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  2. In my case my Paternal Grandfather was Scottish, Maternal Grandmother Irish, The other two Grandparents were English , further back - no idea.
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  4. Puig Touring Screen

    Thanks, I think I'll go ahead and order the screen and if there's a problem with the Barkbusters I'll work around it.
  5. Cue Alec Guiness in Obi-Wan Kenobi costume uttering, "these are not the Ormondroyds you are looking for"!
  6. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    Correct, but it does not stop people with classic looking bikes from putting one on.
  7. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    And as everyone knows Karma has a habit of coming back at you ... Put my NC750X (DCT) in for a service this morning. Courtesy bike was a NC750S (manual) ... red and black ... with a red backside!
  8. My mate [mechanic] has fitted all three levers onto the right-hand bar of a GSXR1000 for a customer who has one arm [and one prosthetic]; I can't imagine how the owner gets insurance cover for that. It looked very complicated and congested to me.
  9. ...don't gloat Glendon. My postcode means mine is still extortionate... I always thought being an old fart with full no-claims would be of benefit.... Enjoy your new toy [as if you need telling!].
  10. Must do a DNA test sometime. Great granny was Scottish, maternal side are Ormondroyds (Viking tribe specific to Bradford and close environs).
  11. Happy days, insured new bike £99 fully comp with Mackenzie Hodgson (who are Carole Nash in some kind of reverse drag).
  12. Think it is a kind of thumb operated thingie - still got a clutch on it..
  13. I read in the MCN the other day (other publications blah blah) that Cal Crutchlow has had a rear brake lever added to the left bar. Apparently this is becoming more common too. I suppose during a race, the clutch is more or less redundant?
  14. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    As Brian (Slowboy) has said, the reward for not being bland are quirks you need to accept/appreciate otherwise they're just annoying. I had a V7 II for about a year, 5,000 miles and it was a nice bike but not quite big enough seat wise for the two up pottering I bought it for. It was actually quite fun as a one up back-lane scratcher (decent brakes and handling) and I did a week away in France on it with a throw-over bag and it was fine. Just one example of a 'quirk' is that although simple and easy to service, there are separate oil changes required for the engine, gearbox and drive shaft, the latter not as frequently as the motor and straightforward but may put off those not used to a little light spanner twirling. My Griso is a keeper; grunt, looks, sound and performance all bring a huge smile to my face and a simple old lump of a motor hung out in the air, I've just bought a new V9 Bobber, bit more refined, bit less characterful - you takes your choice. They're certainly not Honda's though, good and bad.
  15. Nobody that I know in my family has ever had a DNA test to see what our ancestry is, I've always assumed mine was more Heinz 57 than anything else.
  16. Bike sales up, Scooters even more so...!

    Absolutely. Anyone who's bothered where things come from should check before they buy and not simply assume that because it comes from a UK or German company that it's actually made there. These days so many companies are either part of the same umbrella corporation or share components or even sell the same model with a different badge on it. Jeep is a fine example, while the Wrangler and the bigger models are built in Toledo Ohio the smaller models like the renegade are built by Fiat in Italy, in fact the Renegade is basically a Fiat 500XL in a party frock.
  17. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    On the subject of MG's - the only bike I can really remember seeing during my ~12 hrs and 600 miles this weekend was a MG v9 Roamer (I think, defo a V9, 2019 reg, still shiny). The guy overtook me at a good pace and it looked cool, and comfy. Of course I saw lots of other bikes, but that's the only one which really struck me. I'd love to have a go on one. Trev's Griso looks cool too. That's my tuppeney's worth.
  18. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    Father in law has a V9 Roamer and a friend down the road had a V7. They are very nice to ride, but I would recommend trying one first because they have real character but it's not for every one. Personally I love them, but I think they reward long term ownership as you start to learn their quirks. They can have irritating little faults, which you can either accept as part of the ownership experience, as it is with Ducati or MV Augusta, or it'll drive you mad and you'll never have one again. Fundamentally they are sound.
  19. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    Lovely looking machine, must confess that I'm tempted to go for a Moto Guzzi V7 III of some sort, I find my Honda CB650F to be a bit bland, so much so that it mostly sits on my drive, I'd appreciate any thoughts if anyone has / or currently owns one. Cheers Roy
  20. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    The format tells even the daftest plod it's wrong. You can't have YR09JYM on a 1969 bike. If you had an old format be it age related or a vanity plate fair enough. Andy
  21. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    Where’s the ball turret?
  22. Perhaps our hip issues are really called Droopydraws disease 🤣 My problem was not changing gear but having a left foot that seemed to get stuck to the foot peg and not want to do as it was told.
  23. Hood Jeans

    I've got/had Hood jeans in denim and chino styles for many years and won't wear anything else. When I had my massive rta in 2013 I was wearing them and although I had fractures everywhere [some burst through the skin/external] the jeans were intact and had to be cut off me!
  24. Me too! My DNA is Swedish and Celtic... I had never heard of the condition before being diagnosed at The Royal London after my accident and subsequent investigations. I've since found out that some people I've known for many years also have it.
  25. Bike sales up, Scooters even more so...!

    The brilliance, then, of BMW using Chinese engines (and in the case of the C400 entire Chinese bikes) and selling them at German made prices cannot be overstated.
  26. Now that's a Guzzi I like

    When I had the Sportster, I asked our neighbour (policeman and biker) about it. He said it was unlikely I'd get stopped as there are so many - much worse mis-representations about and the average copper didn't know how old a Harley was as "They've looked the same for 120 years" He wasn't a fan 😉 He explained that if stopped I'd probably be given a rectification notice and fined about a tenner. I mounted it with velcro and on a trip to Matlock would take the proper yellow/black version with me. Then I could apologise to an officer and put it right straight away. At least mine was the correct size with the correct font and spacings etc.
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