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Chain needs replacing

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I'd go for best quality chain affordable and good sprockets to match.  I've got a chain oiler fitted as it does help make the chain last. Several of my bikes have had Scotoilers, Loobmans and such. I've got a Tutoro fitted now and find it is honestly the best of the lot.  Less hassle to fit and it just works!  ZVM all the way if you can get it.

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16 hours ago, Scooby_NOOB said:

I have been told the following for my Non DCT 2014 750XA:-

New chain- 525 (is that how many links???)

New front sprocket- 16

New rear sprocket - 43


Please, can someone confirm for me, please? 


The stock chain  for all NC variants is a 520 size, not a 525. The difference is the width, the second and third numbers indicate the nominal chain roller width in 1/8" increments, so a 520 is 2.0x1/8"=1/4", a 525 is 2.5x1/8"=5/16". The first number is the pitch (centre distance between sideplate pins) in  multiples of 1/8", so both are 5/8" between pin centres.

All 750 variants have a 17T gearbox sprocket, all 700 variants were 16T.

DCT use 39T rear, non-DCT use 43T

Chain lengths vary. Specified in pitches, and in the region of 112 or similar. You need to check what you particular model requires.

As said, be very careful getting the right information.

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