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Great news on Sue's bike

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Rev Ken
On ‎13‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 18:36, Rocker66 said:

I thought that when I first met her 56 years ago. For me it really was love at first sight. What a year 1963 was for me not only meeting Sue but getting  my first bike. The latter leading to the former.

And when I met them they were clearly still in love. To see their enthusiasm for their bikes and riding out together isn't something many of us could say after 56 years! (My love was a great pillion passenger over many years, but sadly with two artificial knees and a dodgy hip it is a few years since she could ride pillion.) Still we celebrate 57 years marriage on 23rd December, but only if I continue to behave...….:flowers:

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Rocker, when you first met Sue, did you go home and think to yourself 'Oh what a night'.

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Wasn’t that by Vivaldi?

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