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Bikes in Brazil - loved the 2018 Tenere 250 mini adventure!

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Hello All, I have just come back from a 3 week holiday to Brazil and of course I couldn't help but notice the bikes out there!  One particular bike  that caught my eye was the Yamaha Tenere 250 which is not available in Europe.    It looks like its air cooled and has lovely spoked wheels and proper chromed rims and a large capacity tank.  It looks ideal and better quality than the Kawasaki  Versys 300 and a bit more professional looking than the Honda 250 Rally.  The bikes in Brazil are mostly all under 300cc many are 160cc or 190cc geared bikes and they are bought to be tough and easy to work on.  They make their own Yamaha's in Brazil and the build quality is really good.  Not too many electrics or LED drivers etc to go wrong and a bit like older Japanese bikes.   I thought about importing one as a second bike but the shipping costs are too high and I can't really justify it.  I like the look of the Tenere 700 but its a huge cost and big serious machine this 250cc one worked out at about £4000.







Youtube vid of the Tenere 250





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Nice looking bike. Probably not Euro 4 compliant so unlikely to be officially imported here and all markets get different models to suit prevailing conditions. Maybe seek out a used TTR250?

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Bit spooky this.


I testrode an MT03 last week (321cc twin/42bhp/168kg wet) and commented that Yamaha should make a T3 small adventure bike (like Kaw, Suz, Honda etc).


Salesman says they have one in Indonesia/Thai markets, but it apparently doesn't use the same 321cc engine, but something cheaper. 


Only thought on why they've not followed suit is they'd potentially rob sales from the T7 from us older folk who've seen the "smaller is better" light!


By the by the MT03 was fab, but exact same ergos as the R3 (why?) so too cramped for me, hence wanting taller version.

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