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Tracer 700

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To be honest the front is still a bit harsh over potholes but unlike the NCS the weight isn't carried by my wrists so it's far more tolerable. 

The rear is more supple than the NC which is good but this means mid-corner bumps do upset it a bit more especially considering it's 20kg lighter than the NC. Typically it's oversprung but under damped. An upgrade to a Nitron will be considered in the "spring" (pardon the pub). Having done this to my Mk1 Versys 650 which suffered similarly, it's a very worthwhile investment I think. 

The overall handling is brilliant. The NC was good which I still describe as like swinging a pendulum through bends but the light weight and (slightly) higher C of G of the Tracer means it's even easier to ride the chosen line especially when "stitching" together a series of corners for example.


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