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Shad’s on, initial thoughts.

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After having a go at modifying the standard seat, and not being totally happy, I bit the bullet and bought a Shad last week.


As I have the fastest red coloured bike, I got the Shad with the red piping and very nice looking it is.


On inspection I noticed it was definitely a softer top layer, so things were looking promising already. The seat pan is not as well finished as the standard one, but seems well up to the job and isn’t seen once fitted anyway.


After changing over the rubber bump stops, the seat was fitted. No probs, just took my time and it fits fine. No gaps and the pillion seat releases without sticking. So all good so far.


I’ve been out twice since, but only for about 45 mins each time so can’t say how effective it is. However, straightaway it feels softer to sit on and the edge profiles are smoother so that’s a big positive. It is flatter than standard, but still has a bit of a slope, but hopefully this won’t be a problem. 


Naturally, only a long ride is going to tell me the full story, so I’ll have to report back on that. 



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Still on the fence re buying a shad , be interested in your feedback after a longer journey


what year is your nc750x ?


Cheers Steveg

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2017. Went out for a couple of hours yesterday, but included a stop. Can confirm it’s defo better, the rider part is definitely softer, but pillion not so soft prob because it’s thinner, but shape is a bit different. 

Still need a longer ride to give a proper verdict.


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