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Ignition switch starting to fail

Steve Case

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I'm having a similar issue.

Nothing happens when I turn the ignition key to on, but if I turn the key slightly to the left, then the ignition will switch on.

But if I then turn the key slightly to the right, it turns the ignition off.

I could be in real bother if I'm riding along, the key wiggles and turns the ignition off.

I'm lubing with oil.

Cheers, Mal.




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Steve Case

Hi Mal, I actually think i know what was causing my problem and i believe it was related to over exuberant washing and getting water into the connectors down in the cockpit area around the forks.

I've been more careful recently and i havent had a repeat of the issue.

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On 29/03/2022 at 09:29, Steve Case said:

Replacement blank key is around £70, but that would still need cutting and encoding.


I am using the spare key so will see if that cures the problem, if it does I'll get another key.

I know its a bit late but who told you £70 for a blank key? and was the £70 for everything or just the blank? i paid 12.99 for the key, 5.00 to get it cut and i coded it in myself, 

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Steve Case

Honda replacement not fleabay

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