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My Neotech 2 is on it’s way

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Steel Horse UK

"Buy cheap buy twice. How many times have I gone for the budget or cheap option to find it does not do the job as I want it to? I then have to go back and buy what I should have bought in the first place."


Totally agree with this from peter (pjm), took me a while but I have learned this lesson .... You get what you pay for etc.


The way I do it is save and get the 'one' I prefer discounted, mostly from the NEC bike show where you can haggle the price down or when something is discontinued as last years model and drastically reduced etc from sportsbikeshop online or the likes. 


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Buy cheap, buy twice is not necessarily a bad thing. If your preferred item is over double the price of the normally priced item, you are quids in even if you buy 2.The trick is to buy something that is fit for purpose for the lower sum. Ignore Brand and buy something that fits well and does the job. Quality does not need to be overpriced. Good made to measure leathers, £199.00. Good winter gloves, £18.00. Good android phones, £149.00. If you want a Branded bin, Buy it either online of at a bike show, don't ever pay the full price. Don't ever think that the brand you chose to show off as male bling impresses those who matter. What does a Rolex watch do other than tell the time?

It seems that every advert currently calls it ' the incredible new i phone' whereas the trade press recons it is mediocre at best. Which is it? The power of advertising is huge, £1,000 per phone is now demanded as the number of i phones sold in mature markets, is falling and unless their profitability per unit increases, the  Apple share price, and the executive bonuses, will fall. Samsung, naturally will follow their pricing model. But are any of them, breakable screens included, worth more than £300? Certainly the difference in production costs between a £300 phone and a £900 branded phone is probably no more than £30.

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Good old Paul, always quick to recognise a dead horse when one appears on the horizon.. :D 

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