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SHAD Seat and SP Engineering Exhaust for Integra 750

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After reading a few posts and comments I decided to bite the bullet on buy a couple of mods for the bike.


First of all the SHAD seat - People have bought from random overseas websites etc but I just bought from Amazon UK (delivery is better for me), there is a UK website that links you to their UK dealer who is Fast bike bits. Its £242 on Amazon or £236 on FBB for BOTH the rider and pillion seats (however I don't know the postage costs for FBB). Just stick the codes in Google or Amazon and it brings up the right seats.


SHH0I740C is the code for the NORMAL seat

SHH0I740CH is the code for the HEATED seat (£308 on FBB)


It arrived in 2 days and took me about 30 minutes to fit, unlike other bikes there was nothing to swap over from the old riders seat. The pillion seat needed the arms that hold the seat onto the bike swapping over. dead easy. Bit of locktite (blue), tools used was a screwdriver and a allen key set (impact drill made it even faster).


Riders seat is lovely and really well made and fitted perfectly however the pillion seat seemed to be made of a different plastic, seemed cheap. However you don't see that bit once fitted and the actual seat leather is very nice with good stitching etc. The closing of the riders seat needs a bit more weight now as the pillion seat is a bit more, fatter.


Now the Integra is clearly not a 'fast' bike in any shape or form but I am a believer in loud cans save lives and also that twin engine like any twin needs decent cans to let the sound free! So I went and bought an SP Engineering Diabolus XLS carbon fibre oval can......£265 including link pipe (XLS - 300mm) they do a stubby can (250mm) but that doesn't come with the BS markings. Oval for me just fits the bike better. They also do a longer can but it would look daft as the original is small and I think you would have problems with the panniers.


Again took less than an hour to fit (my bike is less than a year old so all bolts came off with ease), 12mm socket and spanner to get the old one off but you will need a 10mm socket to get the new one on (12mm still for the hanger). Bit of firegum on the joints (not gumgum) and copper grease on the clamps and all done. (wear gloves or make sure you clean the pipes after or your finger prints will burn in when the exhaust gets hot)


Lovely quality and all fitted perfectly (no gasket required on the Integra) and the link pipe has the centre stand rest like the original.


WHAT A SOUND with the baffle out (it comes like that)..... I haven't put the baffle in yet cause I'm a man child so I have no idea what that sounds like.

Me and a few lads are off touring Normandy and WW1 battlefield sites in June and I can't wait. 


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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Bigcats said:

......Me and a few lads are off touring Normandy and WW1 battlefield sites in June and I can't wait. 


Be there from the 2nd June, sure we'll hear you buzzing along....😁

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Two updates


The seat is bloody brilliant!!! way way more comfy. It actually allows me to sit further back a couple of more inches which helps no end (I'm 6ft2)


I've put the baffle in as I'm a wimp.....I felt like I was one of those kids on a 50cc with a huge exhaust and felt a tw*t. However the noise is still a pleasure.


So maybe you won't hear me buzzing along now lol

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Glad you put the baffle in, matey. I hate really noisy bikes.. My son put one on our Street Triple and now he can save lives in Hampshire before he’s left Sussex! :( 


I won’t ride it (too embarrassed) now. Probably why he did it.


The Shad seat transformed my Integra, too. Really worthwhile modification. Helped turn it into an excellent tourer. Enjoy France!

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I must admit I was dubious about the seat but yes I am very impressed.

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