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  2. Attention Bazza..

    Thanks Tex 'n Mike .Certainly looks nice but I really fancy one of the earliest ones as I had one- you know how it is with us old fogies. I remember .............. snore baz
  3. Attention Bazza..

    @bazza so he gets a notification.
  4. Honda Integra 750 DLC connector

    Try under the panel to the right of the handlebar above the handbrake lever. https://www.x9gallery.co.uk/home/albums/userpics/10027/normal_Air_Box.JPG[/img] The red plug on this pic.
  5. It was you looking for a nice older Blade? https://www.doble.co.uk/bikes/used/view/6302045/1999-honda-cbr900-rr-x-fireblade
  6. Any fitted highway pegs

    Yes that name pops up alot on the American forum a lot
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  8. TDR 250s are like buses

    my mates just paid £6k for one
  9. KTM 1290 Super Adventure

    I use the CC on my GS all the time and wouldn't be without it. Even in a 30 limit I set it, then I can concentrate on what's happening down the road and keep having to check the speed isn't creeping up to a point where the tax vans take an interest. A quick touch of either brake, the clutch or push the throttle back against the stop will disengage it when required. Using the restore button takes me back up to the set speed. It all sound complicated and a bit of a faff but in reality I find it simple and quick. A lot depends on traffic conditions and I don't use it in busy towns and cities as you rarely get the chance to maintain any sort of steady speed. Where I live is mostly quiet and there are several wide, long, straight roads that have a 30 limit where it is very easy to either drift over the limit or get bored. As a result they are firm favourites with the tax vans.
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  11. Honda has gone, hello Sym!

    I don't think 130Kph means very much. I do know that in top 8,500 is over 130MPH on the Kwack, and to me, it's a bit scary
  12. belt drive for NC series

    https://www.bad link/forum/nc700-general-discussion/13656-sick-chain-maintenance-go-belt.html
  13. Testing..

    Can’t complain at that! A lot of bike for the money
  14. KTM 1290 Super Adventure

    Have had adaptive cruise on last five cars, all work well but some (Volvo) definitely better than others, possibly as the early Volvo were radar rather than the later (and cheaper) camera versions in my i3 and Citroen van. The van one doesn't apply brakes only downshifts the auto box so not true adaptive but still better than standard CC on long stints. Wouldn't have it on a bike unless I wanted a bike for long, boring roads which thankfully I've managed to largely avoid so far. That's just my personal taste, I'm sure it will work well and will suit many.
  15. KTM 1290 Super Adventure

    Works fine on my Volvo, sure it'll work fine on a bike. Like Tony says it's an option, not mandatory. Taking back the com will be easy, just touch either brake or press the "it's all yours sonny" button😁
  16. Honda has gone, hello Sym!

    8500 rpm is just a passing number up or down on the Rally, or the cruising revs at a real 130kph😈
  17. Has he been yet?

    Agree with Rocker, glad you've found something that fits the bill. I had one of the first 400 burgman's years ago, it was a great bike. See you on the road one day. Brian
  18. Testing..

    I’m sure you will enjoy the bike especially the V-Tec.
  19. Testing..

    I managed to get one-a 2016 reg white Crossrunner with 8,000 miles, 3 Honda boxes, centre stand, heated grips, Tom Tom kit and Acropovic silencer. I also got a standard silencer thrown in for £7195. Rode it home Friday night from Bob Minions in Derby and have spent the weekend being busy with other things so no chance to ride. Very happy with it too, much better looked after than the one I tested earlier and more of the accessories I actually wanted. Surprised how small the top box actually is-my Schuberth R2 only just goes in! So I may fit the Givi Maxia box instead as I took the accessories off my NC before the trade in and may be advertising them soon. So, bye bye NC. It was a good honest bike and I thought it would be a keeper. Then speed greed and the comfort thing just niggled that bit too much. I'd better go looking for VFR800X forums now then! :-) Yes Rocker 66 I have seen it! ;-)
  20. TDR 250s are like buses

    That brings back memories for me as I used to have aTDR in black/yellow until some barsteward stole it. Andy.
  21. Don’t think that even I could persuade myself that it could work out these days. Before buying the Crossrunner I tried the VFR800 which I really enjoyed for around 3 miles but then couldn’t wait to get it back to the shop. I’m sure the S1000RR would be even more radical.
  22. Any fitted highway pegs

    Frame tubes are an oddball diameter 1.35" Only brand I know that sells clamps for it are Kuryakyn.
  23. All been there before. Trying to convince ourselves how it could work ok!
  24. TDR 250s are like buses

    It must be years since I Saw. TDR 250 on the road but when we were filling up at Brenzett this afternoon we saw one and then just like the old joke about buses we saw another one. To be fair it could have been due to the classic bike auto jumble being held up the road in Hamstreet. We saw plenty of classics riding round the lanes.
  25. Hi dear Honda Owners, could anyone please help me finding the dlc connector in my Honda Integra 750 please? The manual says it should be near or in the battery box, but I cannot find it. I've got a flashing gear selector. Also the ecu looks like it's from a 700. This is a stolen recovered bike so the thieves might have put the wrong hacked ecu in. It would be good to know if they managed to start the bike with the ecu from a 700 Integra. If anyone knows a good Honda mechanic in Warwickshire that would be great also. Thank you for your help. Peter
  26. Ninja and CB500X test rides

    You are spot in Andy. So for the moment Tigger stays while I wait for an alternative to appear. I do like Tigger's ability to make distances disappear completely effortlessly but I hate the weight!
  27. Ninja and CB500X test rides

    Anyone tried doing CPR training to "How Sweet is Your Love"? Seems less effective than the old whack on the chest. Andy
  28. Ninja and CB500X test rides

    Isn't it odd Scala and Sena call the music device speakers and market it specifically for motorcycles. You'd imagine their lawyers would have read the relevant laws as they make the ones for Spain and certain US states one side only to comply with them. Some of the lycra wearing earbuds are giving up a possible chance of detection and not using a system designed for their mode of transport. What the sewer ants split is 50/50 is just a case of how firm the parties involved are in stopping them taking the easy way out. I can confirm the CB500F will achieve a GPS measured 100 mph. The speedo is a full 10% out up there and you are at full throttle, so the ton is terminal velocity. The X might not make it with a larger rider, but do we care? The long distance performance I have no issues with, I did the 210 miles from the Ace meet home in 3 1/4 hours including a fuel and comfort break. Had I set off with a full tank it would have been 3 hours. This morning I did 230 miles on one tank in 4 hours without going on a dual carriageway other than the Leeds ring road. The 6 miles of Lane with grass up the middle did reduce the average somewhat. I do however think the 300 Versys will do pretty much the same? I think they are just too similar. Either keep Tigger for a bit of 90's style heavyweight action or look for something completely different IMHO. I've paired the mini-sports bike F with the classic scrambler CL. This is working well, although today's CL action was finding and fixing the reason the right hand cylinder was not working at high revs* *I will leave this one hanging as the forum likes to guess. Good luck, I'd have never got it on it's own. Andy
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