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puncture -plug or not to plug that nail hole?


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Thinking of adding a puncture kit pre tour and found this kit via google.Its something I havent seen before and its not being sold on that auction site.Yet they are widely sold in USA.So what's the problem -they must work but is it a legal thing or what? knowing how keen the yanks are about sue'ing I can't imagine that the makers are selling a kit that has issues.

so tyre experts -tell us more .on Amazon "steelman tyre repair kit"


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Looked, but couldn't find it.

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Andy m

This one on Amazon USA? https://www.amazon.com/STEELMAN-JSP12361TOTE-Repair-Passenger-Vehicles/dp/B00KDD3SAS


Just a worm kit, nothing special about it good or bad . It'll get you home with a tread puncture. 


I prefer mushroom plugs as they usually can be permanent https://www.amazon.co.uk/Motorcycle-Repair-Plugger-Mushroom-Nozzle/dp/B096VL36CK/ref=sr_1_5?crid=HPYNKLTQHMG2&keywords=stop+n+go+tyre+plugger+kit&qid=1656052571&sprefix=stop+n+go%2Caps%2C182&sr=8-5



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Cant you just replace the tube, runs for exit door.

I have a compressor and puncture repair kit in my frunk, obviously as I have it I will never need it, so yes go ahead and buy it but you will need something to inflate the tyre post repair.

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Grumpy old man

Worth a watch 


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Andy m

It's not often I disagree with the Fortnine bloke, but on this one I think he missed something . A worm after a days ride is dried out like last week's chewing gum and set to a shape like something a six year old pulled out of their nose. The cross section is like a figure 8, so less well sealed where the worm meets itself. The mushroom plug is round peg in a round hole of a known size and will have started to form a head on the outside of the tyre to match the one inside. I've never managed to get a worm past a few weeks old, they start to leak. A mushroom at a year old is impossible to find from the outside, it's rubber has completely flowed into the tyre and the wear made it a continuous surface. His test shows you hitting a brick the same day as the puncture, so fair enough the worm is initially stronger while still sticky. The mushroom overtakes it in an unknown time before a year. 


Worms also dry out when stored. You need to buy fresh ones probably once a year, so the cost he quotes isn't an entirely fair comparison. Will you remember to buy more worms? You can buy mushrooms without the kit to top up, but 5 year old ones work. At 3 years and no punctures you are financially better off with a mushroom kit. 


If I was going to ride to Vladivostock I'd buy a new worm kit to add to the mushrooms. For a sidewall bodge they might save you. For Europe I'll stick with the mushrooms. 


They all work though and leave a repairable tyre, which is more than can be said for gloop and foam. 



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I have used the worm style plugs with success. My Road Pilot on the RS took a nail the year we went to Nashville.  
I waited until we were leaving and put a new tire on it. 
The NC took a big nail at the start of June. It’s the first back tire for the 2021 and it has 8,000kms on it. I have a service appointment for 12,000kms so I plan on leaving it, if I can until then. 
So far it has stead fast and I will keep an eye on it…


it was fortunately in the tread 


and this is the kit

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