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Panel clips

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Does anyone know the clip size used on the NC?

Possible "the bay "link...


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https://www.that auction site.co.uk/itm/10-x-Honda-Motorcycle-Fairing-Panel-Clips-Plastic-Screw-Rivet-Scrivet-6mm-m6/130917740134?epid=534371684&hash=item1e7b4e2e66:g:M8wAAOSwR9pa9WU4

You may have some of this type too

https://www.that auction site.co.uk/itm/50Pcs-Car-White-Plastic-Instrument-Panel-Dashboard-Retainer-Rivet-Moulding-Clip/282928074164?fits=Car+Make%3AHonda&hash=item41dfd3cdb4:g:5vwAAOSwMhda1VJM


I haven't looked if these are the best value but it is an idea of the type of clips you are looking for. Best to order a few different types as at the price they will always come in handy. The standard button ones use what looks like a cross head screw in the centre and if you lightly unscrew it they pop up then can be prised out. The white ones are the snap in lug type and often break when pulling off.

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