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Good point. I am just guessing tbh. Unless they incorporated some better equipment into the overall fix.


I have checked the recall website several times by now and mine still gets the same response "no recall". I saw somewhere a suggestion that the recall mainly affected 2018 models but other than that I have no idea why mine is not included. Tbh I would prefer if it was left alone. 

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On ‎17‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 20:50, kayz1 said:

I had the XADV recall ( ECU thingy ) today, i can report a softer gear change,,,and nufinck else, still runs as before but my hands got cold on the way home with the loan bike.

A bog standard 750X no hand guards no 12volt socket to plug the gloves into. They also change the two clutch sensors??????? ny idea why they would do that Embee?


No idea, are we talking the pressure sensors? Can't think of any good reason why that would be necessary, unless they know something we don't.

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Out of curiosity how long did you have to wait for the parts to come in,my dealer says they have put the warranty claim in,which has been accepted and are awaiting parts,the longer the parts take to arrive is better for me,because i would hope to get the annual service done at the same time,i am guessing that most of the bits thay need to be removed for the recall work will have to come off for the service!!!!



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Parts were ordered on the Friday, i went in the following Thursday. The dealer is closed Sunday and Wednesday.

Not much to do on the first service...qwik :muttley: check over a couple of filters and oil change...But it is three hours

by Honda time scale. To make it easier for them try to have used most of your fuel as the tank has to come out.

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