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  2. clothing bargains

    And £2.50 picking fee, plus they don't/won't deliver. Some good bargains if you're close enough to collect in person though
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  4. Helmet hunt

    No, it's very quiet compared to my old Arai Chaser. But then again Ted Nugent was very quiet compared to that
  5. Helmet hunt

    My Shark Evo-One can be worn as a full face or as an open face and has a built in sun visor. I have no real basis of comparison in terms of comfort as it is the on,y helmet I have ever owned, but I do find it comfortable enough. Perhaps I have a shark shaped head.
  6. Helmet hunt

    Love my HJC R-PHA 70 Grandal - Black / Red. Its bit noise. The built in sun visor great. Also space for ear pieces if you fit bike intercom. Have seen the new Arai qv-pro?
  7. Helmet hunt

    My wife and I both have Arai helmets and I have a modular HJC that I use for around town and I find it a good quality for the price.
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  9. Helmet hunt

    I have an HJC similar in shell. Only issue the top vents are noisy. You find that? Mostly ok as usually have ear plugs in.
  10. Trackers

    Agree. Same goes for my car. If it gets nicked, I don't want it back. Who knows what they've done to it. In my experience, trackers cost more than the saving on insurance anyway ....don't get me started on dash cams and gpdr 😀
  11. Stolen Tmax

    That would be mostly external performance mods or performance chips on cars. The chances of nicer cams on a bike are only likely to get picked up in a FATACC investigation and even then the chances are slim. Most of the mod issues come about from people claiming for added value modifications that were not disclosed when the policy was taken out. As you have seen with peoples bumps on here the eng8neers that go along do a cursory check and just reel off a list of parts.
  12. Helmet hunt

    I have an "Arai" head, HJC fits me really well. I am particularly pleased with my new HJC FG-ST full face helmet. My old Arai freeway has some years left in it yet though.
  13. Stolen Tmax

    Not declaring performance modifications?! Dear God! Who would do such a thing?
  14. Stolen Tmax

    To be honest most of the basic things that indemnity might be withdrawn on are not “small print” items that are hidden away. It’s ages, addresses, ownership, failing to disclose points, failing to disclose unspent criminal convictions, not telling where the vehicle is really kept, not fitting a tracker if the insurer requires one, undisclosed performance modifications, not holding a full licence and no MOT. That’s not exhaustive but all I can think of off the top of my head. All of those are pretty basic. Not complicated at all and just require honest answers when you are taking the policy out. If you have been economical with the truth and get involved in a claim you are likely to get your fingers burnt.
  15. Bought an Oxford Mondial laminated jacket

    I've had one of these (jacket & trousers) since before Christmas. Can confirm that it's waterproof in heavy sustained rain (commute of 1hr, 1st week had multiple wet commutes) and it's windproof properties are quite decent. Some nice touches such as the inner lining extending behind the zip area. The quality seems good and a step up from my previous Richa jacket (was c.£150, so to be expected) and it seems well constructed and the fit is good for my frame. Only issue with the jacket is the neck arrangement which is exacerbated by the velcro on the centre fastener stopping a good few inches from the top. Sometimes can get a bit breezy if the neck loosens off (which it can do easily, due to the silly popper on a rail arrangement). Need to invest in a new neck warmer that extends a bit further down - current Buff not ideal for that. I also could have done with the longer length trousers but bit the bullet when only regular length were available as it was my old trousers that were my main concern (huge wet patches on the crotch in the slightest downpour - not the best look at work!!). Trousers are likewise well made. I'm able to tuck the liner into my boots to stops any draughts (this might be a usual feature, but my previous trousers weren't like this).
  16. Stolen Tmax

    Dam those Australians for taking a very workman like approach to this requirement.:0) thanks for the reply
  17. Stolen Tmax

    Yes, It's the system in some parts of Australia. The road tax includes the basic insurance. Makes it close to impossible to avoid, but as the government have a monopoly and politicians will lose their seats if it gets unworkable the cost stays reasonable. As the government pays itself for a lot of claims there is a lot less work for ambulance chasing lawyers and schemes like renting you a vehicle at hourly rates that would have embarrassed Cynthia Payne don't fly. The top up to fully comp suddenly drops to similar rates and service levels as household cover and other insurance you are not forced to have. Andy
  18. Stolen Tmax

    What is rego Andy . A flat fee ? I’ve heard that they have this on the continent ( Europe ) skandi country’s.
  19. Stolen Tmax

    I had an alarm fitted to Tigger. Asked the broker if they wanted proof. No, they would know once it was stolen if I was lying - you can guess what kind of alarm I have.
  20. Stolen Tmax

    When my customers can't understand the deal we are offering because it's insanely complex to the point of being an obvious rip-off they walk away. Of course we are yet to find a way to get them jailed for not signing up. We need a REGO style system the basics under a flat fee. Andy
  21. Stolen Tmax

    Although I accept the premis of the insurance business, bit like the banking industry.you are at risk if you don’t check you account every five minutes for fraud as in if he hadn’t said that it was parked in the open and it being recorded then he would have a devils job proving it. its ok if you’re working in the industry but if your going about your normal business and you haven’t proof read the policy with all its wherein/whereout , sub paragraph 3’s then it all gets a bit testy. The industry needs sorting from the crash for cash to the mad hire and storage charges , these are the real costs to everyone not some bloke whose only remiss may have been he hadn’t noticed some omission accidental or incompetence by the person distance selling . to be fair it’s a business so you must always be on the lookout for the pitfalls just it seems all to common to hear of a refusal or adjustment because of a minor detail. My friend rich was flattened in Ypres by a fella cutting diagonally across the car park , bloke went through the middle of the group . Snapped his arm at the top . It took years to sort out . Bike about 6 months and 5 year to claim for his gear ,work, arm etc all the time haggling.
  22. Bought an Oxford Mondial laminated jacket

    I'll chip in a wee update with my findings if I'm out in the rain with it...
  23. Stolen Tmax

    You are discussing what is known as ‘Ghostbroking’ Selling fake policies or giving cover that is for someone or something else. Adverts on Gumtree for cheap car insurance. Take your money and the next thing you know is when you ping the ANPR and get stopped. If you think about insurance the insurers take what you say or type online at inception in total good faith. They do remind you to check the policy documents for errors. The first time they look for you to back up what you or the broker said is if you are unfortunate enough to claim of have someone claim against you. Personally I don’t see that as being dodgy or even unreasonable. I have never ever been instructed to trip someone up, trick them or even bamboozle them to get out of a claim. When it comes to the value of a total loss again they are only working from a systematic valuation system that is common across the board. You can argue your corner and if you can back up your figures with for example similar vehicles at a better price on autotrader etc they will normally negotiate a figure you are happy with. Ultimately if you are not happy go to the Ombudsman. That will cost the insurer £500 even if they win and the Ombudsman does not find in your favour. In basic claims that’s how it works. Even here the broker admits to have given the insurers the incorrect information. In the current climate put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to cover a TMax Parked in the open? Fortunately Carol Nash have looked to do the right thing to rectify their mistake. Just trying to put the opposite perspective on it.
  24. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

    Interesting stuff. I'd never have thought that an over eager traction control system could be a pain. I'm back on my CBF for the rest of the winter and with 22 bhp it kind of comes with traction control build-in.
  25. Stolen Tmax

    My insurance only says that it has to be garaged at night if at my home address. It actually states between certain hours but I can’t remember exactly which ones without checking the paper work.
  26. Stolen Tmax

    I seem to remember one of my local brokers going to jail for just that. He got into financial difficulty and decided that was a good way out. Of course back then there was no ANPR checking that your vehicle is properly taxed and insured so you had to be actually stopped and asked to produce. I can't remember if he was falsely printing policy documents, good enough if stopped by the police or just issuing cover notes to order.
  27. A blast from the past!

    Well, that’s exactly what it was - but it was added on at the factory. It was purely for ‘cooling’ (race bikes had them shrunk onto the drums - the bolt on ones just looked good) as disc brakes on bikes were still a ways off in the future.
  28. Stolen Tmax

    Exactly as I do. Where we live you are more likely to get a donation rather than a theft. Geoff.
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