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Can do biker

Heated Seat

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Can do biker

So I bought a VFR 800 last spring that came with a heated seat and I was really impressed with it, but it isn't my commute bike and I don't use it much in the winter.  It made me look into buying one for my NC750X.  I did see a SHAD seat that was heated for the rider, but I commute with a pillion so that was no good.


After a bit of research I found a company called Sellerie selling a heated seat on Amazon.  It was a bit pricey though (£595).  As luck would have it they had 20% off on their own website and it came in £160 cheaper as their postage was less and I paid in Euros.  There are lots of options with regard stitching and colours, but I went for a plain black gel seat.  It took a few weeks to arrive.  It is well made, a good fit and much more comfortable than the original. 


The downside was a complete lack of any instructions whatsoever, not a saucisson.  They did respond very quickly via email to my request, for some information, but only with a "use a relay and the seats are around 35W each".  They suggested that I take it to my dealer to be fitted.  No thanks, a main dealer in the South East had already butchered the electrics fitting heated grips for me when the bike was only 6 months old.  Only found out when I had a complete electrical failure.  Investigation turned up the horror of a job that they had done.


After a bit of research I got it wired in and I have to say it works really well.  Personally above 3 degrees or so means I don't use it, but my pillion uses it if the temperature is below 10 degrees!

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Thanks that’s very interesting. The lack of instructions is a downer though, why on earth would they do that? Beggars belief. I suspect pillions feel the cold more through lack of engagement. 

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