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Honda light bar

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For those who have fitted the Honda light bar... did you find it a perfect fit? I am finding it very difficult to mount, both the clamps side and the front bolts side. Any tricks I need to learn before tackling this supposedly simple 15min job? Thanks!

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Grumpy Meltdown

It is a perfect fit, but it has to be in the perfect place to fit perfectly.

That is the difficult bit.

Masking tape around the frame tube where the bottom brackets mount to stop scratches.

If I remember correctly, start with the left side.

Fit the left side bottom bracket very loosely, roughly in the right place to hold it while you fit the top bolt.

Masking tape on the spanner to hold the nut in place, very fiddly.The right top bolt is really very fiddly.

Fit the right side and loosely bolt the two together.

Tighten the top joint bolt fully to pull the two bars together and nip the top bolts up but don’t fully tighten yet.

Do the bottom brackets. I found you need to pull the bars away from the side panels to get the bracket to line up properly and for the top joint to close straight. 

Once the bottom brackets are fully tight you can fully tighten the top bolts.

I actually left the masking tape under the bottom brackets, cutting the excess off with a scalpel.


Good luck.

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