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  2. NC700X Mounting New Touring Screen

    Try hot soapy water
  3. Water pump failure suspected

    Thanks Embee, I will have the answer soon as I have received all the new seal and I will probably remove the water pump tomorrow. Talk to you soon.
  4. My first RC truck.

    Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin.... aka Ford F150 monster truck. Some fun with that beast!
  5. Another EV

    I've jus ordered one of these in an attempt to get my lazy self cycling in and out to work: I need a large frame so delivery won't be until the end of Januay but the bike dealer is taking my Giant Revolt 2 in px and is giving me a bit of discount and changing the tyres for puncture resistant ones. The Cycle to Work scheme lets me spread a fair chunk of it over 12 months almost tax free which, with the px, means I only need to find a few hundred pounds to fund it. Hopefully it will help me make the 26 - 28 mile ride in under an hour and half and allow me to build up stamina and lose weight. .... well that's the idea at least I wanted the super cool looking MTB version but a test ride confirmed suspension too soft and, more importantly, the gearing was just too low for what I'm actually aiming to use it for which is 100% road commuting. Despite looking like my old geography teachers bike, the Explore does come with full mudguards (hands off Andy), lights that are powered by the drive battery and have built in cotrols on the handlebar, a sturdyrack and even a side stand, most of which I would have to add on top of the price of the MTB. Doesn't look as cool though
  6. My first RC truck.

    Excellent! Glad it’s working out for you. We need a shot of you holding it so we can get an idea of scale.
  7. My first RC truck.

    Its all changed since I raced Tamiya Boomerangs and Marui Ninja. 7.2V nicad packs and 540 motors. Its all brushless Li-Po now I guess? Friend of mine still races stock cars indoors. I still dabble on occasion with RC planes and Autogyros. Sailing has pretty much taken over though.
  8. My first RC truck.

    I picked up my first RC truck Thursday evening, once home I found it impossible to hand over to the missus for wrapping, so I had to pull rank as a 49 year old kid and say bugger to Xmas, I'm having it now. 👍 As Ive waited months and months, the missus doesn't mind. Result. Ive had a go around the local park and I love it, even as it is out of the box. Ive just lined the inner shell with duct tape where the tyres rub and around the post holes, and added a few of the decals included. Ive also cleaned yesterday's crap off and give all the relevant parts a mist of silicone spray. I know I should've done this before using it but I just had to try it out. It's electric but has On Board Audio, speakers and a control box wired into the speed controller giving a raw recording of a 900 HP short course truck engine and I have to say it sounds bloody awesome. Anyway, here it is, my new Slash 2WD OBA And I managed to get it in the colour scheme that I wanted 😃 And now im off round a local gravel car park for some more fun. 
  9. NC700X Mounting New Touring Screen

    Rubber well nuts - just like grommets, spray a little water on them and they'll go through much more easily.
  10. NC700X Mounting New Touring Screen

    Been taking them in and out a lot when playing with screens on my X. Just make sure the screw is removed, then its a case of pulling them out. Over time the backside gets squished so they aren't parallel anymore, just use constant tension to slowly pull them through. Dont try putting the screw in loose and pulling, you need to pull from the top so it stretches. Alternatively you can push them through from the top as well, either works.Its just rubber with a nut inside. Cheap to replace anyway, just search for 'well nuts'. Its not a Honda specific part.
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  12. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    Are you allowed to post a link, so we can have a look?
  13. NC700X Mounting New Touring Screen

    Just need a largish Phillips screwdriver and push them through. Assume it the rubber nuts that you are referring to? I also just bought one and despite the bad reviews, I am well pleased
  14. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    There's an auction site I know of selling these for £35. Rechargeable battery powered, so no wiring fuss. Has anyone tried one? The instructions don't make much sense but the interface looks pretty clear
  15. Looking for some assistance.... I am replacing the original screen on my NC700X with the Honda touring screen, Hit a problem removing the rubber screw fixings which are embedded in the original mount. These need to be removed so the new mount can be fitted. They don't seem to unscrew and would rather keep them intact so forcing them out is not my preferred route, Has anyone removed these fixings before and any advice would be appreciated. I have looked up youtube but the guy on the clip made it look easy....... Suspect I may be missing something rather obvious! thanks
  16. Cheap Leathers

    Update on Leathers. Well the first set they sent were beautifully made, I slipped on the trousers and they fit beautifully! Then I tried the Made to Measure jacket. Good thick cow hide, only problem is.... It was not made for me, nor anyone I know. So back they went. I have resent all 24 odd measurements, they queried one last week, obviously my waist is not where I hang my trousers, its somewhere near my gut, so all that is settled. Just awaiting delivery now! Tony, if you are not as large as I am, sizes up to XL are £149. I remember back in the day you could buy a set of Barry Sheen Heron Suzuki leathers for about £50. One slow trip down the road and they ripped in two. Made of sheep leather, nice and soft but no strength at all, especially where the ventilation holes were on the upper chest area.
  17. Today I replaced the drive chain because it had a few loose sections rather than any tight spots. I have all the gear to cut, shorten and rivet chains but I haven't fitted a new one for many years and had forgotten what a horrible, filthy job it is. Just 13,800km on the old original chain but I know the bike had had a very hard life before I owned it. Since 4,400km the chain has been cleaned and lubed every 1k km with Putoline DX11 but it was rusty in places when I got the bike. Both sprockets look fine. The new chain is a D.I.D. VO O-ring. It amazing how much quieter a new chain runs even when the rear wheel is spun by hand with the bike on a centrestand.
  18. Difi clothing - jackets and trousers

    Tony, I know what you mean about the A13 tipper lorry experience. I use a £50 rain forest sourced jacket and £40 trousers that dont let water through, yet! If they last one winter, they are cheap enough to replace. 2 winters and I'm quids in!
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  20. Possible Tracer replacement

    I knew her mum . Rita
  21. ADV Recall

    This is b***** speak. In English we say " plastic melts" Someone made a stuff up in a bead melt and mix, but I think the new letter opener and saki should be going to whoever wrote the recall notice. Make the knife the polymer material, reduced initial outlay design (like you get on the motorway services) and the saki can come in a polymer beverage retention container( as previously used in BR vending machines) . Andy
  22. ADV Recall

    Does not show against my VIN: on the Honda site. Says no recalls, see your Honda dealer if you have a question. Lyn.
  23. Possible Tracer replacement

    Yes, she was the electric man's daughter - I'd like to meter
  24. Possible Tracer replacement

    Astrid ? i knew her as Astride....
  25. ADV Recall

    thats very 'un honda'. .
  26. Which helmet should I buy?

    Hi Martin I’ve got a 2015 Nc750s & my evoline 3 fits in frank ok if I was replacing helmet I would go for another evoline 3 or the new evoline one two which has got a better mechanism on flip front also it’s lighter than the 3
  27. Michelin Pilot Road 4 Review

    I thought they were fine, but I'm not exactly a worrier over such things. About to order Beryl a pair. Andy
  28. Possible Tracer replacement

    You both knew Astrid? I knew she had a bit of a reputation but this is worrying. Andy
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