A little help needed to un-confuse me !   I have an NC750X DCT and had the dealer fit honda heated grips. I now wish to hard-wire a GPS power supply and camera. I'd assumed the dealer had fitted the sub-harness to power the heated grips, but before removing the side panels decided to look in the fuse box to check for the relay/ sub-harness. I attach a photo of what I found. I can only compare it to layouts I've found on the web which are all 700X's. They all show the accessory relay in the top left and nothing in the top right. Mine has a relay in the top right (Start Relay) and nothing top left (OP relay) I'm guessing "Op relay" means Optional Relay????.   If so, I suppose the dealer bodged the grip installation and left out the sub-harness somehow.   Obviously I don't want to buy another harness and relay if, in fact there is one there already, but I don't want to strip the side to find out. If anyone has a 750X with sub-harness fitted, can confirm the arrangement / if there's a harness already fitted, I'd be really grateful.   Hope this makes sense.