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  2. AT may have to go

    Sorry to hear that Martin. Both of your unfortunate incident and your lack of love for your bike. But moving on is the right thing to do. You might be poorer in the pocket but you’re richer for the experience. Monsters? Yeah, I can see the attraction. But (and it’s a big BUT to me) the buggers need expensive timing belt replacement every three years even if they’ve hardly been used..
  3. Street Tires

    I’ve been a Michelin fan boy for years, but they didn’t make the correct size front for my Triumph and I tried the Avon Spirit ST. Been very pleased with performance in both wet and dry. Big ‘thumbs up’ from me.
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  5. https://www.rideapart.com/articles/361146/rumor-honda-nt1000v-africa-twin/
  6. Street Tires

    Avon's seldom get a mention but I use them on my "fleet". My SV650 has a pair of Storm 3Ds (same wheel size as the NC) I highly recommend them.
  7. Street Tires

    Avon Storm 3D-XM for the win !
  8. Street Tires

    I am on my 9th, yes 9th set of tyres since buying my NCX DCT in 2016 and I have run Bridgestone T30 Evos, T31's, Continental Road Attack 2's, Metzeler Roadtec O1's and 2 sets of Michelin Road 5's. In the dry there is no noticeable difference in grip, Road Attack has a slightly faster turn in but in wet/damp conditions the Road 5 is the better tyre and as a bonus I am getting about 1500 more miles from them, not as many miles as some folks on here are getting but they will do for me. Obviously the choice is yours, but you did ask. Andy.
  9. AT may have to go

    I'm sure some of you will remember the year I took trying to find a replacement for my long lamented NC750X, and the many bikes I tried in that time. I finally settled on an Africa Twin (the normal, not the Adventure Sport model). Well despite being just a gnat's whisker under six foot tall, I've never been totally relaxed when stopping and dismounting, and the weekend before last, the inevitable happened, when I stopped whilst crossing a large grassed area at a country house I was visiting. I must have put my foot in a slight hidden depression in the grass, as the bike ended up falling over and taking it with me. Someone with stronger knees than me would probably have had no problems. I did! , Good news: No damage to the bike. Bad news: I couldn't pick it up on my own. I needed help from a passing gent...thanks sir. Even more bad news: The bike fell on it's right hand side but my right leg escaped unscathed. However with my left leg, I managed to whack my shin against the footrest (something I've done a number of times before when upright). This time because it was warm, I was wearing my short boots with no shin protection. I thought I'd got away with it, just a bit of bruising, but the last few days the pain has got worse and this morning I had a job to walk at all. I've been to A&E, and with treatment should be back on my feet in a few days, but I have definitely fallen out of love with the Africa Twin. I've had a chat with "her indoors" and she's agreed the AT can go (despite not owning it a full year yet) and maybe I can replace it with two bikes. I'm thinking of returning to the NC word again for commuting and my cycle race marshaling, and maybe look for a "little something for the weekend" as well. I'm currently looking at Ducati Monsters, but would consider other impractical bikes too. Any NCers (DCT models only please) thinking of trading up to an Africa Twin, get in touch and I might be able to do a deal. P.S. I know you all like pictures, and if you want I can post a picture of my gangrenous leg. But not if you are of a delicate stomach.
  10. BoosterPlug experience..?

    my bike always runs smoother after I wash it (so once every year, just before the MOT :-)
  11. Street Tires

    Michelin PR4 or their Road 5 for me
  12. Street Tires

    Me too.
  13. BoosterPlug experience..?

    Exactly: it makes the engine report "cooler" than it really is, so the ECU richens to compensate. The thing is, significant or prolonged enrichment requires the bike to run open-loop (unless it has a wideband lambda sensor) so I don't think the ECU will sustain that richer mixture over any length of time. Anyway, we won't know until we've seen the dyno curves!
  14. BoosterPlug experience..?

    Thank you all .. Now.. get out biking..
  15. Street Tires

    Michelin PR's every time. Andy
  16. BoosterPlug experience..?

    The website gives a hint as to how it works. It adds to a temperature setting, so the equivalent of running with the "choke" lever on on a carbed bike. If I wanted to sacrifice economy for speed and noise, I think I might just go for a more certain route, trade it for a more conventional bike. It'd cost more than a £135 gadget, silencer and air filter, but easier to explain to the sewer ants and comes with built in hard facts. I think Henry's options may be more limited by insane import taxes on bikes? Andy
  17. Street Tires

    Continental road attacks 2 or 3 , solo pressure 36f/38r
  18. BoosterPlug experience..?

    I tried to improve my bike's performance by putting a crushed Viagra tablet in the petrol. It didn't make the bike any faster but now I can pull monster wheelies! Most of these 'chip tuner' things are pure snake oil. Any 'improvement' they provide will be nigh on unnoticeable in real world terms, or it will be at the cost of some other aspect of the machine (or your wallet).
  19. BoosterPlug experience..?

    Ive used a boosterplug on 2 different BMW R1200Cs. Before the 2 spark model, they had a known lean condition that caused surging and stalling. It worked beautifully. They also had an O2 sensor and the trim tables did not tune out the boosterplug's effect. On my NC I cant say I have a problem, so wouldn't want to change anything. However, this is an inexpensive mod - and would encourage you to try it and report your results,
  20. Street Tires

    I'm running Metzler Tourance Next on my 2014 NC750X and I'm totally pleased with the wear.
  21. Street Tires

    Michelin Pilot Road 3 or 4 Pirelli Diablo's are decent too.
  22. Street Tires

    I am planning to buy a set of street bike tires for my 2014 Honda Nc700x. What brand do you guys recommend?
  23. no start on my DCT 750 -but sorted!

    thanks Woody but no it never did return. But my insurance company paid out so that was a result!
  24. All Change

    Sounds brilliant.
  25. Rich persons toy

    Ah, you mean the Yamaha GTS1000. Fascinating bike and another I studied closely. You'll still get a bit of dive, depending on how much rear brake you use (rear brake on any bike will cause a small dive at the front due to weight transfer).
  26. Rich persons toy

    I was out for a club run yesterday to Rannoch Station (cracking day - with 90+mpg over the single-track bits ). As we went back to the bikes to leave, we noticed a Kwacker GTS parked nearby. One of the guys had (in the past) had a test ride on both a GTS and a Telelever outfitted Beemer and reckoned that the GTS had no dive, while the Beemer still had some. I can't remember if he showed any preference though.
  27. BoosterPlug experience..?

    Well, actually, as I said earlier, you probably could. Those 20 Honda engineers had to make the bike comply with Euro 3/4, whereas you can choose to ignore that. Running slightly richer will probably release a tiny amount more power. Whether you'd notice it is another discussion..... This is actually the bit I reacted to: That was quite a strong assertion for saying it's wrong, hence my rather lengthy essay! Anyway, you can probably assume that none of our regular contributors have tried the booster plug, although the topic does come up occasionally. Also, it's probably not practical to improve the performance in the more traditional ways - long duration cams, head work, etc. There seem to be no "real" performance accessories available for the NC engine.
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