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Electric sidecar outfit anyone?

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I have just been reading an article in South Eastern Biker magazine about how Ural  are trialing an electric sidecar outfit in conjunction with Zero motorcycles.

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Posted (edited)

Crikey, new Ural outfits are £15.5k!  That seems a lot of money for a brand that had such a terrible reputation back in the day.


Mind you, looking at them now they do seem to have come on a bit.  Sadly they no longer import solo bikes, which is a shame - I bet it's a remarkable experience to ride one.




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Andy m

You are entirely in the hands of the importer. David Angel can be a grumpy git but he can rebuilt a POS, built on free Vodka day outfit so it works as well as any Soviet bike did in 1949. This is why they cost 15 grand. 


If you want pain that costs more than anything Madam Whiplash ever inflicts, buy a home market one from some Ukrainian on the auction site . 


Mine was an utter POS because the dealer in Leeds didn't rebuilt it.



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