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Just renewed the insurance on my Royal Enfield 500 efi. The renewal notice came through for £86, up £7 from last year but I wanted to add my Son for the year ahead so went online to get a comparison. I am with Bennetts for this bike (with Carole Nash for all my other bikes but they won't do extra rider on multi bike, don't think anyone does?) and they came out second cheapest on Comparethewotsit so I went with them. As my lad has had a couple of claims from his early driving career (first skidding on ice, second scuffing along a double parked car) I was quite happy with the £125 they quoted. 

Hoepfully I don't convert him to Enfield ownership at such a tender young age :ermm:

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I just insured the Africa Twin today and I too am with Bennetts. I accepted that they would want to charge me an admin fee for the change over although in the past they have not always done so. When I spoke to them last week I had quite an unsympathetic person but today was entirely a different experience. The premium was going to be around £250 for the year and I had, like Trev above, looked at 'Comparethewotsit' . So there I was talking to this reasonable Bennetts employee and I mentioned that I may as well cancel my policy, pay the £50 cancellation fee and re-insure with some other provider all of whom, including Bennetts, were more than a £100 less.


At this he then suggested that he could check other underwriters and a few minutes later came back with a price from Aviva at £139. And after another discussion with his supervisor, they agreed to waive the cancellation fee. So all in all a good result and worth the 20 minutes on the phone. So it pays to use the Comparethewotsit  type people to provide bargaining information and find out how they run their business.

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