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John Y

Shock guard on a budget !

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John Y

Definitely doing its job





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Seeing this after cleaning the salt of the bike yesterday got me off my arse to make a shock guard. Easy isn't it? Five minutes work and no cost.


I used:

  1. a scrap of EPDM roof sheeting about 16x16cm
  2. two black plastic number plate screws/bolts*

Drilled holes with a hand drill - very soft plastic. Held the sheet in place, pricked two holes and pushed the screws through (EPDM is self-gasketing so shouldn't split). Tightened the number plate screws a bit (being plastic they shouldn't work loose). The EPDM is flexible and the bottom of the sheet only touches plastic protection on the frame. I can't see EPDM wearing through that but I'll keep an eye on it each month and fit an aluminium brace if needed to keep if from touching. But as it is I can bend the sheet out of the way to clean/spray the shock area.


* Never throw anything away? When I got the bike I didn't like the black bolts going through the number plate so bought a new one and stuck it on with adhesive pads left over from the fender extender.

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