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Scott Oiler v System Install

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paulj    1

did some research on the scottoiler for my new nc750x...  figured out i can fit that......  having had a look over all looks simple part from 1 thing.


I have an issue which maybe simple....


On the pictures on the scottoiler install guide  https://www.scottoiler.com/kb/article/nc750-2016.html#vSystem  the rear wheel has the large nyloc nut on the drive side, so its undo the nutput the bracket on, put nut back on bobs your uncle.....


The issue i have on my new bike is that the Nyloc nut is on the non drive side.....   my assumption is that the the whole rear wheel spindle/axle will have to come out..... beyond my level of comfort.....  or fit the oil nib a different way !!!  or buy the dual sided applicator...


What if anything am i missing ?????

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wendeg    34

On previous bike i used dual injector so had one already. I would be tempted to buy dual injector rather than taking out the spindle. Or just wait until you need to take out the wheel for a tyre change or puncture repair😉

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TheEnglishman    312

Just wrap a coat hanger wire around the pipe and bend it to fit.   I use some heat shrink at the end as it wears away.

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