by cat makers in the 1970s/1980s because they’re cheap and (comparatively) silent running, which helps with the noise emissions. Motorcycle manufacturers were very slow in adopting them (although Honda used them on the early GoldWing and ST1100) and they never really caught on in the motorcycle world. Cars have moved away from them now due to reliability problems and I think Ducati are the only bike makers using them? Unless anyone knows differently? Horrible things.
  24. Carbon fiber wrap

    Finally did something with that grey section of the engine cowl. That should be it for the carbon fiber work. It’s a wrap!
  25. Cam chains?

    Just reading a road test on the Panigale V4S and one of the options is a dry clutch kit priced at £2808.
  26. Madstad/PalmerProducts Bracket&Screen Combo

    I have used Palmer, and he was great! Phone him up and he'll give you advice on screens and if you would like to run daan saarf he will fit your bike up on his driveway in Braintree. I appreciate it's a long way, but you can turn it into a bit of a holiday.Quality was good. I sold the NC screen to another member and so I hear, he is happy but still put a small deflector on top.
  27. Cam chains?

    Well, as Ducati are owned by Volkswagen, it's surprising they are holding on to an outdated valve mechanism when it just provides complexity. I was told that many Ducati's were no longer Desmo, but I must have been wrongly informed. I find it odd that they use belts on road bikes but gear drive on race bikes as a belt cannot be as good as a chain drive to provide accurate valve timing, and with the Desmo system requiring accuracy to open/close a valve. No wonder services are so expensive. The earlier bikes had a bevel drive for the ohc gear, then that was dropped for belts.
  28. As per the title folks....I'm thinking of buying some form of bracket and screen combo for the CB500x as I'm sick of the buffeting from the standard screen on the motorway....I've had a look on both websites and the Palmer combo comes in at around £160....whereas the Madstad Combo comes in at an eye watering £320....both seem to be made to similar specs/design....although there may be slight differences as it's hard to tell...has anyone had any experience of using either product and how well made or effective they were....I think you can order just the brackets themselves and use the standard screen but I reckon I'm probably better going for the combo and gaining the larger screen.....any advice or info greatly appreciated.
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