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My Neotech 2 is on it’s way

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The biggest difference for me is how quiet it is compared to my old one. I tried my old one at the weekend after a weeks riding with the new one and wow what a difference! This is on my CRF1000 so other models may vary :ahappy:


The other thing is how the Sena fits to it, very neat and tidy, still waiting for my though!

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Black Marauder

Owning/wearing the Neotec 2 [TC6] for 3months IN MY OPINION ..it is a big improvement in "all" departments on my previous Neotec & now hardly wear it !! Out of interest priced the visors & I know they are "classed as of the highest" grade / specification they are priced into 3 figures , needless to say extra  extra   care in the "welfare" of the visor(s) & indeed the helmet itself !!  

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