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NC oe wiring harness

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Hiya folks

I am adding some 12v farkles to my NC700S. Whilst poking around the battery compartment I noticed that there is what appears to be three dead-end connector blocks. These are tucked into a plastic bracket that sits right on top of the battery compartment and has some wiring pinned in across the top. Anyone who has looked at their battery compartment will probably know what I am talking about. The dead-end connectors appear to be 2 x 10 pin connectors with what looks like a 12v power in (green wire with red dots) and the rest are thinner gauge wires (green with silver spots). The other connector has fewer pins - not sure what the wiring is like as I didn't poke around with that one. Does anyone know what these connectors do or are what they're intended for? My NC is not a DCT model so I did wonder if they're for DCT wiring.

Why do I want to know?

  1. Plain curiosity
  2. Potential farkle opportunities (although my guess is low to nil opportunity)
  3. One of the green+silver-spot wires has clearly overheated at some point as the plastic has melted and damaged some neighbouring wiring; so I'm keen to know what might have caused that (number 1 suspect is some farkle bodge by a previous owner) and if the risk is still there.

I did test voltage on the exposed (partially burnt out) green+silver-spot wire and it did seem to carry a tiny voltage when the ignition was on.


Any help appreciated, cheers. Will

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I think you are talking about the orange "junctions" (that's how the are referred to in the wiring diagram).

They are not actual connectors, they are more like bus bars.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks, yes, I think it must be the ones labelled as Junction G and Junction B on the wiring diagram (I have now downloaded the wiring diagram having paid my supporter fee). It is junction G, which is effectively a nest of Ground wires, where I have a burnt out wire. I am not sure if that is because of an inherent problem in the wiring or if it is due to some bodged electrics from a previous owner. I am thinking perhaps the latter. Everything on the bike seems to be working, there are no warnings on the dash, and the problem doesn't seem to be ongoing inasmuch that there is no new burning or over-heating that I can tell. I will just have to keep an eye on it, but at least I have the wiring diagram.


Thanks, Will

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