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NC750X Side stand switch enquiry


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Can anyone help. I lowered my NC750X by 40mm but now the side stand is too long. If the side stand switch is removed to allow for an after market adjustable side stand, can the two wires be connected to bypass the switch?  Will this have any affect with the dct gear box selector switch or do I need to do something else?

Thanks in advance

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Why buy aftermarket when you can buy the sidestand for the 750s?

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Thanks Guys

The switch is damaged and will need replaced - will cutting off the old switch and joining the the two wires that that run into it let the bike go into gear and ride as normal?

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Yes it will, the systems will think the sidestand is up if the wires are joined. It will also allow you to engage gear and ride off with the stand down. :cry:


The switches themselves are common on a gazillion Honda models. The thing which varies is the wire length and any clips etc. You can find sidestand switches on the auction site for a few ££, try to guess how long the wires are and get something which looks about right (or longer preferably). It's easy to hide extra wire. At worst you can extend the wires (or shorten come to that), keep joins as near the plug as you can and cover with heat-shrink.


I'd go with the suggestions from others, either use an S/Integra sidestand or get the X one shortened. I'm sure someone could tell you what length it needs to be.

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