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2018 Forza 300

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4 hours ago, Tex said:


No, sorry mate. I imagine it’s going to be pretty similar as everything else is! :) 


Thing with a Vespa is you need to get in an Italian mindset. They just don’t think the way the Japanese do. A case in point, for donkey’s years owners complained about the dash clock which had it’s own little battery that lasted 2-3 years then needed the instruments stripped out to change it. After about 10 years they re-designed the clocks and fitted a 12v timepiece. Yay! The Japanese wouldn’t have made the mistake in the first place and would have put it right on the second year’s model if they had..


”Hey! Luigi, your clock sucks!”

“Si. But eetza bootiful bike, no? So-a bootiful eet give-a you a hard on, no?”

”Well, yeah. But it rusts like an old Cortina!”

”So-a what? Just-a enjoy-a the hard on..”




I have been looking at Vespas for years and regularly drop in to the Modern Vespa forum to see what’s what. The story seems to be they’re dependable enough but, just possibly, without the Swiss Watch feel of a Honda..


As a personal preference (and feel free to disagree :) ) I think a ‘small’ or ‘proper’ scooter (step through, small wheels) is a great companion to a ‘real’ motorcycle. Whereas a ‘maxi’ scoot kind of replaces a normal machine. If I bought a GTS300 or SH300i I could see me still using the Bonnie sometimes. If I bought a Forza 300 or X-Max I can imagine that doing everything so well that the Triumph would just sit there. :( 


I could actually see me swapping both my Triumph and Fiat 500 for a maxi scooter of some sort. It would make perfect financial sense, but something holds me back..





I have not owned a car for 30 years Tex...I admit i have always had the use of one...but only about a half dozen times have i Needed one., and two of those times were Funerals.


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Andy m

You can hire cars if you really need one. 



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7 hours ago, macamx said:

 Very helpful, thank you. Can you please tell me where the SH figured in this or does the lack of comment tell it’s own story.



The SH has a great reputation and rightly so.  It's defo one of the better smaller scooters out there and great power to weight ratio etc.  I only tested one for 20 mins so not that qualified to say. But for me the bike was a bit small and not enough space for my helmet.  I really wanted to like it due to its great design and simplicity. The 16" wheels made the ride pretty good but I found the Forza to be in a different league.  For a few hundred more new and with the SH engine I think it's winner winner... 

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4 hours ago, kayz1 said:

I have not owned a car for 30 years Tex...I admit i have always had the use of one...but only about a half dozen times have i Needed one., and two of those times were Funerals.



didn’t own a car for 30 years! :) Then, when I retired, I bought an MGF. Must have been some sort of brainstorm I suppose.. 


Through a convoluted series of circumstances, mostly running an elderly female relative to doctors and hospitals, that MG (the only car I ever came close to actually ‘enjoying’) got swapped for the current 500. The need for a car has now gone, though (along with most of it’s value!) and I would cheerfully sell it tomorrow, it’s actually pretty cheap to run (£30 road tax) but it just doesn’t really get used. 


Sadly a scooter replacement makes even less sense. :( At least with the car I can take the dog to the vets or for ‘further afield’ walks (and I have something to lend my daughter when her MINI is broken).



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