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John Y

Shock guard on a budget !

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John Y

So decided to utilise the ‘ridge’ of plastic that sits behind the rear wheel.


bought a stock scooter mud guard that comes with fixing bracket and costs 3.99


scissors are fine to cut it into a shape that sits just on the frame but that is too short to be rubbed by the wheel.


the bracket is also soft aluminium and I cut it down to 11cm again with some scissors. Drilled a couple more holes then used it as a template against the ridge. 


no need to remove anything as the ride height easily accommodates the drill. Drilled through the ridge to accommodate the bolts that come with the mudguard. I just took the chain guard off for photos.


Wiped some ACF on the bracket just to keep the rust away.


it’s just a solution on the cheap as came in under a fiver.








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