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37 minutes ago, gameboer said:

Check out my SW motech handguards (with optional extenders fitted). I think they look really nice on the 750S.




and you can also see them in my video:




A nicely farkled machine. I have the Honda rear rack as well from my other bike but haven opted to fit yet as it doesn't quite match the scheme. I am sure practicality will win out eventually. Looks like  a Puig smoked screen extension? Do you get much noise/buffet from that?  I have a Pyramid Fender Extender to fit and a chain oiler when i get round to it. The Motech Handguards do look better than the Givi ones.

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I have some really cheap ones I got from Hong Kong via that auction site, they aren't very pretty but do a really good job of keeping your hands warm and dry.

The guy who did the damage assessment on my NC'X said how they did a great job of minimising damage to the handle bars and control gear etc., so much so he's getting a set for himself! I've had a couple of people asking me where I got them from.

Just put "1 Pair Motorcycle Motorbike Wind Deflector Handguard Protector Hand Guard Shield" into the search window and they're about £13.40 for a pair at the moment, mine came in just over two weeks.


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I'm quite new to this forum - Indeed quite new to Honda..  treated myself to brand new 750 XA - DCT model in spring & happy with it. ( I've always previously had italian bikes ) 

I've fitted some PUIG hand guards to it.  The hand guards are OK & do the job i hoped they would.  

Just a note to potential customers  -   When I purchased them they stated compatible up to 2017 model.  Granted the gamble was mine, as my bike is 2018 model.  

My bike has the traction control button on left hand handlebar..   It'll only take you about 10 minutes, but if you purchase PUIG 2017 guards you'll need to cut /  shave off a piece of plastic no larger than average thumbnail to allow the left hand guard to miss the electrical connections on the traction control button .  simple enough & looks ok when done.    hope this helps.  T 

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Sorry  but meant to say "left hand parking brake sensor" -  Photo attached should explain better than me   

Mine is DCT 2018 model that has additional rear parking brake & it's the wiring on backside of this that interferes ever so slightlywith left hand PIUG hand guard  -  dead easy to sort.   hope this helps.   

PUIG Handguards.jpg

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