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engine and leg protection

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I am thinking about getting a nc750x as I've just been lent one whilst  my own bike was being repaired

apparently all lights on and high vis jacket at night make you invisible on roundabouts..   sorry mate I did not see you... thanks that means a lot you blind ass....


Any way I was looking at the engine bars for the 750 they seem very minimal and I would like to know if there are any that offer both protection for the radiator and my legs.

Had a few fall overs and spill over the years on a few BMWF650s the shape of the bike plus rear panniers has to date always protected my legs from impact and slide damage and surprisingly also from the weather.


So I am trying to find something better than what appears to be all anyone seems to be able to offer for the nc750x

Maybe something that off-roaders use or for touring in countries  where there are hardly any roads.. or hospitals


Any ideas anyone please?

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Hi Mike

thanks for your response

these look pretty bog standard Mike and I do want something that offers protection to the engine but also the radiator and these wouldn't  AND also my legs and these don't look as though they offer anything in regard to them.


I find when they won't show a photograph from a head on view that  they won't offer what I seek

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