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Wheel Chock for Honda NC

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I'm intending to transport my Honda NC in my trailer . You can buy commercial steel chocks but I want to get it right to the front. I saw a video online of a chock someone made and based my design on that as I had some materials lying around after making some decking.

I thought I'd share in case anyone wants to do something similar. the sizing is suited to the NC wheel and also to clear the brake disk.


In the end after making the side pieces first and before attaching to the base pieces I offerred up to the wheel to check the gap needed.

I decided to make it a little more snug on the wheel, so its now 122mm between the faces rather than 125mm shown below. All other dimensions can stay the same. My tyres are Michelin Road 5's.


Having tried the finished chock on the bike which fits fine and holds the bike without any stands I would say it's plenty of clearance.


I used 6 x 80 self cutting screws as well as 4x50's and made in the following order:


  1. Attached vertical and 247mm long brace to the 624mm long horizontals.
  2. Added 390mm long braces to sides
  3. Attached 767mm decking (I made it 800mm as I had the extra material) cross piece at the front ensuring horizontals were 122mm apart and parallel. (80mm screws where it went into the uprights/braces, 500mm elsewhere)
  4. Attched 425mm decking at the rear (50mm screws) putting the screws in the decking channels on the underside (see pic) for extra reach
  5. attached 215mm horizontal brace piece to top of vertical supports.


I would say it's fine but the vertical supports could carry on higher above the horizontal brace piece if desired to avoid a corner touching tyre when it leans.







Edit: Here's the video I first saw:




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Good job, Mike. :niceone:

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Grumpy Meltdown

There’s some clever folk on this forum. 🙂

Nice job

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Very nicely done👍

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