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  2. MT09 (350LC)

    Retro, modern retro, or as I like to call them Nostalgia Cash Grabbers.
  3. MT09 (350LC)

    £12k Jesus! Mary and Joseph, too.
  4. MT09 (350LC)

    Just under £12000 at Wigan Motorcycles. Lot of money but certainly looks nice.
  5. Cosmoline

    Sweet Cosmoline "pa pa pah"
  6. Why are we paying MotoGP service prices?

    I should have explained. AUB is (apparently) Approved Used Bike
  7. Why are we paying MotoGP service prices?

    Oh how BMW service has changed since the 70s. When I bought my R90/6 it amongst other 900s had to go back to BMW for a change of gear box as a recall. I had to take it to their depot which was then at Dover. On arrival I was given a loan bike which had a full tank of fuel. Due to the fuel crisis at the time ships were sailing at reduced speed so there was a wait for the box to arrive from Germany. Whilst I was waiting I took the loan bike to Mallory Park for a race meeting. Whilst I was watching I was spotted by Sebastian who was the area sales manager who came over to me and said your bikes ready. I took the loan bike back to Dover later in the week to collect my bike. Not only had my bike got a full tank of fuel but it had been fully valeted. Now that’s what I call service.
  8. Why are we paying MotoGP service prices?

    Took my RT back under warranty for a slight oil leak. "Is it an A.U.B sir?" No it's a 1200RT, blue it is. This is what happens when you've not had a proper hand-over on collection. Turns out it was an Ay You Bee. They sorted the oil leak and rang me. I took their 1200RS loan bike back (very nice, I washed it too). Keys were waiting along with an invoice for about £250? Apparently, I should have mentioned that it was under warranty when I booked it in. "Mark!" I shouted to the salesman "Sort this out". Red faces and hushed conversations. Then I was free to go no charge. Took it back after an hour due to a missfire which wasn't there before. No loan bike the second time either. Their exercise books should've had "C minus - Must do better" written in the margin in red biro I reckon.
  9. Drive & Sport mode

    But you can sort the chicken strips on a Sunday unlike the lawn
  10. Drive & Sport mode

    The only aspect to look out for with a DCT reset is that I think that the procedure can vary with some model years. I know that the procedure for my X-Adv was slightly different to that for the NC700X. You will need to check that out
  11. MT09 (350LC)

    Hag Hughes was one of the Fast Bikes boys back in the day along with the Emmetts and Shane Byrne; Colin Schiller introduced/supported/promoted a lot of talented people back then.
  12. Why are we paying MotoGP service prices?

    They all do that SSSsssssir Andy
  13. Why are we paying MotoGP service prices?

    Steve, if you complain to BMW U.K. they will reply along the lines of “As BMW motorcycles are designed and built to the highest possible standards, we can only believe the fault lies with the operator” and the final paragraph goes “Plus, we have your money so f*** off!”. Well, that’s not the actual wording, but it’s close enough in intent.. I have such a letter from them myself..
  14. MT09 (350LC)

    Just watching Lamb Chops Rides latest youtube video this morning and he mentioned Velocity Moto making a Yamaha MT09 into a Yamaha 350LC replica. Thought it looked very nice. Obviously not a screaming two stroke weapon but looked good and brought back memories of the 80's. So looked it up and saw MCN had done a review on it. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/first-rides-tests/yamaha-xsr900-rd350lc-custom/
  15. RST range of clothing

    Thanks for all the comments, folks. I'll be having a good close look at the RST stuff shortly, and will report back.
  16. Why are we paying MotoGP service prices?

    By the way, I still have a small suspicion that there's a glitch involved somewhere. I've tried deliberately reproducing the effect and it doesn't behave quite the same. You can slow the engine well below idling speed before it stops, whereas the stalls I've had when pulling away seem different - I don't recall the engine slowing to such a low speed. Rather, it behaves almost as if the ignition or fuel is deliberately cut. Anyway, we'll probably never know, and as you say, with a bit of practice it becomes a non-issue.
  17. Drive & Sport mode

    Yeah, they do come back as ‘old habits’ return. Not that it’s actually too much of a problem. The important thing is that you’re enjoying your riding? Forcing yourself to go faster/lean further than you want/feels natural will just spoil your day. I like to ‘flow’ and on the days when I am flowing faster the tyres get worked harder.. Remember the lessons you learnt on your recent trip and practice them.
  18. Drive & Sport mode

    Do they grow back? its worse than mowing the sodding lawn.
  19. Drive & Sport mode

    But you need to work on keeping them gone!
  20. Drive & Sport mode

    They’re gone!!!!
  21. Drive & Sport mode

    Keep working on those chicken strips!
  22. Drive & Sport mode

    He must have had it hot enough because I’d done about 100km of the local passes before noticing that the shifts were much clunkier than usual. I suppose I’ll have to do it all over again now just to get the bike warmed up. 😜
  23. Drive & Sport mode

    Get it good and hot before doing it. Don’t just run it on the drive for a couple of minutes, ride it for a few miles/kilometres. I suspect your dealer didn’t have it hot enough..
  24. Last week
  25. Drive & Sport mode

    Bob, you’re a star, thank you. I’ll give it a try tomorrow. I’ll just have to remember not to start the bike while I have the throttle wide open.
  26. HJC Helmets

    After many hours of use, i decieded to wash the lining of my HJC RAPHA 70. Quite easy to pull apart. Popped into pillow case. Then on a low wash. Left to dry naturally. Re-fitted ok. WOW like having brand new helmet on. I have owned worn the posh helmets. This best fitting and most comfortable helmet ever owned. Washed my Rukka gear same day. Sadly the R on my jacket peeld a little. Cant win them all. Water proofing worked better than before thou! Water just runs off completely!
  27. Drive & Sport mode

    Right. I have my trusty bit of crumpled paper next to me on the sofa for the 2016 onwards Get the bike to working temperature first. Get on board the bike and start the motor With transmission key in N for neutral, switch off the ignition to stop the motor With the ignition off FULLY OPEN the THROTTLE and press AND HOLD the switch into D Switch the ignition on but DONT START THE MOTOR (Whilst still holding throttle open as well as the D button) Wait, until you see in the dashboard display the yellow symbol for the motor disappear, then let go of the D key that you have been pressing (Still hold throttle open) Now the tricky bit. As fast as you can press the sequence D D N D N In the dashboard display BOTH the letters D and S should appear CLOSE THE THROTTLE Turn on the motor BUT do not touch the throttle After a few seconds the letters D and S extinguish Select N and turn off the ignition key Done.
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