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Paddock for NC750XA

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Hi All,


My NC750XA didn't come with a centre stand, unlike my previous bike and I'm looking into getting a paddock stand so that I can properly maintain the chain and such. I know I could always fit a centre stand but I think my preference would be a paddock.


I'm new to the world of paddock stands and even how they connect without fitting bobbins and such and there seems to be a very big array of them out there from my searching!


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Actually, realised this is probably more suited to the accessories and modifications thread. Sorry! If the admin wants to delete this, please do

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I have used paddock stands for all my bikes apart from the 125’s.


if you don’t use a paddock stand with the bobbins/cotton reels - you’ll probably end up using a universal one which comes with brackets/cups which fit underneath the swing arm.


I’m not a fan of the universal style ones to be honest, my other half has one (even though I bought her bobbins!).  They don’t feel as stable/secure when lifting - but once it’s in situ, it is just as secure as using the bobbin style ones.


I could only find the R&G offset bobbins seen here https://www.rg-racing.com/browsetype/Cotton_Reels/Honda/NC750X/CR0041BK/ for the NC, as these are mounted underneath the axle nut, I wouldn’t be comfortable using them to adjust the chain.  For chain cleaning/maintenance it would be ok, but I’d be dubious about using a breaker bar/torquing 100NM on bobbins held in place by the the very nut you’re tightening/loosening.


I went for the centre stand in the end.  Cleaning, lubing the chain is no problem at all.  I doubt chain adjustment would be an issue either and I used to adjust the chains on my 125’s on the centre stand.  


you can lift the front wheel up and spin it segment by segment whilst the NC is on the centre stand to clean it as well.  Or you can use a front paddock stand in conjunction with the centre stand (which is what I do, and a lot less effort than effectively lifting the bike up and spinning the front wheel).


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Johnnie Mototrans

Hi Kieran

Welcome aboard.

Paddock stands

As always. If you buy cheap. You will buy twice.

I have umpteen.

Some of which suited one bike but not another.

After scraping some Ducati exhausts from underneath I now make a point of taking silencers off before starting work at the rear.

Most only require a couple of bolts to remove.

Then, if you can, get help to steady the bike before you try it.

Getting the bike up and down on your own is a wobbly affair until you get the knack.

Loosen and fully tighten axle nuts on the ground not up in the air.

And keep your fingers clear of spinning chains and sprockits.

However, a centre stand fitted to the bike means you can check chains and tyres away from home.

Shame on you Honda for not fitting one in the first place.



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I have the Oxford heavy duty stands, and the rear uses the L shaped cups that lift on the swing arm - its a bit of a pain as I need to locate it around the rear parking break (its a DCT) but it works. Downside and reason I use the stand is obviously I cant remove the swing arm or any of the linkage for maint within the stand. If you use the bobbins that you can get that connect to the wheel axle, you then cant use the stand to remove the wheel.

I have each time ive removed the swing arm been tempted to drill and weld a captive nut to install bobbins to the swing arm, but never done it as I have the center stand and its versatile when fixing the bike - so my stands spend most of the time hanging on the wall

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I used to use a paddock stand when I had the NC, tbh I'd recommend getting a main stand fitted.  Yeah, the paddock stand is cheaper, but if you're away from home and need to get the rear wheel in the air for whatever reason, the paddock stand at home isn't going to help.  Plus, I always found getting the paddock stand to line up was a bit of a PITA, although this would be made much easier if you were to fit the bobbins that Empty Ten linked.

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riders in the storm

I bought one of these so I could do the chain maintenance rather than having a centre stand fitted.......




The Oxford Premium seems good quality and at a sensible price.......


I had no problem lining up the L shape cups with the swing arm ( no need for bobbins then) and I didn't want a centre stand as I struggle to get a heavy bike up on the centre stand and it's yet another 3kg on what is already a heavy bike. But I take the point above if you want to faff with the back wheel or chain whilst out on a ride. ( I joined the RAC instead....:ermm:.)



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