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Home made Fuzeblock

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Being overly fussy I decided that rather relying on the Heated Grip tech I would add a power distribution block to the Tricity. I bought a marine quality outlet that is rated at 100amps and has six fused outlets with a warning LED on each so as to show if a fuse has blown. I then bought a relay and pre-wired socket. I had the wire laying around so made up the little loom on the photo and fitted it nicely in the underseat compartment. Works a treat. Cost about £15.00. I doubt I will be using a heated vest or any other powered accessory for that matter but it will easily come off if I change bikes. Not sure how much power the generator will put out on the bike. It has LED lighting so that wont drain much and the same for the sat nav and tracker. The heated grips may take a bit but once I decide on which muffs to go for they will only ever be on a low setting in any event. I think adding a vest may be a step to far.

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18 hours ago, pjm said:


Being overly fussy


 You said it Peter :whistle:


Even though I think you're being somwhat OTT a lot of time, I'm sure you don't care what I or others think (and nor should you!) and I love the mine of information for the odd occassion when I can actually be bothered to try something similar myself. It's clear that modding your bikes is at least much of a passion as is the riding of them. Keep it coming please :thumbsup:

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