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  2. recommendations for top box & pannier sets

    i have just fitted shad to my NC750 S i liked the minimal look when no panniers are on the bike ,with givi its like having a cage around the rear wheel
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  4. Standard Screen and Touring screen on NC750X

    Wow, I should rename this thread Lazarus. From back in the day when I suffered from screen addiction owning a NCX. I am fully recovered now, shunning the barrier between self and relative accelerated atmosphere. Cast off these shields of shame, embrace the pure unruffled airflow with pride and neck muscles. (optional in winter)
  5. Standard Screen and Touring screen on NC750X

    Absolutely right John, we all mostly been there and ended up with something that’s “ok”.😁
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  7. Standard Screen and Touring screen on NC750X

    IMO and from what I have read of this thread, there is no perfect screen as it is all relative. Your height, your style of riding, the screen height, the style of helmet, the wind direct, the wind speed, your speed and more. By all means listen to the advice of others but you will only get the perfect ride from trial and error, and money of course.
  8. I sat on a Honda Africa Twin and that feels like the pegs are more forward (well compared to the 890 adv and the 790 Duke), so this is next to try. After this it's the v strom and then I am done. Failing both of these - the only option is the 390 adv which seemed to work last year. It's just slow.
  9. I just said to my daughter this week that I never should have turned 60 as I feel like I am now falling apart - so many aches and pains that I've never had before! 😂
  10. Putting some "X" into the "F".

    I always looked forward to servicing those CB1100Rs, well, I used to look forward to the test ride afterwards. I liked the CB900F too, first big Japanese model that showed they were seriously challenging the Italians in handling.
  11. Putting some "X" into the "F".

    You mention small but sadly that didn’t apply to the price tag. Lovely looking bike.
  12. Putting some "X" into the "F".

    I snapped this CB1100R at the Ayr bike show a good number of years ago. It was built off the CB900 in small numbers to homologise it for racing.
  13. bike just stopped

    Mine did same thing, cut out restarted and cut out again - it’s happened twice in my last 90k miles - the issue was the relay, easy to change and you can tear it out by swapping the fan relay over. Could tell it was that on mine as when I turned the key there was no fuel pump noise priming
  14. Putting some "X" into the "F".

    Well the longer "X" brake master cylinder to ABS pump junction hose has turned up earlier than expected so a little job for tomorrow to complete the puzzle.
  15. Valve check, 6 hours!

    Element of truth 😉
  16. Two tasty bikes seen at the 1066

    Me too. It looks like a Shooting Star, the slightly tuned version, though I can't be sure. They usually had a dark green frame. I always fancied one of those.
  17. Two tasty bikes seen at the 1066

    I'd rather have the A7.
  18. Two tasty bikes seen at the 1066

    I wonder if seat filling material has changed due to some legislation, I know it has for things like sofas due to fire regs. Perhaps we are being unfair to bike manufacturers as this horrible stuff is all they can purchase, but I agree why are modern seats so uncomfortable, even the gel seat on my previous bike was only a 1 hour ride.
  19. Valve check, 6 hours!

    Could you not think of a better excuse to stay out of the Mrs' way?
  20. NC700x

    Right I have used rubber draft excluder and is worked fine was fiddly getting the radiator guard on getting the bolt and nut on few attempts with fat fingers but got there in end and looks good
  21. Ah, the joys of getting older. I'm off to the vet this morning to get my regular blood tests to make sure my autoimmune problem is still under control......
  22. Sorry mate, take heed of the metal hip brigade on this esteemed site and realise that your 'muscular' issue is actually a hip issue. You see muscles cant react to motorcycles and have a problem when on an NC because arthritis in your hip sends a message to the muscles for them to tell you 'ouch'. When your hips get into a position that the arthritic reaction is lower, probably because it is a different bike, then your muscles don't say 'sod this for a lark, I think I will cry pain'. Because there are some bikes that give you pain (and lets face it the NC isn't a radical seating position) and some that don't, it's a sure sign that mild arthritis is hovering about, but it affects most of us once age 60 hits us.
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  24. Two tasty bikes seen at the 1066

    I was very impressed when I saw the Z900RS at a bike show some years ago. It was surprisingly small & light. But the main thing was the seat. True '70's design and very comfortable. Not like the thin, hard efforts on a lot of bikes these days (a pet peeve of mine)
  25. Putting some "X" into the "F".

    Really??? This CB900F2B was the bike I owned for the shortest time a matter of a few weeks despite loving the look of it. The bike I replaced it with actually had the consecutive registration number. [url
  26. Two tasty bikes seen at the 1066

    They're both lovely bikes, no argument, the BSA takes the day for looks and originality, but the Kawasaki has the ride sorted in current traffic conditions, these thoughts are even though I've not ridden either and here's why:- The BSA is just so lovely to look at, a proper motorcycle and one that aspired to when I was a lad etc., the Z900 as it's a modern retro so will do what is asked of it when it's demanded of it, without hesitation or question or what the weather happens to be!
  27. That’s how my hip started to show itself. I would recommend googling the stretching exercises for hips and start doing them just in case.
  28. Putting some "X" into the "F".

    They did, it was the CB900f 😁
  29. Paul, I can bend just fine and have no hip problems at all, the pain was muscular, like cramp and only ever occurred when sitting on the NC.
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